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Antioxidant. It is actively applied in treatment of eye diseases. Luteinum forte are a part of Okuvayt: selenium, ascorbic acid, carotinoids (zeaxanthin and Luteinum), vitamin E, zinc. Carotinoids contain in fruits and sheet vegetables of a dark green color (spinach), and represent pigments of bright yellow color. Mineral complexes, vitamins C and E, carotinoids are important elements of system of protection of eyes against the damaging impact of oxidizing reactions. The macula lutea (makul) contains high concentration of zeaxanthin and Luteinum. McCool responds to sharpness of visual perception and the central sight. Use of Okuvayt of Luteinum slows down aging processes, strengthens immunity, improves visual perceptions. In a complex zeaxanthin and lyubtein create a macular pigment which is strong antioxidant, and also protects an eyeglobe from negative impact of blue color of a light range. Okuvayt forte contains minerals, carotinoids and vitamins which are not produced in a human body. Essential components arrive from the outside with food stuffs and special dietary additives. It is possible to buy Okuvayt Luteinum in the tableted look.


For prevention of disturbances of visual perception and protection of an eye appoint Okuvayt Luteinum forte. The application instruction recommends dietary supplement to elderly people for reduction in the rate of processes of aging and prevention of a vision disorder. Medicine is applied in complex therapy of the majority of diseases of eyes (dystrophic pathology of a retina, a cataract) as the means improving food of an eyeglobe. The lack of nutrients and oxygen is the cornerstone of diseases of eyes. Tablets of Okuvayt Luteinum are forte recommended for use to the smoking patients as the entering components level negative impact of nicotine on visual perception. The antioxidant effect of drug exerts positive impact not only on a condition of eyes, but also health in general, protecting from a negative impact of free radicals. The reason of a senilism and development of many diseases are free radicals.


Tablets of Okuvayt forte do not appoint Luteinum at hypersensitivity to Luteinum, ascorbic acid, vitamin E, zeaxanthin and other carotinoids.

Side effect, overdose:

Responses on drug indicate good tolerance of Okuvayt forte. Seldom allergic answers are registered. At reception of high doses of a medicine the hypervitaminosis signs stopped independently after the termination of reception of tablets are shown.

Route of administration:

Vitamins of Okuvayt accept Luteinum twice a day on 1 tablet after food. It is recommended to accept drug together with meal, rich with fats (creamy and vegetable oil) as carotinoids are well acquired at interaction with lipids. The term of treatment is determined by the doctor.

Special instructions:

Analogs of Okuvayt of Luteinum forte: Vitrum Vizhn, Striks, Bilberry Forte. Medicine can be appointed as an additional source of zinc, vitamin E, ascorbic acid, antioxidants, carotinoids. During treatment it is recommended to refrain from the excessive use of sweets, sugar, alcohol and fats of animal origin. The price of Okuvayt Luteinum Forte makes 500-700 rubles depending on the region.

Medicinal interaction:

Important pharmacological interactions of Okuvayt Luteinum are forte not registered.


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