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  • Latin name: Octolipen
  • ATH code: A16AX01
  • Active ingredient: Thioctic acid (Acidum thiocticum)
  • Producer: Pharmstandard-UFAVITA (Russia)


Active agent of drug – thioctic acid (α-lipoic acid acid).

Auxiliary components in capsules and tablets: hydrophosphate calcium dihydrate, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide colloid, gelatin medical, quinolinic yellow E 104, titanium E 171 dioxide, dye sunset yellow E 110.

Auxiliary components in a concentrate for preparation of solution for infusions: ethylene diamine, water for injections, dinatrium edetat.

Release form

Oktolipen is issued in the capsules and tablets covered film covers. One more form of release — a concentrate for preparation of solution for infusions.

Pharmacological action

Neurotyre-tread, hypoglycemic, gipokholesterinemichesky, gepatoprotektorny and hypolipidemic means.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The main active ingredient of drug is endogenous antioxidant.

Thioctic acid reduces the level of concentration of glucose in blood, promotes overcoming of an insulinorezistentnost, and also increases the maintenance of a glycogen in a liver. It is close on nature of action to vitamins of group B. Takes part in lipidic and carbohydrate metabolism, improves work of a liver, activates a cholesterol exchange.

Besides, thioctic acid works as gepatoprotektorny, gipokholesterinemichesky, hypolipidemic and hypoglycemic means. It improves a trophicity of neurons, reduces display of alcoholic and diabetic polyneuropathy, activates axonal conductivity.

The concentrate for preparation of solution at internal introduction reaches the maximum concentration — 25-38 mkg/ml. Distribution volume — about 450 ml/kg.

Capsules and tablets at intake are soaked up for a short time. If to use during food, absorption decreases. Bioavailability makes 30-60%. The maximum concentration in blood is reached in 25-60 minutes.

It is not dependent on a dosage form drug is processed in a liver by means of a konjyugirovaniye and oxidation of a side chain. It is brought through kidneys approximately to 80-90%. Semi-removal time – 20-50 minutes.

Indications to Oktolipen's use

Indications to Oktolipen's use in the form of capsules on 300 and 600 mg:

  • polyneuropathy of diabetic genesis;
  • polyneuropathy of alcoholic genesis.

Indications to Oktolipen's use in the form of solution for infusions on 12 and 25 mg:


Contraindications to the drug use the following:

  • hypersensitivity to medicine components;
  • pregnancy;
  • lactation period;
  • children's age.

Side effects

At use of this medicine there can be following side effects:

  • emergence of allergic reactions (even the acute anaphylaxis is possible);
  • from a digestive tract nausea, heartburn, vomiting is possible;
  • hypoglycemia symptoms.

Oktolipen – the application instruction

For those to whom appointed capsules or tablets Oktolipen the application instruction provides reception in the morning on an empty stomach for half an hour to food of a daily dose. The simultaneous use of food reduces efficiency of drug. Also it is not recommended to chew and crush tablets and capsules.

Day dose which is provided by the application instruction of Oktolipen – 600 mg (1 tablet or 2 capsules). However duration of a course and a final dosage are determined by the doctor.

For increase of efficiency of medicine in certain cases the first 2-4 weeks appoint use of a concentrate for preparation of infusions, after that in standard doses apply capsules or tablets.

For preparation of solution 1-2 ampoules which dissolve 0,9% of solution of sodium of chloride in 50-250 ml are used. After preparation it is entered intravenously kapelno. A standard dose – 300-600 mg a day.

Drug is sensitive to light therefore ampoules should be got only just before use. At this time it is also desirable to protect a bottle from hit of sunshine. The prepared solution needs to be stored in the place which is well protected from light not longer than 6 hours after preparation.


Because of overdose of medicine there can be a headache, vomiting and nausea. Symptomatic treatment.


Drug stimulates hypoglycemic effect of insulin and antidiabetic means which are accepted orally. For this reason at a combination of these medicines it is necessary to watch constantly the content of glucose in a blood plasma and to adjust a dosage of antidiabetic drugs if necessary.

Besides, it is necessary to observe a half-hour interval between Oktolipen's reception and dairy products, and also drugs with iron, calcium and magnesium. It is desirable to accept in that case Oktolipen in the morning, and means with iron, magnesium and calcium – in the evening. Besides, this medicine reduces action of Cisplatinum at the simultaneous use.

Oktolipen's efficiency reduces alcohol. So during a rate of this drug it is recommended to refrain from alcohol intake.

Thioctic acid also activates antiinflammatory properties of glucocorticosteroid means.

Terms of sale

It is released in drugstores strictly according to the recipe of the doctor.

Storage conditions

It is necessary to store drug in the dry, well protected from penetration of sunshine place not available to children. Storage temperature – 15-25 °C.

Period of validity

Term Oktolipen's storage – 2 years.

Oktolipen's analogs

In drugstores it is possible to get the following analogs of Oktolipen:

The most widespread of them is Neyrolipon.

About Oktolipena

About Oktolipena, as a rule, positive. Many patients note its explicit efficiency. Sometimes it is offered in drugstores in exchange to more expensive Berlition. At the same time say about Oktolipena that effect of drug is also effective, as well as its analog.


  • Oktolipen konts.dlya solution 30mgml preparations amp.10ml No. of a 10farmstandart-Ufavit of joint stock company
  • Oktolipen of 300 mg No. 30 of a kapsulyfarmstandart-Leksredstvo of joint stock company
  • Oktolipen of 600 mg No. 30 kapsulyfarmstandart-Tomskhimfarm joint stock company

Drugstore of IFC

  • Oktolipen kaps. 300 mg No. 30 * Pharmstandard-Leksredstva of joint stock company (Kursk) Russia
  • Oktolipen tbl p/pl/o 600 mg No. 30, Pharmstandard-Leksredstva of joint stock company (Kursk) Russia
  • Oktolipen konts. for inf 30 mg/ml 10 ml No. 10, Oaorossiya's Pharmstandard-Ufavita
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