Tea with honey and coffee is useful to office workers

The daily use of tea with honey will protect from unpleasant effects of those who work hard at the computer. The other day doctors reported that people who sit in front of the monitor every day should drink three cups of tea with honey. However on this quantity it is worth being limited.

According to specialists, at people who love honey and constantly it is eaten, eyes receive more reliable protection against negative action of computer radiation. The most useful to eyes is honey from a linden or from the tributary. Adding such honey to tea, it is possible to take off effectively from eyes of the person fatigue. Donnikovy honey helps to get rid of headaches, to improve a blood stream, to stabilize arterial pressure. And here honey from a linden, in addition to useful properties known for all at treatment of cold, very effectively protects from a stress, sleeplessness and activates exchange processes.

However, the people working behind the monitor are helped not only by honey, but also the correct mode of work. Specialists strongly recommend after each hour of continuous work at the computer to arrange a small pause. Ideally duration of such break has to be not less than 20 minutes. Doing such pause, it is worth drinking a tea cup with honey and to walk on fresh air a little.

As for coffee, physicians advise office workers to take this drink in moderate quantities. But absolutely you should not refuse this drink unambiguously. The Japanese scientists, having made experiment, drew a conclusion that caffeine stimulates ability of eyes to produce tears that facilitates a condition of eyes during long sitting at the computer. This property of coffee gives the chance to protect itself from development of a so-called syndrome of "a dry eye" which very often occurs at office workers.

And the most useful drink researchers from Great Britain called tea which is ready from leaves of a coffee tree. This drink is not bitter as tea, and at the same time contains smaller amount of caffeine, than coffee from grains. Besides such drink contains many substances allowing to reduce risk of heart troubles and a diabetes mellitus. Some grades of coffee trees contain substance mangiferin which not only reduces contents in a cholesterol organism, but also protects brain neurons from harmful influence.

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