Diseases of a metabolism and endocrine diseases

Regulation of a metabolism is carried out by the central nervous system or is hormonal. The endocrine system of a human body provides regulation of the most important functions of an organism. Glands of internal and external secretion, a hypothalamus, a hypophysis, adrenal glands, ovaries, a thyroid gland and others are a part of endocrine system. At any disease exchange processes are broken that is shown in disorder of functions of a nervous system. For recovery of a metabolism the good nutrition, massage, auto-trainings is possible by means of such actions as physical exercises, walks in the fresh air. And here traditional medicine for regulation of a metabolism can also offer the centuries-old recipes.


At obesity excess accumulation of fat in body tissues, and also its adjournment in fabrics and bodies is observed. Dysfunction of a metabolism is its cornerstone that is shown that process of formation of fat prevails over process of its disintegration. As a result of it internals — heart, lungs work with an overload, are tired and quickly wear out. With age at the people having obesity the diabetes mellitus, a hypertension, atherosclerosis and other heart diseases and vessels, and also disturbance of work of hemadens develop.

The first symptom is emergence of an asthma. The obesity reasons — the most various, but most often it is caused by a regular overeating. Excessive fat is distributed on a body according to specific features, and also an obesity form.

There are 3 main forms of obesity: general obesity, and also man's and female type. At the general form the grease layer covers all figure of the person why the figure loses the outlines. At obesity on female type the fatty layer is located in the lower part of a trunk. The man's type of obesity is when fat at people is located in an upper body. The main method of treatment of obesity is observance of a rigid diet and maintaining the correct way of life.

Treatment of obesity by national methods

Лечение ожирения народными методамиAt weight loss it is possible to clean sometimes the organism, for example, special tea. At its structure there is a medicinal clearing means, most often it is leaves of Seine. It is impossible to abuse them since intestines can get used and will cease to function normally. The second component of this medical tea is substance which stimulates activity of kidneys, for example, green parsley with addition of a medicinal dandelion. For clarification of blood the nettle which biological substances improve blood circulation is used and expand blood vessels.

However if to accept this tea long, then gases and swelling of intestines can disturb, for elimination of it it is possible to add mint and the Italian fennel to tea. Thus, for weight loss enter the recipe of tea: on 20 gr. leaves of Seine, green parsley, a medicinal dandelion, a nettle, and on 10 gr. mint and Italian fennel.

One more efficient recipe of tea for treatment of obesity consists from 15 gr. bark of a buckthorn, grass sea, leaves of raspberry and blackberry, 10 gr. heather hips, on 8 gr. leaves of a mallow and a nettle, and also on a spoon of leaves of a St. John's Wort and flowers of a yarrow. All herbs mix up, and one teaspoon of grass mix is filled in with a glass of boiled water, the couple of minutes needs to be waited until it is ready, to filter and drink small drinks. Every day it is desirable to drink 1 glass of such tea, gradually increasing a dose to 3 glasses put. That excess weight did not return after the end of treatment, continue to have 1 glass of such tea a day.

To lose excess weight quickly, it is possible to go on an electrolyte-deficient diet, it is very useful to health. Every day it is necessary to take an alternating douche within 15 minutes, at the same time replacing cold water on hot each 15 seconds.

Treatment of obesity by national methods is carried out, using phytodrugs which have cholagogue effect and influence metabolic rate. It is possible to apply broth to loss of appetite corn a rylets. There is special collecting for treatment of obesity. National collecting No. 1 has diuretic effect and improves digestion. Here enters: 2 tbsps of infusion of a buckthorn, and also dandelion roots, fruits of parsley, fennel and mint leaves. This spirit is accepted in the morning in number of 2 glasses.

Collecting No. 2 stimulates a metabolism, in its structure: on 15 gr. fennel of fruits, flowers of a camomile, a linden and on 20 gr. flowers of elder and leaves of a peppermint. Collecting makes as usual tea and is accepted on 2 glasses a day for 2 months. Sometimes for treatment of obesity within 2 weeks accept a cucumber brine, adding to it 1 tbsp of vinegar.

It is also possible to have in day a glass of broth of fresh parsley or fresh juice of pumpkin. Surely it is necessary to enter ground bran which before the use needs to be filled in with boiled water into a diet. It is also possible to use the sprouted seeds of cereals (oats, rye, wheat) which are rich with vitamin B.

As one of traditional national methods of treatment of obesity to open a time and to improve functions of skin, it is useful to take before going to bed baths with herbs, for example, from broth of hay dust, a thyme, a horsetail field, a juniper ordinary, a poplar black, needles of a pine, a wormwood bitter, having also added soda or salt to water. After reception of a bathtub it is necessary to muffle in clothes from natural fabrics and to lay down under a blanket. Reception of these drugs and a bathtub ozdoravlivayushche affect an organism, promote its clarification and input of excessive liquid.

