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  • Latin name: Oxybral
  • ATH code: C04AX07
  • Active ingredient: Vincaminum (Vincamine)
  • Producer: Glaksosmitklyayn S.A.E., Egypt


1 capsule includes 30 mg of Vincaminum – active ingredient.

Additional ingredients:

  • sugar balls;
  • methacrylic acid polymer;
  • lactose;
  • shellac;
  • talc;
  • polyvinylpirrolidone;
  • indigo carmine;
  • gelatin.

Release form

Medicine Oksibral is issued in the form of capsules on 20 pieces in packaging.

Pharmacological action

Spasmolytic, hypotensive, sedative.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Vincaminum possesses the selection vazoreguliruyushchy impact on processes of blood circulation in a brain, adapting system of blood supply of a brain to its metabolic needs in this or that situation. Drug promotes improvement of a brain metabolism by means of increase in oxidation of glucose, thereby increasing formation of energy and improving the general activity of an organism. Increases intake of oxygen in the neurons suffering from its shortcoming lowers and regulates soprotivlyaemy ability of brain vessels. Vincaminum shows unique ability to improvement of delivery of oxygen to neurons and ordering of cerebral circulation. Oksibral differs in good tolerance, does not show hematologic and biological toxicity and does not reveal side effects from a liver and/or kidneys. Various impact of Vincaminum on brain functional activity, does it by very perspective means in the direction of stimulation of intellectual opportunities of the person.

In case of oral administration Vincaminum is quickly absorbed in a gastrointestinal tract. 64% possess ability of linkng with proteins of plasma. Т½ — 60–90 minutes. The hepatic metabolism occurs almost completely. Only about 4-6% of Vincaminum in not changed look are removed by kidneys.

Indications to use

Medicine Oksibral is recommended for use at various disturbances of functionality of a brain, for the purpose of maintenance and regulation of its activity:

  • at memory impairment;
  • at a diabetic angiopatiya;
  • at concoction disturbances;
  • at atherosclerotic damage of vascular system of a brain;
  • at hypertensive encephalopathy;
  • at posttraumatic disturbances after the postponed craniocereberal injury;
  • at cerebral disturbances because of development of ischemia of a brain;
  • at the morbid conditions caused by an acute disorder of blood circulation of a brain;
  • at complications of function of sight and/or hearing of vascular genesis;
  • at disturbances of the emotional sphere, temporary and space orientation owing to different disturbances of mentality;
  • for adaptation and normalization of system of cerebral blood circulation of a brain to his metabolic requirements.


  • brain tumors;
  • the pathologies proceeding with increases of intracranial pressure;
  • acute stroke;
  • disturbances of a cordial rhythm;
  • spasms;
  • hypocalcemia or hypopotassemia;
  • breastfeeding;
  • pregnancy;
  • children's age;
  • hypersensitivity to Vincaminum or other ingredient of drug.

Side effects

Application instruction of Oksibral

Usually the instruction on Oksibral recommends oral administration of 2 capsules in days, for adult patients.

The therapy duration, as well as dosage, can be different, depending on indications and weight of a state. As a rule, treatment by Oksibral takes not less than 2 months and can be prolonged about one year, at cerebral disturbances.


In case of overdose by Oksibral recommend carrying out a symptomatic treatment, at ECG monitoring, careful clinical supervision and if necessary, with support of the vital systems of an organism.


At Oksibral's reception, effects of antihypertensives and antiagregant amplify.

Terms of sale

Oksibral is released from drugstores on presentation of the recipe.

Storage conditions

Storage temperature Oksibrala should not exceed 30 °C.

Period of validity

36 months.

Special instructions

At a hypopotassemia and pathologies which are followed by increase in an interval of QT, do not recommend to apply Oksibral, because of possible complications of a rhythm of ventricles.

In cases of reception of Vincaminum by the patients suffering from heart diseases purpose of its minimum doses at a constant control and ECG monitoring is necessary.

When carrying out prolonged treatment with Oksibral's use it is necessary to monitor function of a liver.

Because of contents in capsules of lactose and sugar it is necessary to refuse their reception at intolerance of lactose galactose.

Oksibral's analogs

Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

In that case when for any reasons there is no opportunity to accept this drug, can offer you Oksibral's analogs among which tablets are the most widespread: Cavintonum, Enelbin, Dibazolum, Vinpocetine, Cinnarizine, Stugeronum, etc.


  • Oksibral of 30 mg No. 20 kaps.prolong.glaxo Wellcome Egypt (Egypt)
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Section: For a nervous system
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