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  • Latin name: Normase
  • ATH code: A06AD11
  • Active ingredient: Lactulose (Lactulose)
  • Producer: L. Molteni & C. dei FrateIli Alitti Societa di Esercizio (Italy)


Syrup contains lactulose (active agent), and also fragrance, citric acid (additional substances) in structure.

Release form

Syrup has a liquid siropoobrazny consistence, it transparent or has a light yellow shade, characteristic sweet aroma. Contains in bottles from dark glass on 200 ml, also cardboard packaging contains a measured glass from polyethylene.

Pharmacological action

To Normaza influences an organism as laxative, providing osmotic laxative and gipoammoniyemichesky effect. Lactulose is synthetic oligosaccharide in which existence of the remains of a galactose and fructose is noted.

There are no enzymes which are capable to split lactulose in a human body. Therefore this substance remains invariable under the influence of acid and alkaline environments, therefore, in a large intestine it appears in an invariable look.

After hit in a large intestine lactulose is affected by specific microflora then there is a process of a hydrolyzation to the subsequent formation of organic acids. The main metabolite of lactulose is a lactic acid, also its metabolites are ant and acetic acids.

Under the influence of lactulose the level of osmotic pressure increases in a large intestine that promotes hit in a large intestine of liquid from blood. It, in turn defines increase in volume of fecal masses, their essential softening. In view of increase in volume of fecal masses there is a stimulation of a vermicular movement of intestines.

At hit in a large intestine lactulose creates in it acid medium, stops development and growth of pathogenic microflora. In acid medium most actively breed lakto — and bifidobacteria. Therefore, under the influence of lactulose the microflora is recovered and its normal balance is supported. It promotes the fullest absorption of useful substances, in particular, of salts of calcium, phosphates, normalization of exchange proteinaceous processes, activation of synthesis of a number of vitamins which are produced by intestinal microflora.

Also lactulose increases biliary secretion level in intestines, activates transition from ammonia blood to a gleam of intestines, its ionization. Under the influence of lactulose the content of toxins in blood, in particular ammonia decreases. At the same time the liver works with smaller intensity that positively influences a condition of people with the broken functions of a liver.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Drug increases acidity level in a large intestine and stimulates an intestines peristaltics, softening fecal masses. Laxative impact is made without influence on smooth muscles and mucous intestines.

Action of means happens 24–48 hours later after its peroral use as initially drug completely passes through a gastrointestinal tract of the person.

Low level of adsorption of metabolites of lactulose in blood is noted, about 8% of metabolites are allocated with urine. Generally drug is emitted from an organism with a stake.

To Normaza inhibits growth of salmonellas in a large intestine. Accustoming to drug is not noted, it does not reduce absorption of vitamins.

Indications to use

To Normaza it is appointed at treatment of the following states:

  • Chronic locks: it is used for babies, elderly people, pregnant women.
  • Hepatic encephalopathy: it is applied for the purpose of therapy and prevention of comas and a prekoma at patients with hepatic encephalopathy.
  • Disturbances of microflora in a large intestine: among other things, it is applied at detection of a salmonella.
  • Dysbacteriosis: after treatment by antibiotics, at disturbances in food.
  • It is applied before carrying out an operative measure for the purpose of regulation of a chair at patients with hemorrhoids.
  • Syndrome of putrefactive dyspepsia: including shown owing to food poisonings, it is used for treatment of children of early age.
  • Giperammoniyemiya.

Also drug is used in the course of complex treatment of vaginal candidiasis, vaginal dysbacterioses, osteoporosis.


Treatment to Normaza does not practice in the following cases:

  • high sensitivity to means ingredients;
  • intolerance of a galactose, fructose;
  • bleedings in intestines;
  • galactosemia;
  • impassability of intestines;
  • existence of suspicion on appendicitis;
  • appendicism.

With care to Normaza it is applied to treatment of patients with a diabetes mellitus.

Side effects

Manifestation of the following side effects is possible:

  • nausea, diarrhea, meteorism ;
  • disturbance of a water and electrolytic exchange (at long therapy);
  • dizziness, headache;
  • mialgiya, arrhythmia;
  • weakness, feeling of fatigue.

Application instruction to Normaza (Way and dosage)

If to the patient it is appointed to Normaza, the application instruction has to be observed carefully. Syrup needs to be drunk after food.

