Cleaning of intestines

Specialists are sure that the general cleaning of an organism should be begun with purgation. Intestines are main "expensive" to everything that gets to a human body together with food.

On medical statistics, disturbance of exchange processes in an organism because of existence of pathogenic bacteriums in intestines is observed approximately at a third of all population. Intestines function incorrectly, as a result of people stay in a depression, lose interest in life. Besides, misoperation of intestines leads to display of dysbacteriosis. Immunity of the person suffers owing to what allergic reactions are shown, from intoxication work of a liver is broken.

When cleaning of intestines is necessary?

Total length of intestines of the person makes about three meters therefore the food should cover rather long distance. And at the same time a certain part of ballast substances and remains in intestines of the person. Very often inspection of intestines of the person shows existence in it of a large number of fecal stones. As a result, the stones which are not leaving intestines in the natural way slowly decay and poison the person with toxins. Sometimes reaches that drug treatment of intestines is necessary. Therefore in certain cases not to do without cleaning of intestines.

Cleaning of intestines is necessary, first of all, for those people at whom constant problems with intestines are observed. Among the reasons which can be considered contributing to cleaning of intestines it should be noted an irregular chair (alternation of ponos and locks), continuous stale breath, gases in intestines, frequent catarrhal diseases. Besides, the person can feel a febricula, discomfort, problems with appetite, weakness. In that case procedure of purgation can improve considerably the general quality of life and health of the person.

Cleaning of intestines in a hospital

If necessary cleaning of intestines is carried out by qualified specialists in the conditions of medical institution. Such procedure is called a kolonogidroterapiya. The enteroclysis in this case is carried out by ordinary water, the course of procedure passes under control of the specialist. There is no morbidity in the course of procedure, but at the same time efficiency of such method of treatment is rather high. In the course of washing of a large intestine natural intestinal microflora is not broken. At the same time there is a soft massage of walls of intestines that allows to exempt fibers from the fecal remains. In certain cases in the course of cleaning of intestines inside enter bifidobacteria. It occurs during the last procedure of cleaning. Thanks to such cleaning of intestines its ability to soak up substances therefore digestion is considerably adjusted is recovered. Besides, professional cleaning of intestines allows to get rid of extra kilos.

Cleaning of intestines in house conditions

очистка кишечникаFor carrying out treatment of intestines by means of cleaning it is possible to use the methods available in house conditions. Specialists advise to carry out cleaning of intestines in autumn months: at this time the human body the most active and strong, is observed least of all problems with intestines. If the person is going to carry out full clarification of an organism, then cleaning of intestines has to become the first stage.

The most often practiced method of cleaning of intestines out of hospital is use of enemas for removal from intestines of toxins. Besides, the course of house cleaning provides use of short-term starvation.

In order that process of clarification was the most effective, and treatment of intestines was crowned in the similar way with success, it is previously necessary to prepare an organism for procedure. For this purpose warming up practices: an ideal method in this case – visit of a sauna or bath. It is necessary to visit a steam room several days before cleaning, and also every day when the enema is put.

Directly cleaning of intestines can be carried out according to the following scheme. For day of people starves, and carries out an enteroclysis by means of an enema in the evening. All next day the person drinks only water or fresh apple juice. For day it is necessary to make some more cleansing enemas.

For cleaning use an ordinary enema. If the person conducts cleaning of intestines independently, then it is necessary to consider that for installation of an enema it is necessary to have certain skills. To give an enema, it is necessary to get an Esmarch's irrigator in a drugstore. Before introduction to an anus of a tip it needs to be boiled.

For carrying out an enema it is necessary to take warm water – its temperature has to be a little higher, than room. It is desirable that it was boiled. Water temperature is an important condition for full cleaning of intestines. Too warm water which temperature equals to body temperature will just be soaked up in intestines, at the same time its reduction will not happen. Respectively, the objectives of procedure will not be achieved. Too hot water is also not suitable for an enema as there is a risk to burn a gut.

Correctly to give an enema in house conditions, the easiest to arrive as follows: it is necessary to rise on all fours, to hang down the head, to enter one hand a tip so that it entered approximately on five centimeters. Further it is necessary to open the crane on a hose and with the hung head to stand in such pose until all water does not enter. For an enema it is enough from one and a half to two liters of water. After liquid will reach a limit, it is necessary to take out a tip and to try to keep water inside from five to ten minutes. For a usual enema add a half-teaspoon of the ground children's soap to water or do cleaning by usual water.

If intestines are purged during a lock, then the enema can be made oil. It is necessary to take about 100 ml of vegetable oil, to warm up it to 37C and to enter into a rectum by means of an enema or the syringe with a rubber catheter.

It is important to consider that bleeding of a gastrointestinal tract is forbidden to do an enema to those people who transferred an operative measure on intestines recently, or have belly or inguinal hernia.

Use of medicines for cleaning of intestines

People who do not suffer from locks can use disposable for cleaning of intestines laxative reception. Such method helps to solve some problems with intestines, however it is regularly categorically forbidden to use it. For strengthening of effect of purgation by means of an enema or purgatives it is possible to receive medical treatment for drugs of Lineks or Bifidumbacterium. By means of these means it is possible to recover normal microflora

After cleaning of intestines it is very useful not to load several days it for what starvation within two-three days practices.

Enemas for cleaning of intestines

Several types of enemas are applied to house cleaning of intestines: enemas on water to which lemon juice or vinegar is added; enemas with infusions and broths of herbs; enemas with soda and serum.

