Whether the bandage after the delivery is necessary?

To tighten a body and to return to those forms which pleased during the prenatal period, each newly made mother who just returned with the kid from a maternity home dreams. Now it should hear and read a set of councils which, anyway, concern the recovery period. And it is quite probable that young mummy, on the advice of girlfriends, will think of need of carrying a puerperal bandage.

It is impossible to call carrying a puerperal bandage obligatory point in individual "program" of puerperal recovery of the woman. But nevertheless many specialists as recommendations express opinion that the bandage helps to recover a tone of muscles of a prelum abdominale more intensively. And to those women who transferred Cesarean section the postnatal bandage will also help to record a fresh seam and to support an abdominal wall. The bandage promotes not only protection of seams against probability of discrepancy, but also allows the woman to move rather freely, without feeling pain. Besides, the bandage can reduce considerably load of a backbone of the woman and reduce often shown dorsodynias.

Features of use of a puerperal bandage

Before going also to a drugstore and to buy a postnatal bandage, each mummy has to discuss need of its carrying with own attending physician surely. Besides it is necessary to know that the modern bandage is not only usual bandage in the form of a belt, but also other, interesting models.

Before getting a bandage, it is important to consider all existing indicators to its use – both cosmetic, and medical. Besides the bandage is in certain cases recommended to be carried also during pregnancy, since fourth month of pregnancy. During this period the fruit begins to increase intensively. But it is necessary to report about desire to carry a bandage surely to the treating gynecologist – he has to make the decision on expediency of this step, considering age of the woman, the provision of a fruit, feature of a condition of mother and other factors.

During pregnancy, after the delivery it is impossible that the bandage was put on constantly: it is carried strictly according to a certain scheme. The pregnant woman needs to remove a bandage approximately for half an hour in three hours of carrying. And the woman who already gave birth to the kid needs to combine use of a bandage with a complex of puerperal gymnastics to strengthen a tone of muscles of a uterus and a prelum abdominale. Sometimes gymnastic exercises can be carried out also in a bandage. After the delivery it is necessary to carry a bandage for six-seven weeks, putting on it every day.

Types of bandages

Нужен ли бандаж после родовToday three types of bandages are offered to women: the bandage is dorodovy, a bandage puerperal and combined. The last option – the most universal as is suitable for use and during incubation of the kid, and during the recovery period after the delivery.

The bandage prenatal needs to be chosen so that it did not squeeze at all a stomach but only supported muscles of a front abdominal wall. It is especially important to carry a bandage to women who bear not the first kid as they at repeated pregnancy of a muscle and skin stretch more intensively.

The postnatal bandage should be carried surely to those women to whom the obstetrician-gynecologist recommends to do it. At the same time the doctor surely considers features of a female organism and how childbirth proceeded. The postnatal bandage is made of more dense and elastic material, than a bandage prenatal. At it surely there are multi-level fasteners, and also there is a dense insert on a stomach and an elastic tape above. Doctors recommend to buy such bandage already in recent weeks of pregnancy, and it is possible to put on it practically right after the child's birth, but only after permission of the doctor. It is better to get a puerperal bandage last weeks of incubation of the kid. If the doctor does not prohibit, it can be put on in day of childbirth.

There are some contraindications for use of such bandage. It should not be carried to those young mothers who transferred Cesarean section (prohibition on carrying a bandage takes place only at some types of seams), and also to the women having diseases of a digestive tract, kidneys (at hypostases), allergic and skin illnesses.

The combined bandage – purchase economical and universal as it can be used also in puerperal weeks, having just turned other party.

Models of modern bandages

Нужен ли бандаж после родовBandages for carrying after the delivery can be different models. The choice of a bandage has to be based on convenience of carrying and on preferences of young mother.

Traditional option of a puerperal bandage is the bandage in the form of pants. It should be carried over underwear. In the puerperal dragging-away pants bandages the waist is surely overestimated, there is a wide belt, and on a waist and a stomach – inserts from elastic material. At such shorts from below there can be a fastener that is more convenient.

One more kind of a puerperal bandage – an elastic belt in the form of a tape. It is one of the most popular models as it is very convenient to carry it. This belt is put on a waist, and fix it under a stomach. In such bandage there are three joints: two – sideways, one – in front. It is possible to change length of joints by means of flypapers. For strengthening of lateral joints the elastic elastic band allowing to regulate diameter of a bandage is used. Such bandage is put on also in a standing position, and lying.

To provide stronger utyagivaniye, it is possible to get a postnatal bandage grace. In such bandage the waist, a fastener sideways or from below, multi-level is overestimated, and in a stomach there are dense inserts. Choosing a bandage of this kind, it is necessary to consider that also strengthened bandage grace options which drag away stronger are offered.

Special puerperal bandages are offered for young mothers who transferred Cesarean section. It can be a bandage grace which is clasped from below or a belt on a flypaper which width does not exceed 30 cm. With its help it is possible to record correctly a seam and to support muscles. It is desirable to nadavat such bandage in a prone position.

After operation it is also possible to carry the bandage executed in the form of a skirt belt. On a stomach in such bandage there is a dense insert. Sometimes the woman needs to gain the dragging-away effect also for buttocks and hips. In that case it is possible to get a bandage Bermuda shorts, suitable for this purpose. At such product the extended line of hips therefore visually it does the woman of more graceful, smoothing cellulitis and hiding existence of extra kilos. For usability in bemuda there is a zipper. And some Bermuda shorts and shorts have even a fastener from below.

How to choose a postnatal bandage

Нужен ли бандаж после родовTo choose an optimum bandage after the delivery, the woman needs to consider some important points. The bandage has to be made of hydroscopic fabric which well passes air. The most suitable option in this case – the fabric combining cotton, microfibre and an elastane. Presence of fasteners will allow to vary the size.

It is not less important to pick up a postnatal bandage of the correct size. For this purpose it is necessary to measure correctly a circle of hips, waists. Not to be mistaken, it is necessary to measure in the widest place.

If the woman buys a tape bandage, then the sizes specified on it (S, M, L) correspond to the sizes of the lower lingerie. In the form of shorts it is necessary for successful selection of a bandage to the linen size before pregnancy to add on one more size. But the woman who gathered for pregnancy is more than twelve kilograms, can buy a postnatal bandage two sizes bigger.

It is worth to remember also that the bandage needs to be put on differently. Therefore it is better for those mothers who differ in activity to buy a bandage belt.

Bandage cost often depends on that, such specific linen how attractively looks. But nevertheless the main thing in the choice of a bandage – its functionality: this "adaptation" has to support qualitatively a stomach, unload a backbone, pull together skin. Color of a bandage – a personal record of each woman. But often doctors advise to stop the choice on a white or light product as it will stimulate to regular washing of a bandage.

To choose a bandage correctly, it is desirable to try on before commission of purchase in shop several different models and to talk to the doctor, listening to his councils.

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