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  • Latin name: Oxaliplatin medac
  • ATH code: L01XA03
  • Active ingredient: Oksaliplatin (Oxaliplatin)
  • Producer: Medac (Germany)


The main substance oksaliplatin is a part of lyophilisate for preparation of infusion solution.

Additional component: lactoses monohydrate.

Release form

Oksaliplatin in the form of lyophilisate for preparation of the infusion solution packaged on 50, 100 or 150 mg in a glass bottle is issued.

Pharmacological action

Oksaliplatin possesses cytostatic and antineoplastic action.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The antineoplastic, cytostatic, alkylating and immunodepressive effect is characteristic of this drug. During treatment there is biotransformation at which the water derivatives capable to interact with threads of DNA and breaking its synthesis are formed. At the same time the wide range of cytotoxicity, and also the antineoplastic activity directed to various models of tumors, for example, steady against Cisplatinum is shown. Emergence of cross resistance with other derivatives of platinum is noted.

As a result of a metabolism the active metabolites capable to be distributed quickly in fabrics are formed. Removal of drug happens mainly by means of kidneys.

Indications to use

Drug Oksaliplatin Medak is appointed at:

  • adjuvant treatment of a colorectal cancer at the III stage, after carrying out a resection of primary tumor, in combination with ftoruratsily or foliniyevy acid;
  • the disseminated colorectal cancer as mono - or a combination therapy with ftoruratsily or foliniyevy acid;
  • cancer of ovaries in the form of the 2nd line of treatment.


Drug is not recommended for appointment at:

  • hypersensitivity;
  • miyelosupressiya;
  • peripheral touch neuropathy;
  • the expressed disturbance of functions of kidneys;
  • lactations, pregnancies.

Side effects

At treatment by Oksaliplatin the most different side effects mentioning the main systems of an organism can develop: cardiovascular, nervous, respiratory, digestive and so on.

It can be followed by such symptoms as: loss of appetite, vomiting, nausea, gastrointestinal tract bleedings, diarrhea, disturbances of work of a liver, general weakness, drowsiness, headache, spasms, miyelodepressiya, bleedings and hemorrhages.

Also manifestations are not excluded: hyperthermia, various infections, rash, pneumosclerosis, infiltration of lungs, disturbance of sexual function, embriotoxity and so on.

Oksaliplatin, application instruction (Way and dosage)

The drug is administered intravenously 2-6 hour infusions. At the same time overhydratation is not required. Similar treatment is appointed only to adult patients.

It is necessary to apply drug solution right after preparation.

When treatment is appointed in combination with 5-ftoruratsily, at first enter Oksaliplatin's infusion.

Treatment of a colorectal cancer assumes use of 85 mg once in 2 weeks in mono - or a combination therapy. The therapeutic course makes 12 cycles.

Only the specialist can accept the decision on correction of treatment, repeated therapy and other questions, considering toxicity degree of manifestation, complexity of a disease and feature of an organism of the patient.


In cases of overdose strengthening of the symptoms relating to side effects is possible.

At the same time carry out a full symptomatic treatment and if it is necessary, carry out transfusion of components of blood, appoint antibiotics of a broad spectrum of activity. Together with it control of the vital functions is required.


Simultaneous use of this drug with aluminum salts, solutions of salts with the content of chlorides and other drugs to similar infusional system as it considerably reduces efficiency of treatment is not allowed.

Oksaliplatin is capable to weaken effect of immunization by the inactivated vaccines and containing live viruses replication of a virus and undesirable actions of vaccination amplifies.

Strengthening of neurotoxic effect of other antineoplastic drugs, the miyelosupressiya induced by miyelotoksichny means and radiation therapy is also noted.

Use in a combination with some antineoplastic drugs, for example, 5-ftoruratsily is allowed.

Terms of sale

According to the recipe.

Storage conditions

Drug needs to be stored in the dark place which is reliably protected from children at the room temperature.

Period of validity

4 years.

Oksaliplatin's analogs

Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Possess similar action: Oksatera, Oxythane, Plaksat, Platikad, Oksiplat, Ekzorum, Teksalok, Eloksatin.

About Oksaliplatin

The problem of oncology is one of the most acute therefore discussions of such illness and the drugs helping to get rid of it meet in a network quite often. At the same time About Oksaliplatin both patients, and doctors leave.

Unfortunately, that drug ambiguously influences various patients there is nothing surprising therefore all people differently treat such treatment. But nevertheless most of users report that they appointed by it Oksaliplatin 150 mg and therapy was quite highly effective. Many patients after course treatment begin to feel better.

Thus, this drug is efficient at treatment of cancer patients. At the same time it is necessary to remember that except the main treatment patients often need an additional maintenance therapy. Therefore it is necessary to carry out all appointments of the specialist precisely. As for treatment perspective, such question should be discussed with the attending physician as each case differs in the identity.


  • Oksaliplatin-Tev a concentrate for preparation of solution 5mgml 10 of ml No. 1 flakonteva Pharmaceutical
  • Oksaliplatin-Tev a concentrate for preparation of solution 5mgml 20 of ml No. 1 flakonteva Pharmaceutical
  • Oksaliplatin medak lyophilisate for solution 100 of mg No. 1 flakonmedac
  • Oksaliplatin medak lyophilisate for solution 50 of mg No. 1 flakonmedac
  • Oksaliplatin medak lyophilisate for solution 150 of mg No. 1 flakonmedac

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  • Oksaliplatin-Evebe lyophilisate for infusions of 100 mg fl No. 1, Ebeweavstriya
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  • Oksaliplatin
  • Oksaliplatin
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