For purgation by means of vinegar and salt it is necessary to prepare about two liters of boiled water, to add to it usual salt (at the rate on one liter of water two tablespoons), apple cider vinegar (one tablespoon of 4-6% of apple cider vinegar for water liter). Vinegar can be replaced with lemon juice.

Some recipes provide also vinegar replacement with several grains of potassium permanganate (solution has to be hardly pink). Besides, for an enema add in advance prepared garlick water to solution (one garlic glove which is previously pounded is filled in with cold water, stir and filter).

By means of acid medium it is possible to fight against putrefactive microbes which collect in intestines effectively. At the same time garlic fights against disease-producing microbes.

There are also many recipes of broths of travny collecting which are used for treatment of intestines by its cleaning. Grass enemas recommend to use for cleaning of intestines during the spring and autumn period.

очистка кишечникаIt is possible to prepare the following infusion for an enema: to mix equal quantity of a grass of a celandine, calendula medicinal, a yarrow ordinary, camomiles, a marjoram ordinary, leaves of an eucalyptus and a birch, seeds of a plantain and fennel. All herbs need to be crushed and mixed then to fill in five tablespoons of herbs with two liters of boiled water.

If herbs for collecting are absent, it is possible to prepare infusion from one species of a grass, but in that case it is necessary to reduce its quantity to four spoons. Collecting half an hour is drawn. When infusion is ready, it needs to be filtered very carefully that there were no fine particles. When liquid cools down, it is applied to an enema. By means of grass enemas it is possible to recover a peristaltics, to get rid of gases in intestines, and also to normalize a chair.

There are also more original recipes for cleaning of intestines which help to overcome problems with intestines, having eliminated swelling, disturbances of a chair, gases in intestines. So, clarification by means of coffee and honey enemas is practiced by adherents of yoga. To carry out a honey enema, it is necessary to prepare solution from one tablespoon of honey and a glass of warm water. Still lemon juice – one tablespoon is added to mix. Mix needs to be entered into intestines by means of an enema and to keep mix about 15 minutes. Such procedure can be repeated periodically when there is a sensation of discomfort in intestines.

To make a coffee enema for cleaning of intestines, it is necessary to boil 200 ml of water, to add to it three tablespoons of ground coffee and to boil for three minutes. Then on weak fire it is necessary to hold solution 12 more minutes. It is necessary to use the solution which is previously filtered and cooled as also liquid with honey. Coffee positively influences on mucous a large intestine, activating it and relieving intestines of harmful toxins. Such enema not only helps to get rid of toxins and gases in intestines, but also positively influences functions of a gall bladder, liver, adrenal glands.

One more often used method of cleaning of intestines – an enema from beet. For this purpose it is necessary to prepare about 800 grams of beet, one and a half liters of water. Beet is small cut, filled in with boiled water and draw about half an hour. After filtering solution is used according to the above-stated scheme. Such clarification helps to get rid of dysbacteriosis effectively.

Purgation by other methods

очистка кишечникаBesides, there are still some methods of purgation which use does not require an enema.

So, to clear intestines it will turn out, regularly using apples. In order that inspection of intestines showed notable results of such clarification, follows every day for one month on an empty stomach to use three previously grated apples. After a month it is not necessary to refuse apples, but further it is necessary to eat three ground apples already every other day. It is important that after the use of apples of people began the main meal not earlier than in three hours. By means of it just a method it is possible to bring out of an organism fecal stones effectively.

Also the purgation technique by means of bran is not less efficient. Every day three times in fifteen minutes prior to reception of food it is necessary to eat two tablespoons of bran and to wash down them with two glasses of clear water. When using this method it is necessary to wash down bran with enough water without fail. Bran should be used for one month. Such cleaning can be done every year.

Oil and seeds of flax are very useful to a gastrointestinal tract and intestines in particular. Contains in flax many useful substances removing slags. And still flax works as antiinflammatory and a purgative, digestive organs envelop, has laxative and antiinflammatory effect. Besides, flax long is digested, mechanically stretching intestines thanks to what there is its strengthened reduction and a conclusion of food masses.

Flax contains alkaloid and linamarin which improve work of a gastrointestinal tract in general. Therefore it is very often applied in complex treatment of a number of illnesses of the alimentary system.

For cleaning of intestines flax is used as follows: it is necessary to process hundred grams of seeds to a consistence of flour and to fill in with 250 grams of sunflower oil (oil needs to be taken a cold extraction). Mix has to be drawn on an extent of week in the dark place, periodically it needs to be stirred up.

When mix is ready, it is accepted on one tablespoon within ten days three times a day in one hour prior to meal. In a week the first positive changes in health appear. During reception of flax it is necessary to follow some rules of food. So, it is necessary to exclude completely all farinaceous food, sweet, and also greasy and smoked food. Alcoholic and carbonated drinks under a ban.

That who loves acid food to be pleasant the method of overcoming of problems with intestines by means of clarification by acid juice. Acid quickly dissolves all slags in intestines and afterwards promotes their removal. For this purpose it is necessary to drink for day exclusively freshly squeezed juice from any acid fruit. In total in a day not exchange of two liters of juice should drink: on a glass in each hour. Nothing more can be drunk and eaten. Such clarification can be carried out once a month.

However at emergence of any problems with intestines it is necessary to consult surely with specialists and to conduct examination of intestines not to do much harm use only of self-treatment.

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