New program "Smsmam"

In Russia the new educational program which is created for young and pregnant mothers "Smsmam" started. Despite positive shifts in the field of a democratic situation: Russia moved to the 12th place from the 35th on birth rate level in Europe, and the level of maternal and infantile mortality decreases, the problem still remains acute. The program which supports young and future mothers is urged to improve a situation in the country.

Today the huge attention from the government is paid to health of the child and mother. It is connected with the fact that reproductive state of health of women conducts to a safe social and economic situation in the country. For the last decade thanks to implementation of a set of the programs directed to improvement of health system it was succeeded to reduce infantile mortality by 50%, and maternal – on 47.

However according to statements of specialists, in the matter not only support from the state is important and quality of medical care in the country, but also the correct relation of the woman to pregnancy, observance of elementary rules on care of the child.

Main okusher-genikolog Leyla Adamyan notes that today not all women know that there are certain standards of inspections, and everything is accurately registered in them. For example, on what term it is necessary to look whether there are no fruit diseases how many times during pregnancy pass ultrasonography, etc. One of main objectives – to minimize today risk of complications at childbirth, to provide the healthy and full future both for the child, and for mother. Today only 37% of women give birth in completely healthy state, the others have a number of extragenital and gynecologic diseases. Therefore the correct and timely treatment during pregnancy, certainly, will influence a condition of a fruit and the result of pregnancy.

For ensuring safe pregnancy and to deal with all actual problems which young mothers face and the program "Smsmam" which is based on free SMS to mailing was developed. This program gives answers to important issues, helps young mothers and pregnant women to obtain useful and up-to-date information according to age of the child or duration of gestation. Thus, specialists hope that the program will help mothers to make the correct decisions, to protect children from possible complications which arise after the delivery and during pregnancy. Such program is the modern innovation tool. For what to become the subscriber "Smsmam" it is necessary to specify only expected date of childbirth or the child's birth.

Messages which will come to mothers were specially developed by experts of scientific center of obstetrics and gynecology. As a part of developers leading experts in the field of pediatrics, gynecology, obstetrics, a neonatology, etc.

The program "Smsmam" is an innovation for Russia, however the similar Text4baby version started in the USA in 2010. Today more than 200 000 pregnant women and young people mother of the USA which noted effektivnost advantage of such support became participants of the American version.

Specialists lay great hopes on the new program, believing that it will allow to improve a condition of children and women of Russia, to increase quality of the medical care provided to young people mother and to pregnant women.

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