Oftan Katakhrom

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  • Latin name: Oftan Catachrom
  • ATH code: S01XA
  • Active ingredient: Nikotinamid + Adenosine + Tsitokhr With (Nicotinamide + Adenosine + Cytochrom C)
  • Producer: JSC Santen, Russia


Eye drops Oftan Katakhrom contain (on 1 ml): 20 mg of a nikotinamid, 0,675 mg of cytochrome C, 2 mg of adenosine + additional ingredients (sodium succinate hexahydrate, disubstituted 2-water sodium phosphate, water, chloride benzalkoniya, sorbite, monosubstituted sodium phosphate 2-water).

Release form

Drug is let out in bottles from plastic, with the dropper of 10 ml. Medicine – transparent red solution. In cardboard packaging there is one bottle.

Pharmacological action

Antiinflammatory, antioxidant, feeding.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The therapeutic effect of reception of drops is caused by set, the substances which are their part.

Cytochrome C neutralizes action of free radicals on an eye cornea. Substance also directly influences on kristallik eyes, reducing risk of developing of a cataract (inhibiting cytochrome oxydase enzyme synthesis). This component is split in an epithelium of a kristallik to gem-peptide.

Adenosine expands vessels and promotes recovery of normal microcirculation in an eye. Also outflow of toxins and saturation of blood is normalized by oxygen. Substance stops inflammatory process in a conjunctiva, a cornea and front departments of an eye, by stimulation of A2 receptors on a surface of cellular membranes. It should be noted that adenosine is one of fundamental elements in processes of the DNA updating and energy balance. Being a structural component of enzyme of a glutationreduktaza and NADF, this substance plays a role of the intermediary in the processes of recovery of glutathione happening in an eye kristallika.

Nikotinamid is a part of NADF and NAD – the main metabolites of a kristallik of an eye. It is supposed to reduce the speed of development of a cataract by increase in quantity of metabolites.

Because this drug malotoksichen it can be used as prevention and for suspension of a cataract. Duration of treatment has to make not less than half a year.

Medicine influences not only on kristallik. It is proved that means renders antiinflammatory, antioxidant, disinfecting and antibacterial action on an eye surface, it is capable to stop development of various infectious diseases in front department of eyes. Also drug well humidifies and takes off fatigue.

Cytochrome From system absorption is not exposed. Having got to an organism completely it is metabolized to bilirubin which is in turn removed with bile.

Adenosine has ability to get deeply into a cornea of an eye and will be distributed on all fabrics. In body tissues very quickly (in a couple of minutes) substance turns into inosine, urate and xanthine which are removed through kidneys.

Nikotinamid is quickly soaked up, the part him is metabolized to niacin, and then to N-metilnikotinamida. Both connections are removed by kidneys.

Indications to use

Drops are appointed for prevention and treatment of a cataract of various origin.


Reception of means is contraindicated at an allergy on any of drug components, to children and teenagers (persons, are younger than 18 years).

Side effects

Right after an instillation tingling in eyes can bake or be felt.

Are possible:

Very seldom can be observed:

  • nausea, loss of consciousness, asthma;
  • pressure decline, inflow, feeling of heat, weakness.

Eye drops Oftan Katakhrom, instruction (way and dosage)

Drug is used exclusively locally.

Before use the cover of a bottle should be turned, at the same time pressing down, to open a bottle.

It is necessary to remove carefully a lower eyelid, to look up and to dig medicine under a lower eyelid.

According to the application instruction, appoint 1-2 drops, 3 times a day.

Reception duration usually is defined by the attending physician. The course of treatment has to be not less than 6 months.


Cases of overdose are not registered.

Thanks to insignificant system absorption and fast removal of means, at its ophthalmologic use overdose is improbable.

If accidentally medicine was taken inside, it is necessary to carry out symptomatic therapy.


Medicinal interaction of drug does not happen to other means or was not observed.

It is necessary to observe a 15-minute break between use of various ophthalmologic means.

Terms of sale

According to the recipe.

Storage conditions

It is necessary to store a bottle at a temperature from 8 to 15 degrees.

Period of validity

3 years. After the first opening of a bottle, the period of validity is reduced to 30 days.

Special instructions

Before use of drops it is necessary to remove contact lenses and not to dress them within 15 minutes in order to avoid chloride penetration a benzalkoniya in a lens.

Medicine is not intended for intake or as injections.

Patients with glaucoma cannot use drug.

In order to avoid pollution of a tip of a bottle they cannot touch skin or a mucous membrane of an eye.

After reception of means perhaps short-term misting in eyes.


The most widespread analogs: Artelak, Vidisik, Artificial tears, Kvinaks, Lipoflavon, Okoferon, Oftagel, Oftalmosol, Restasis, Solkoseril, Taufon, Tiotriazolin, Zhetrea, Potassium Iodide, Korneregel, Optiv, Sikapos.

Drugstore of IFC

  • Oftan Katakhrom of a hl drop. 10 ml, Santenfinlyandiya
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  • Oftan katakhromsanten (Finland)


  • Oftan of Katakhry 10 ml of a drop glazn.santen (Finland)
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