At obesity observance of a diet No. 8a registers. Here the approximate menu at obesity: during the first week of observance of a diet consumption of sugar and salt is completely excluded. For breakfast — porridge, 20 gr. butter, 100 gr. cheese, a cup of coffee or tea without sugar. The second breakfast (11 hours) — cottage cheese casserole (no more than 100 gr.). For lunch — low-fat soup, roast beef with vegetable salad, with addition of vegetable oil, unsweetened compote. At 16 o'clock — one apple. The dinner consists from 150 gr. boiled fish, stewed vegetables and a cup of tea, and before going to bed it is possible to drink 1 glass of kefir. On the second week the diet remains the same, "unloading" days that the organism began to give fat reserves are only spent. In day of unloading it is possible: 1,5-2 kg of apples, on 6 glasses of milk and kefir, 3 glasses of kefir, and 3 times boiled meat or fish. In day it is necessary to drink not less than 2 liters of water.

In complex therapy of treatment of obesity remedial gymnastics, gidro-and physioprocedures, a Charcot's douche is also shown. At the correct treatment, the patient with obesity can lose up to 15 kg of weight in a month.

Diseases of a thyroid gland

Болезни щитовидной железы"The endocrine butterfly" who in a form reminds the butterfly flitting over a flower is called a thyroid gland. For today diseases of a thyroid gland are very widespread, every fourth newborn has this pathology. At a hypothyroidism the thyroid gland does not make enough hormones of thyroxine and triiodothyronine because of what exchange processes in an organism are slowed down, in an organism there is not enough iodine. At a hyperthyroidism hormones are produced much, and processes of an exchange accelerate.

Symptoms of disturbance of activity of a thyroid gland are frequent dizzinesses, fast fatigue, the speeded-up pulse and a shiver in hands, an irregular menstrual cycle, joint pains disturb, and also can constantly feel feverish the person, even when warmly. The reliable assistant in treatment of disturbances of activity of a thyroid gland render herbs. Usually, the thyroid gland of the adult weighs about 30 grams, it can increase and decrease. At the most various diseases of a thyroid gland at a food allowance there have to be sea products — a laminaria, fish, shrimps, bean, walnuts, a kiwi, a feijoa, a black-fruited mountain ash with sugar.

Treatment of a thyroid gland by means of traditional medicine

For treatment of an illness of a thyroid gland it is possible to use several national recipes. For example, it is possible to fill in with a glass of boiled water a laminaria powder tablespoon, to insist and filter. To add to the received product cottage cheese, 1 tbsp of garlic, the processed kernels of 10 walnuts. To fill a dish with vegetable oil. If you are disturbed by hypofunction of a thyroid gland, such salad can be used several times a week. Besides, it is possible to add every day to vegetable dishes a fresh grass of a lungwort medicinal.

If the thyroid gland is increased, then it is possible to rub several lemons and oranges together with a dried peel and to accept this mix on several tablespoons in day before food within 2 months.

Also at the increased function of a thyroid gland (a thyrotoxicosis, a giperterioza) it is possible to apply the following means. To mix 300 gr. tops of a pine and 100 gr. a green shell of walnuts and to cook in 2 liters of water within 20 minutes. 10 leaves of a lemon tree and honey are added to broth, and 20 more minutes on very slow fire cook. The received mix to be stored in the refrigerator and is accepted on 1 tablespoon before each meal.

Mix where about one part of leaves of a lily of the valley, silverweeds white will enter, three parts of a grass of oats, two parts of mint and flowers of an immortelle, is also added 80 drops of tincture on partitions of walnuts and a honey tablespoon. To accept 2 tablespoons day before food.

Also treatment of a thyroid gland can be done medical bandages, to take 2 tbsps of oak bark, to fill in with the boiling water and to draw half of hour. In this solution it is necessary to wet cotton fabric, to put to the area of a thyroid gland and to tie with a woolen scarf. Such bandage is done every day before going to bed within several weeks. It is possible to mix on 1 tablespoon of a grass of a motherwort, a peppermint, rhizomes of a valerian and the pounded hawthorn fruits, to fill in with boiled water 1 tbsp of mix and to insist not less than 30 min. It is necessary to drink this infusion on a half-glass before food 1 month. In a week — to repeat a course.

At insufficient function of a thyroid gland it is possible to prepare the grass mix consisting from 100 gr. cocklebur herbs, 150 gr. leaves of a nettle and seeds of a globe-thistle, and on 50 gr. root of an eleuterokokk, dandelion and grass of a woadwaxen tinctorial. This mix is filled in by 0,5 liters of water and insist several minutes. Add 80 drops of tincture on partitions of walnuts to the received infusion, and use 100 ml of 3-5 times a day before meal, adding to a laminaria.

By the way, at an initial stage of disturbance of activity of a thyroid gland it is possible to recover if regularly to drink green tea. For tea leaves 1 fill in a teaspoon of tea with a glass of boiled water. At first a third of a glass, in a minute — 1/3 more, and in 1 minute — the last third is filled in. After that the cup needs to be wrapped up for 3 minutes. It is also possible also make the herbal tea consisting of dried fruits of a dogrose and blackcurrant. The spoon of this mix needs to be filled in with boiled water and to insist 15-20 minutes. It is possible to use such tea 2 times a day on ½ glasses.

