Odinofagiya (Bol when swallowing)

Odinofagiya is a feeling of pain in the course of swallowing which can be a symptom of many diseases, however is sometimes shown also at absolutely healthy people.

How the odinofagiya is shown?

At an odinofagiya feelings which differ from a usual pharyngalgia during swallowing are shown. If pain when swallowing people feels in a neck, then symptoms of an odinofagiya are expressed by pain behind a breast.

Odinofagiya is the most expressed dysphagy degree (the expressed discomfort and difficulties when swallowing). Very often dysphagies and symptoms of an odinofagiya are shown at the person at the same time.

Pain and difficulties in the course of swallowing are characteristic of an odinofagiya. Can seem to the person that in a throat there is a lump owing to what its breath significantly is at a loss. The expressed burning and pain is felt during passing of food on a gullet.

Odinofagiya is shown as an effect of the hyper motor dyskinesia of a gullet leading to disturbances of a vermicular movement. Also the odinofagiya can be one of symptoms of an erosive canker mucous a gullet.

Why the odinofagiya is shown?

The pharyngalgia when swallowing is shown owing to influence of some factors. Odinofagiya is in most cases connected with three reasons. First of all, the pharyngalgia arises because of disturbances in the course of passing of food on a gullet. Advance of food on a gullet happens owing to reductions of muscles which cover a gullet from within. If reduction of these muscles is broken, then the food moves slowly, there is an overflow of a gullet. As a result, there can be an acute pain in a throat when swallowing, weight in a gullet. The pharyngalgia when swallowing on the right or at the left can appear if the person swallows big and firm pieces of fruit or other rigid food. At the healthy person similar feelings appear only for several seconds then completely stop. At people who suffer from gullet diseases such pain arises constantly, it can occur even at each meal.

At the healthy person pain when swallowing gradually passes in a throat after he drinks waters. At gullet diseases liquid does not eliminate unpleasant feelings, and sometimes even aggravates them.

Боль при глотании у детейOne more reason owing to which the odinofagiya, it disturbances in the course of passing of food to areas where the gullet passes into a stomach is shown. If on an esophageal sphincter there are hems, or there is a spasm, then very severe pain can disturb the person. Sometimes it is not possible to appease it without intervention of the doctor.

Odinofagiya can be marked out and if the mucous membrane is exposed to inflammatory process. At the same time gradually in the lower part of a gullet there are erosion. The state is aggravated because of hit in the lower part of a gullet of acid contents of a stomach. In this state pain appears even at the use of absolutely healthy food which does not cause any unpleasant feelings in the healthy person.

Why the throat strongly hurts when swallowing saliva, it is necessary to define in the course of carrying out comprehensive inspection. Therefore if when swallowing the throat hurts on the right or the throat hurts at the left, it is necessary to see a doctor and to define the reason of this phenomenon.

Very often long throat muscles at a gastroesophageal reflux disease hurt. In this case very often the odinofagiya is shown together with a dysphagy. Except the reasons of an odinofagiya described above it should be noted still some diseases of which this symptom is characteristic. It is an ulcer or chemical injuries of a gullet, an infectious esophagitis, a gullet cancer, perforation of a gullet.

If at the person the cutting pain when swallowing saliva and food is constantly shown, and unpleasant feelings do not pass throughout a long time, he needs to address the gastroenterologist.

How to get rid of an odinofagiya?

Лечение одинофагииThe pharyngalgia when swallowing on the one hand or gullet pain can create essential discomfort and worsen quality of human life. To take effective measures for elimination of this problem, carrying out a number of researches surely will be required. Before researches the specialist surely conducts detailed survey of the patient. It is important to find out what character of pain takes place at the patient. Odinofagiya is pain which arises directly when swallowing. Other character of pain can testify to heart troubles, a gastrointestinal tract, etc.

As a rule, to the patient carrying out endoscopy in the course of which the specialist can find the reason of emergence of pain, and also exclude an oncological disease is appointed. Odinofagiya is a nonspecific symptom therefore only on her emergence it is impossible to judge what disease develops at the person.

If the person constantly feels pain when swallowing in an Adam's apple, then you should not practice independent treatment at all even if pain without temperature and other accompanying symptoms is noted. Treatment of pain when swallowing is carried out to throats depending on that disease which provoked emergence of this symptom.

Sometimes gullet pain when swallowing or a stethalgia testifies to the diseases which are not connected with an odinofagiya.

Сильная боль при глотанииIt is especially attentively necessary to treat complaints of the child that he in a throat pricks or has a severe pain when swallowing food. In that case it is necessary to be convinced that the foreign body did not get into a throat or into a gullet surely. If it occurred, then only the specialist has to take a foreign subject.

At an odinofagiya it is important not to tighten with the address to the doctor as many cases when this symptom of the patient throughout a long time ignored then found the started stage of an oncological illness in it are recorded.

At gullet diseases which symptom often is the odinofagiya it is very important to pay close attention to feeding habits and to a daily diet. Specialists recommend to practice fractional acceptance of food, that is to eat 5-6 times in day. It is regularly necessary to eat liquid dishes, and acute, fried, smoked it is desirable to exclude. It is necessary to refuse coffee and smoking also.

At diseases of a gullet drug treatment, phytotherapy, but only under control of the specialist practices.

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