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  • Latin name: Non-Ovlon
  • ATH code: G03AA05
  • Active ingredient: Norethisteronum + Ethinylestradiol (Norethisterone + Ethinylestradiol)
  • Producer: Jenapharm (Germany)


In 1 dragee — ethinylestradiol of 50 mkg and Norethisteronum of acetate of 1 mg.

Release form

Dragee No. 21.

Pharmacological action


Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics


The combined progestagenno-oestrogenic contraceptive drug with the prevailing maintenance of a gestagen. Slows down gonadotropic function of a hypophysis, blocks a gonadotrophin therefore the ovum does not ripen.

Thanks to the content of estrogen with gestageny, this drug at certain schemes of use stimulates approach of periods or detains it. Promotes a stop of uterine bleedings. The maintenance of a dose of estrogen is higher than optimum increases risk of development of side reactions.


Ethinylestradiol is absorbed in a small bowel. The maximum concentration in blood — in 2 h. It is metabolized to hydroxylic derivatives. Other part — intestines is removed in the form of metabolites by kidneys (60%).

Norethisteronum acetate is completely absorbed. Its maximum concentration in blood is defined in 0,5-4 hours. Metabolites are also removed by kidneys (60%) and intestines (40%).

Indications to use

  • stimulation of periods;
  • hormonal contraception;
  • uterus hypoplasia;
  • functional infertility;
  • periods delay;
  • dysmenorrhea;
  • frustration of a cycle.


  • serious illness of a liver;
  • hormonal tumors (uterus, mammary glands);
  • liver tumors;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • hypercholesterolemia, giperlipoproteinemiya;
  • thromboembolic diseases, vein thromboses and arteries;
  • varicosity;
  • phlebitis;
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • idiopathic hypertensia;
  • epilepsies;
  • sickemia;
  • cerebral vascular diseases;
  • otosclerosis;
  • multiple sclerosis;
  • pregnancy.

Side effects

Non-Ovlon, application instruction (Way and dosage)

Pill Non-Ovlon for the purpose of contraception is taken inside, daily in the evening. Reception is begun from the 5th day menstrual and continued 21 days. Level of hormones in blood has to be constant therefore the interval between receptions has to be 22-26 hours. Upon termination of tablets do a break of 7 days of one packaging and begin the following cycle of reception (even if bleeding did not come during a break).

At treatment of gynecologic diseases the dose of drug and the scheme of reception is appointed individually according to indications.


At observance of the mode of dosing of overdose it is not noted.


It is undesirable to apply along with analgetics, barbiturates, antiepileptic and drugs, tranquilizers, psychotropic drugs and antibiotics which reduce contraceptive activity of drug.

Non-Ovlon can reduce efficiency of glucose-lowering drugs and insulin.

Terms of sale

It is released according to the recipe of the doctor.

Storage conditions

Temperature of storage is up to 25 °C.

Period of validity

2 years.


High-dosage contraceptive Ovulenum, the low-dosed Trisiston, Trikvilar, Triminulet, Femoden, Triaden, Marvelon, Jeanine, Diane-35 and others.

About Non-Ovlona

This drug belongs to monophase high-dosage oral contraceptives as the content of ethinylestradiol in one tablet of 50 mkg. In monophase drugs of a tablet in packaging have constant structure therefore at their reception the woman will have a content of estrogen and gestagen equally all cycle that is not physiologic. Besides, at administration of drug high risk of side effects, especially trombotichesky complications, the cholestasia is often noted. In this connection, recently it is not applied to continuous contraception. According to WHO recommendations, for this purpose it is necessary to apply low-dosed the COOK, but some doctors "in the old manner" recommend Non-Ovlon.

Drug is widely used for treatment of gynecologic diseases: endometriosis, hysteromyoma, syndrome of polycystic ovaries, dysfunctional uterine bleedings (DUB). Responses of patients in which it is said that drug was appointed with the medical purpose at a ferruterous and cystous hyperplasia of an endometria, intermenstrual DMK and juvenile uterine bleedings testify to it. Treatment continued 2-3 months and some women noted increase in weight, the suppressed mood, pains in right hypochondrium.

Drug according to the recommendation of the doctor was also used for an emergency contraception at the unprotected sexual intercourse. In that case took 2 pill not later than 72 hours after the intercourse and repeatedly 2 tablets in 12 hours. Emergency contraception is alternative to abortion, but constantly it cannot be applied.

Many women accept Non-Ovlon at a delay monthly and possible pregnancy. The majority prefers not to see a doctor, forget that reception of the hormonal means capable to cause a misbirth can lead to bleeding and other complications including to problems with conception in the future. Accept 2 tablets every 12 hours before emergence monthly which come in 1-3 days.

Accepting Non-Ovlon at a delay of monthly, it is necessary to remember that a method not physiologic, it it is impossible to use more often than 1-2 times a year. After administration of drug for this purpose the menstrual cycle can be broken for a long time, and at the subsequent monthly allocations can be more plentiful.

Section: Gynecologic Contraceptives
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