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  • Latin name: Nomigren
  • ATH code: N02CA52
  • Active ingredient: Propyphenazone + Caffeine + Kamilofina chloride + Mecloxamine citrate + Ergotamine tartrate
  • Producer: Bosnalijek (Bosnia and Herzegovina)


In one tablet having a covering a cover there are 200 mg of propyphenazone, 80 mg of caffeine, 25 mg of a kamilofin of chloride, 20 mg of mecloxamine of citrate, 0,75 mg of ergotamine of tartrate.

Among inactive excipients: corn starch, monohydrate of lactose, magnesium stearate, krospovidon, talc, gelatin, macrogoal 6000, silicon dioxide colloid, karmelloza of sodium, tartaric acid, polyacrylate, polysorbate, dye ferrous oxide red, titanium dioxide.

Release form

Nomigren is issued in tablets with a covering in the form of a cover. Tablets are packed on 10 or 20 pieces into the white propylene tubas having control of the first opening on a cover. Tubas are sealed in cardboard packs.

Pharmacological action

Spasmolytic, analgeziruyushchy and protivomigrenozny.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

As the combined drug, Nomigren is capable to render such pharmacological actions connected with the making drugs — protivomigrenozny, spasmolytic, analgeziruyushchy. Among them:

  • Ergotamine (by origin is ergot alkaloid) — a partial serotonin receptor agonist which works as not selective blocker of 5-HT 1A-1D-receptors. It happens thanks to α-adrenoceptor blocking activity in a combination to the expressed forward vasoconstrictive reactions on smooth muscles in peripheral vessels and vessels of a brain. Against effect of active ergotamine prevailing there are tonic actions on peripheral and central vessels, having therapeutic value for stopping of the attacks caused by migraine.
  • Propyphenazone differs in analgeziruyushchy influence.
  • Under the influence of caffeine increase of speed of absorption of ergotamine and strengthening of its other therapeutic effects is observed.
  • Kamilofin is ensuring spasmolytic influence, and also eliminates the initial stage of a vasospasm arising at a prodromal stage of an attack of migraine.
  • Mecloxamine is known as anticholinergic, antihistaminic, moderately sedative and antiemetic drug.

Ergotamine reception inside leads to absorption from a gastrointestinal tract in small degree. At low bioavailability, the metabolism of primary passing is carried out through a liver. Removal of the main metabolites after 2 phases happens through intestines together with bile.

About 4% are brought by means of kidneys, without being exposed to chemical transformation. Time of an elimination half-life makes 21 hour.

Absorption of caffeine happens in intestines and is characterized by an elimination half-life — about 5 hours where nearly 10% are brought by kidneys in primary look.

At intake of propyphenazone, nearly 25%  are subject to primary metabolism when passing through a liver, and the maximum effect is reached in 1,5 hours, at an elimination half-life — 2,1–2,4 hours (on means of kidneys). Whereas the elimination half-life of mecloxamine and a kamilofin is equal to 1,5-2 hours (also occurs by means of kidneys).

Indications to use

Nomigren appoint:

  • at bad attacks of migraine which can be also followed by aura;
  • at the migrenepodobny headaches having vascular genesis.


  • the hypersensitivity caused by drug components;
  • existence of organic diseases of CCC, for example, postponed an acute myocardial infarction, stenocardia, atherosclerosis, tachycardia, often arising ventricular ekstrasistoliya or arterial hypertension;
  • at obliterating diseases of peripheral vessels;
  • the diagnosed glaucoma;
  • the prostate hyperplasia having high-quality character and which is followed by an ischuria;
  • thyrotoxicosis;
  • insufficiency functional hepatic and/or renal;
  • for female patients: pregnancy and period of a lactation;
  • age category: till 15 flyings;
  • sepsis;
  • and also, in connection with the content of lactose: lactose intolerance, lack of lactase, glyukozogalaktozny malabsorption.

It is recommended to order with care at various sleep disorders, alarming and panic frustration, an agoraphobia.

Side effects

Emergence of such side reactions from TsNS is possible as sleep disorders, excitability increase, and at prolonged use — accustoming.

Whereas from CCC cases of tranzitorny tachycardia, bradycardia, change of an ECG, increase of the ABP, pain in heart, in muscles, decrease in a pulsation and paresthesia in extremities were observed (in connection with increase of a tone of vessels on the periphery).

Also side reactions arose from a gastrointestinal tract and vomitings, and in rare instances — diarrheas were shown in the form of nausea.

Such collateral allergic manifestations as peripheral hypostasis and a skin itch are also characteristic of drug.

The instruction on Nomigren (A way and a dosage)

The application instruction orders use of tablets inside orally, it is necessary to wash down with water.

Nomigren is recommended to accept at the very beginning of an attack. The dose for the first reception makes – no more than 1-2 tablets if half an hour later there are no improvements, take 1-2 more pill. It is necessary to remember that the maximum daily dose, safe for a human body, should not exceed 4 tablets, and week — 10 tablets.

Drug is not recommended for prolonged use therefore if after a week of systematic use, therapy continuation is required, then the break for 3–4 days is necessary.


The symptomatology of overdose by Nomigren is reduced to nausea, vomiting, the general weakness, paresthesia, a sonitus, pain and cyanosis of the lower extremities which are followed by the lowered or total absence of a pulsation in peripheral arteries increased or the reduced ABP, tachycardia, drowsiness, a stupor, to spasms and uneasiness.

As treatment rational is a gastric lavage, during 4 h — absorbent carbon, and besides as necessary — carrying out symptomatic therapy.


  • Amantadin, Quinidine, tricyclic antidepressants – cause a potentsiation of effect of drug.
  • Nomigren's reception is followed by a potentsiation of ethanol and sedative drugs.
  • Alpha adrenostimulyatory, beta adrenoblockers and nicotine strengthen vasoconstrictive effect of drug.
  • With serotonin agonists (Sumatriptan) the risk of the prolonged vasospastic reactions increases.
  • With antibiotics of group of macroleads (Erythromycin) — concentration of ergotamine in a plasma blood-groove increases.

Terms of sale

In the presence of the recipe.

Storage conditions

Temperature: not higher than 25 °. For the purpose of safety it is necessary that access to children was limited.

Period of validity

Not to apply after 2 flyings of the date specified on packaging.

Special instructions

Systematic administration of drugs, containing ergotamine, has to be at strict observance of the appointed doses to avoid development of the phenomenon of the ergotism conducting to a spasm of peripheral vessels — anesthesias, paresthesias, to feeling of a pricking and extremity pains, cyanosis and the expressed reduction of a pulsation, disturbances of TsNS — dizziness, a stupor, a coma and spasms.

Nomigren's analogs

Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Such analogs of Nomigren as Kamilofina chloride, Propyphenazone are known. It is also possible to reach similar pharmacological effect accepting Caffeine, Mecloxamine citrate, Ergotamine tartrate, however it is better to consult before it at the doctor.


  • Nomigren No. 10 of a tablet
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  • Nomigrenbosnalijek (Republic Bosnia-Herzegovina)
Section: For a nervous system Cardiovascular
in more detail

Education: Graduated from the Nikolaev national university of V. A. Sukhomlinsky, gained the diploma of the specialist with honors as "An embryologist, a cytologist, a histologist". Also, the human physiology and animals, the teacher of biology" graduated from a magistracy majoring in ". The course on discipline "Pharmacology" is with honors passable.

Experience: Worked as the senior laboratory assistant of department of Physiology and biochemistry of the Nikolaev national university of V. A. Sukhomlinsky in 2010 - 2011.

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