Good means for improvement of functions of a thyroid gland is overlaying of a compress from infusion of cones of oats, on a throat within 1 month. It is regularly possible to use buckwheat cereal to which the turmeric, a dry laminaria and salt is added.

One more recipe can use at any disturbances of activity of a pancreas. It is necessary to mix buckwheat honey, powder of buckwheat and walnuts in equal parts and to insist in the dark cool place. This mix is eaten within 6 weeks once a week, washing down with tea or water.

At nodes on a thyroid gland you can prepare tincture from partitions of walnuts. In 100 gr. partitions 0,5 liters of vodka then capacity is transferred to the dark dry place are added and it is left to be drawn month. This tincture needs to be taken on 1 teaspoon for half an hour before meal.

At a disease tireoksikozy prepare mix from leaves of mint, a root of a valerian and cones of hop. This mix is filled in with boiled water and is accepted on a half-glass every day to food. Treatment — 1 month. By the way, for the prevention of emergence of disturbances of a thyroid gland, it is possible to carry the real amber on a neck.

Diabetes mellitus

Сахарный диабетEndocrine disease which is connected with a lack of an insulin hormone organism, or disturbances of its interaction with organism cells which leads to increase of content of glucose in blood, is called a diabetes mellitus. Sugar will be emitted with urine where its presence is undesirable. Endocrine diseases lead to disturbance of an exchange of fats, they are not split completely, and also to disturbance of protein metabolism.

The term "diabetes", in translation from Ancient Greek meaning "getting through", it was for the first time used by the Greek doctors in the 2nd century BC. Excess release of urine (polyuria) was the main symptom of diabetes. Diabetes happens insulin-dependent which is usually shown in youth, and is connected with death of endocrine cells in the pancreas leading to decrease in level of insulin in blood. Lead viral infections, cancer, toxic damages of a pancreas, stresses, immunity disturbances to it.

Non-insulin-dependent diabetes arises because of disturbances of interaction of insulin and cells of an organism, at the same time the produced insulin is normal. The overeating, obesity is the reason of it like diabetes owing to what the produced insulin cannot be acquired by an organism. Also among the reasons of diabetes addictions, a hypodynamia, and also heredity can act. If a diabetes mellitus not to treat, then the diabetic coma which is life-threatening can develop.

Symptoms of a diabetes mellitus is the frequent urination, thirst, constant feeling of hunger and rather sharp weight reduction. Also at patients sight can be broken, it is frequent hurt the head, an itch of skin and dryness in a mouth, a bad zazhivlyaemost of wounds.

National methods at treatment of a diabetes mellitus

Народные методы при лечении сахарного диабетаMedicine for treatment of a diabetes mellitus to you will be prescribed by the doctor, and reception of means of a plant origin is capable to strengthen influence of the taken medicine. The vegetable drugstore can offer enough options for treatment of a diabetes mellitus.

For decrease in content of sugar in blood prepare dogrose infusion. For this purpose 5-6 hips need to be crushed, filled in with boiled water and to boil thoroughly 5 minutes. Before the use it is necessary to filter and use before food not less than a month.

It is also possible to wash up, crush a horse-radish root, to add to it 9 crushed garlic gloves, to fill up all this in a glass jar, to fill in with beer and to uphold in the dark place not less than 2 weeks. After – to accept on 1 tablespoon.

Many advise to make sour cabbage and to drink the whole winter on a half-glass of a cabbage brine. It is also possible to mix tinctures on vodka (1:10) of onions, a walnut and a grass of a cuff which mix is accepted 2 times a day according to 1 h to a spoon. Also at a diabetes mellitus it is possible to cook within 1 hour of a partition from walnuts (about 40-50 gr.), and to accept several times a day 15 ml.

It is known that bay leaf is capable to reduce sugar level in blood. To place 10 leaves of laurels in glasswares, to fill in with boiled water and to insist at the closed cover not less than 3 hours. It is necessary to accept the received tincture on a half-glass three-four times a day.

Also for decrease in sugar in blood it is possible to accept broth from pumpkin fruit stems. On one part of fruit stems it is necessary to take 5 parts of the distilled water, to boil, and after filtering to drink 5 tablespoons 2-4 times a day.

It is also possible to grind two tablespoons of buckwheat in the coffee grinder and to mix with kefir and to drink in the morning and in the evening in 20 minutes prior to food.

Medical foods at a diabetes mellitus are without fail appointed. And as drink it is possible to cook compote from dried fruits of a mountain ash and dried pears, and also to insist several hours. Prepare infusion of buds of a birch which gather in the spring during their swelling. In days it is necessary to use three tablespoons on 2 cups of boiled water. It is also possible to make also 1 tsp of dry linen seeds, washing down at the same time with water or compote. The crushed raspberry leaves which are filled in with a glass of boiled water, infused about 20 minutes and accepted 3 times a day on a third of a glass can help with decrease in level of sugar in blood.

One more national method of treatment of a diabetes mellitus is tincture from 20 gr. the leaves of bilberry, black elder and a nettle which are filled in with boiled water. It is necessary to accept tincture 3-4 times a day.

It is possible to take before going to bed a bath with addition of the crushed dry grass of a clover meadow, the medical effect is observed after 12-14 sessions.

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