If very much to want — it is possible to depart to space. It is devoted to will power

"Will" knows more than one value. The most widespread definitions of will it is self-control and endurance, persistence and persistence, independence and determination.

Will power can be shown as in activation of internal resources, for overcoming of difficulties, and in braking of spontaneous sensual rushes. And that, and other quality leads to achievement of the purposes, helps to regulate the reactions in the most difficult and unexpected situations.

Everything, strong-willed qualities known to us are directed to overcoming of both internal, and external obstacles, and for their full work, the person strains sincere and physical forces to the maximum. At a regular tension of incentive and brake functions of will such quality of the personality as universal strong-willed property, or as speak in the world – Will power is fixed.

As it was already told above, will power is known by broad coverage. Such force can sometimes have and negative, negative character as which simplest example it is possible to consider spirit of a contradiction. The person thanking power of the will can think and make so: "to spite of the conductor, I will tear the ticket, I will go on foot".

One more negative manifestation of will power — negativism. It is often shown at teenage age when the child hurries to show to a family the independence.

Some strong-willed manifestations which are possessed by the person:

Independence is shown in ability not only to set the personal purposes on own initiative, but also to finish business, despite all obstacles. The independent personality does not doubt correctness of the choice of the purpose, and will go to it using all the internal reserve and not to neglect at the same time the help from outside.

Determination is often shown in effort at the initial stage of the strong-willed choice. That is ability to choose the most important from several options then already to consider comprehensively ways and means of achievement of the goal, without forgetting about desirable or undesirable effects.

Persistence, perhaps – a will crown. This quality costs in vanguard in advance to the purpose. Persistence is shown in long-suffering, and belief in result and the forces. Water sharpens a stone, remember this proverb? This is also persistence. Also doubts are alien to persistence. Such person is ready to external counteractions. The persistent person does not hurry to come to the purpose, he just goes to it without stopping.

The endurance gives the chance to undergo excessive mental or exercise stresses if that is demanded by a goal. Especially this quality is useful in extreme situations.
Ability to be reserved is strong strong-willed quality too. To be able to stop in time, once again to consider strategy and tactics, to adjourn the begun case if the mistake in calculations is found useful ability for the strong-willed person is unconditional.

The self-control, or self-control joins in such situations as: cowardice, panic or anger.
Of course, potentially most of people has such qualities, and by means of continued self-improvement if very much to want, then it is possible and to depart to space.

Section: Psychology