The application instruction to Normaza at locks provides that adult patients accept in the first three days of treatment 15-40 ml every day, in the next days the dose makes 10-25 ml every day.

Children after 6 flyings, and also teenagers receive in the first three days every day 15 ml, further drug is appointed in a dose of 10 ml a day.

Children in age of 1-6 years have to accept 5-10 ml a day. Children till 1 year accept to Normaza 5 ml a day.

Depending on the general state of health of the person and the course of his disease the course of treatment can last from 1 to 4 months.

To patients for whom the hepatic coma is diagnosed the prekoma, encephalopathy or is noted the increased ammonia level in blood, appoint to Normaza in a dose 30-60 ml three times a day. Further the dosage is defined so that at the person the soft chair 2-3 times a day was noted. Treatment process by drug continues not less than three months.

After carrying out surgical interventions Normaza needs to accept in 18 hours then treatment lasts 3-5 days. Adults accept 10-30 ml to Normaza three times a day, children after 1 year — 5-10 ml 2-3 times a day. Children till 1 year have to accept 5 ml to Normaza 2-3 times a day.


It was not recorded overdose cases to Normaza.


At a concomitant use with antibiotics and antiacid drugs efficiency to Normaza decreases. Under the influence of lactulose release of drugs at which dependence from rn is noted Wednesdays changes.

It is desirable for Normaza to accept not earlier, than two hours later after the use of any medicine.

Terms of sale

To Normaza in drugstores it is released without recipe of the doctor.

Storage conditions

It is necessary to store means at a temperature from 15 to 25 °C. It is impossible to freeze it. Normaza needs to protect from children.

Period of validity

It is possible to store 3 years.

Special instructions

If long treatment which period exceeds 6 months is carried out, it is regularly necessary to determine the level of chlorine, potassium, carbon dioxide in blood.

The patients suffering from a gastrocardial syndrome have to increase a dose gradually to prevent manifestation of a meteorism.


Lactulose, Laktusan, Portalak, Dyufalak, Laktuvit.

In drugstores it is possible to get the following analogs of drug Normaza: Gudlak, Dyufalak, Romfalak, Laktusan, Laktuvit, Normolakt, etc. All analogs make the same impact on an organism, but only the treating specialist has to make a final decision on purpose of a certain means.

That it is better: Dyufalak or to Normaza?

Very often parents have doubts what drug it is better to choose for treatment of the child – Dyufalak or to Normaza. There is no special difference between these means as both drugs are created on the basis of similar active ingredient – lactulose. Therefore they influence an organism of the child and adult patient equally.


To Normaza to newborns it is applied in the presence at them the locks connected with different diseases or features of an organism. At use of means for newborns responses of parents demonstrate to what to Normaza effectively eliminates the locks connected with feeding habits of the nursing mother and kid, problems in the course of introduction of a feeding up, remaintaining on artificial feeding, etc.

To Normaza – natural bifidogenny means therefore it can be applied without restrictions to newborns. Treatment should be begun with the minimum doses, watching at the same time a condition of the kid. To Normaza does not provoke accustoming, has pleasant taste and a smell.

To Normaza at pregnancy and a lactation

It is possible to apply Normaz at pregnancy as he does not make negative impact on a condition of a fruit. Lactulose does not get to the general blood stream therefore has no systemic action on an organism. Responses at pregnancy mainly positive as drug helps to eliminate effectively the locks which are a frequent problem for the woman expecting the child.

Besides, to Normaza makes positive impact on a condition of microflora of a vagina, warning the ascending infections. When breastfeeding to Normaza it is also appointed.

About Normaz

About Normaz in a network mainly positive, him often use both for treatment of adults, and for children, in particular newborns. Those parents who used drug for children often write About Normaz and that medicine is well transferred, does not cause negative effects and allows to get rid even of chronic locks. It is noted that means needs to be used precisely according to doctor's instructions.

Responses wrote those who applied means to treatment of children and newborns also that drug tasty and is well perceived by children. Generally positive impressions about treatment to Normaza remained also with pregnant women who with his help got rid of locks.


  • To Normaza 667mg/ml syrup 200mll. Molteni and To. Fratelli Alitti's de of Sochi

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  • To Normaza syrup 200 of ml, Molteni & C. dei Fratelli Alitti SocietaИталия
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  • To Normaza of 200 ml of a siropl.moltena and To. dy Fratelli Alitti Sociyeta di Esercizio S. of the item. And. (Italy)
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