Asthma is a periodically repeating state which initially the person can simply not notice. The state often remains unnoticed if weakness and an asthma are noted at serious exercise stresses. Often an asthma at loadings is perceived as something inevitable and self-evident. Business is in that, people are inclined to consider that severe short wind at physical efforts is a normal phenomenon, especially, if it in a few minutes passes. Nevertheless, specialists claim that an asthma can be very serious signal and confirm development of serious illnesses. Therefore if at the person severe short wind at fast walking is noted or at rather moderate loadings, it is necessary to consult surely with the doctor.

How an asthma is shown?

Asthma is a state of which disturbance of a rhythm, frequency, breath depth is characteristic. At the same time the person feels that he to him does not gasp. If this is not about disturbances of nervous control of breath, then in the course of an asthma the lack of oxygen of an organism is recovered.

Asthma can be both a consequence of heavy exercise stresses, and the symptom testimonial of development of a serious illness. Different types of asthmas are defined by physicians. Especially a chest asthma which develops at the person suddenly has to guard, very quickly accrues and passes into an asthma attack. In especially hard cases character of an asthma such is that the person can feel threat of asphyxia. An asthma at rest, and also an asthma after food has to guard the person. It is necessary to understand that displays of short wind are characteristic of many diseases and states. An asthma often develops at women during incubation of the child, at the heart diseases, slight, a nervous system, also an asthma at chest osteochondrosis is shown, etc.

Types and reasons of an asthma

Displays of short wind vary depending on what pathology became its reason. An asthma of the central type is shown at primary defeat of a respiratory center. As a rule, arises in connection with functional or organic lesion of TsNS. Also this form of an asthma can develop owing to poisoning with neurotropic poisons. Unlike other types of an asthma at which there is compensation of insufficiency of breath owing to development of the central asthma respiratory insufficiency appears.

Pulmonary asthma is noted at people who have various diseases of bronchial tubes, lungs, at pulmonary insufficiency. It is accepted to distinguish an expiratory and inspiratory pulmonary asthma.

Приступ одышкиExpiratory asthma arises at bronchial asthma. Its signs — a long and difficult exhalation. This state at the person is characterized by difficulty of an exhalation. The matter is that such respiratory character is noted at disturbances of removal of carbon dioxide as at patients with bronchial asthma narrowing of small bronchial tubes is noted. Therefore, to exhale air, the person strongly strains respiratory muscles. For this action the most part of that oxygen which was absorbed by the patient is spent. Therefore an asthma of expiratory character is shown by the extended exhalation.

Inspiratory asthma arises at development of valve pheumothorax, at fibroses, at various damages of a diaphragm, etc. Also this form of an asthma is noted at a lymphogenous kartsonomatoz of lungs. An expiratory and inspiratory asthma differ, first of all, with the fact that in the second case the difficulty at a breath is noted. The reasons of such phenomenon — stiffness of tissue of lungs and a thorax. Also this type of an asthma can be noted at the reduced thorax volume. A pulmonary asthma often arises as an effect of disturbance of passability of bronchial tubes. In turn, this phenomenon is caused by hypostases of bronchial tubes, their obstruction by the mass of a phlegm. Respectively, the correct treatment of this phenomenon is necessary.

Symptoms of cardiac short wind develop at the person in view of manifestation of insufficiency of a left heart. In such state at the patient or blood in lungs stagnates, or small cordial emission is noted. As a result, there is a disturbance of food of a brain therefore the pathogeny of an asthma is similar to an asthma of the central type. However owing to an exercise stress an asthma at heart failure at the person amplifies. At cardiac asthma or at heart failure an asthma often develops at night when the person sleeps. Considering the fact that cardiac short wind arises because of a number of mechanisms, drugs at this phenomenon are used in a complex. The main cardiac short wind medicine is diuretics, foxglove infusion, etc. Than to remove cardiac short wind in hard cases the specialist has to solve. At heavy symptoms it is necessary to call the doctor urgently. But before there will arrive the doctor who will make the decision how to treat an asthma, the person needs to give a semi-sitting position and to give it those sedative drugs which are near at hand. As a rule, the patient who suffers from cardiac short wind himself can define what level of physical activity leads to developing of short wind.

Hematogenous asthma develops at hit in blood of the person of toxic products. This state is characteristic of poisoning, a diabetes mellitus, a liver failure.

Origins of an asthma can be connected also with development of inflammatory process in lungs. The reasons of an asthma and shortage of air at pneumonia are connected with the fact that the volume of normally functioning tissue of lungs decreases, and the threshold of a respiratory reflex decreases. Severe short wind at pneumonia is noted also in view of influence of toxic substances which get to blood from the inflammation center. At an exercise stress of people with pneumonia suffers from pronounced symptoms of an asthma. In this case the correct and timely diagnosis is very important. Otherwise and treatment by folk remedies can lead incorrectly certain reasons of an asthma when walking to very serious effects.

Special attention should be paid on an asthma and its reasons at elderly people. At pneumonia an asthma can be that symptom which will allow to suspect this disease. Often cardiac short wind and a pulmonary asthma develop is similar therefore it is important correct to establish the diagnosis and to take all measures for treatment.

Одышка y мужчин во снеDeveloping of cerebral short wind — a direct consequence of irritation of a respiratory center. This form of an asthma often turns out to be consequence of organic lesions of a brain. Also development of a cerebral asthma can be connected with disturbances in work of a nervous system.

Asthma at bronchitis is shown owing to inflammatory process of a mucous membrane of lungs. An asthma at the child at bronchitis can testify to that, the acute form of a disease develops. An asthma at children at bronchitis is characterized by shortage of air in lungs. At the slightest exercise stress cough which arises against the complicated breath is observed at the child. Severe short wind at the baby — the main symptom of obstructive bronchitis. Signs at children of this disease are shown also by slackness, a febricula. The kid can be capricious, refuse to eat. At the same time he suffers from a constant severe cough. It is important not to allow developments of this form of bronchitis as in that case there is a pathological change of bronchial fabric.

Nevertheless, the asthma reasons at the child can be also absolutely others therefore before to make the decision what to do, parents have to show surely the kid to the doctor and pass all necessary inspections. The main thing — in time to notice symptoms, and treatment in that case will be the most effective.

Parents should not choose methods at all and to decide how to treat an asthma at bronchitis. Use for treatment of exclusively national methods as a result can lead to transition of an acute bronchitis to a chronic form. As a result, at chronic bronchitis the child will have even more expressed asthma. It is important to consider that after bronchitis the child has a noticeable decrease in immunity. Therefore it is important to strengthen immune system of the kid.

Dry cough and asthma can testify also to a chronic form of bronchitis at the adult. Similar symptoms are often observed at malicious smokers. The increased temperature and an asthma can be also combined at catarrhal diseases.

Asthma at pregnancy, as a rule, disturbs women last months. During pregnancy the uterus gradually increases, and, as a result, squeezes a diaphragm. On early durations of gestation an asthma of women disturbs seldom. Nevertheless, already in the first trimester the asthma at pregnant women connected with hormonal changes in an organism of future mother periodically develops. An asthma at pregnant women is also connected with physical and emotional overworks. And if it is shown not constantly, and incidentally, then such state should not cause concerns. But if an asthma disturbs the woman and at rest, It is necessary to tell about it to the doctor surely.

How to treat an asthma?

Одышка у ребенкаSometimes can mistakenly seem that an asthma is the phenomenon which is not a symptom of other diseases. As a result, the person considers that he needs treatment of an asthma when walking, but not therapy of a basic disease. Nevertheless, which specialists address patients with complaints to the complicated breath, speak not about what to treat an asthma, and is exclusive about the scheme of treatment of that illness which provoked such symptom. Treatment of an asthma at heart failure is carried out by the cardiologist. If at the person the short wind attack at stenocardia developed or at other heart diseases, it is necessary to give it first aid. It is necessary to provide inflow of fresh air to the room. At the same time the patient has to be in rest. It is necessary to exempt his thorax from squeezing, to give to the patient an oxygen package for breath. At such attacks it is necessary to give under Nitrosorbidum tablet language. Also it is necessary to accept any diuretic drug. The help at a psychogenic asthma provides reception of sedative drugs. Treatment of an asthma at VSD is similarly carried out. However it is necessary to understand that by means of demulcents it is possible to get rid only for a while of a symptom, but not to cure a basic disease.

To get rid of an asthma at bronchitis, it is necessary to provide complex treatment of a disease both medicamentous, and treatment with folk remedies.

Thinking of how to treat an asthma folk remedies, it is necessary to consider that it is possible to do it only if an asthma is shown incidentally and owing to very heavy loadings. In that case it is possible to try to accept periodically motherwort tincture, and also broths of mint, a melissa, valerian.

As the main measures of prevention it is necessary to refuse completely tobacco smoking and, whenever possible, to avoid bad ecological conditions. By the way, passive smoking, that is inhalation of a cigarette smoke, can become the reason of development of an asthma too. It is necessary to lead active lifestyle as it will allow to strengthen immunity and to improve oxygen exchange in lungs. It is impossible to start chronic illnesses of lungs and heart at all: timely treatment will relieve of troubles in the future.

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