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  • Latin name: Olfen
  • ATH code: M02AA15
  • Active ingredient: Diclofenac (Diclofenac)
  • Producer: Mepha, Lda. (Switzerland)


Olfen (Olfen) incorporates such active component as diclofenac.

Additional components: lactic acid, isopropyl alcohol, the hydroxyethylcellulose, water purified, diisopropyl adipate, sodium metabisulphite, hydroxypropyl cellulose.

Release form

Means is issued in the form of gel, a plaster and candles. More rare forms – a dragee, capsules, solution, tablets.

Pharmacological action

Medicine belongs to the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs intended for topical administration.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Gel Olfen is intended for external use. Active agent arrives through integuments and collects in fabrics in a site of application. In the presence of inflammations works as an anesthetic, reduces degree of manifestation of hypostases, accelerates recovery, cleans an inflammation, cools skin.

After drawing active agent is found in a blood plasma, a synovial membrane and synovial fluid.

Extent of communication of drug with proteins of a blood plasma – nearly 100%. Time of semi-removal from plasma – 60-120 minutes.

Plaster Olfen – means of long action (till 12 o'clock), its innovation form provides uniform release of active agent (diclofenac) on the chosen skin site. It also, as well as gel, gets to fabrics through an integument and reduces pain, a swelling and an inflammation. Besides, means has also the cooling effect that is of great importance at bruises, joint pains and spin, stretchings.

Other forms of production of drug also have antiinflammatory, febrifugal and analgeziruyushchy effect. They are effective at pains of the inflammatory nature.

Indications to use

This medicine is applied in need of a symptomatic treatment of pains, hypostases and inflammations at:

  • damages of soft tissues: injuries of muscles, sinews, joints, sheaves;
  • bursitis;
  • local forms of degenerative rheumatism;
  • you tendonit;
  • the localized forms of rheumatism of soft tissues;
  • humeral syndrome;
  • periartropatiya.


Medicine cannot be taken at:

Side effects

Collateral manifestations are noticeable mainly in the form of easy temporary skin reactions of local character. The allergy, pustular rashes, bronchial asthma, reactions of hypersensitivity and a photosensitivity, a Quincke's disease, an itch, burning of skin is seldom noted. Besides, are possible:

Application instruction Olfen (Way and dosage)

Gel is applied depending on the surface area of a site which needs to be processed. Usually apply 2-4 g of gel (about 1-2 cm) on 400–800 sq. cm of skin. Means is applied 3-4 times within a day. It is applied on the struck square, but not rubbed. The day dosage is no more than 15 g. The instruction on Olfen in the form of gel reports that it can be used along with other forms of this drug.

The course of use depends on individual indications and the reasons of therapy. Specialists recommend to check expediency of its continuation after two weeks.

But it is impossible to use gel longer than 14 days in a row at defeat of soft tissues or existence of rheumatic diseases of soft tissues. At the pain caused by arthritis, a course not longer than 21 days if the specialist did not appoint other.

If a week later the state did not become better, it is desirable to stop use of gel and to consult with the doctor.

If the plaster Olfen is used, the application instruction reports that it is necessary to paste it on a sick site 1-2 times a day. Skin where means is used, has to be pure and dry. It is impossible to grease it with cream previously. It is necessary to plaster, without stretching it. When using in mobile joints, for example, on elbows, it is desirable to strengthen it by means of a mesh bandage.

Before hygienic procedures the plaster can be removed, and then to paste repeatedly.

It is better to apply medicine in the form of tablets on 25 mg of usual duration of action to children of 6-12 years. A day dosage – 2 mg/kg. In the presence of a juvenile pseudorheumatism it can be raised for 1 mg/kg. A pill is taken entirely, to food, not chewing, washed down with water.

Pill of the prolonged action are taken on 100 mg of times a day. In the presence of a dysmenorrhea and attacks of migraine about 200 mg a day are appointed.

In the form intended for internal introduction, the maximum day dosage of drug – 150 mg. Before introduction it is necessary to part means in 100-500 ml of 0,9% of solution of salt or 5% of solution of a dextrose, before having added solution of Natrii hydrocarbonas of 1 ml of 4,2% of solution or 0,5 ml of 8,4%. Depending on pain infusion is carried out for 30-180 minutes. For prevention of postoperative pains medicine enter in 15-60 minutes in a dosage 25-50 mg. Further infusion is carried out with a speed of 5 mg/h, the maximum day dosage (150 mg) will not be reached yet.

Also intramuscular administration of drug (single on 150 mg) for the purpose of therapy of acute states or preventing to an exacerbation of a chronic disease is admissible. Then treatment is continued by Olfen's reception in the forms intended for oral administration. Maximum day dosage still 150 mg.

Candles Olfen apply rektalno in a dosage 100 mg at initial signs of an attack of migraine. If it is necessary, enter the same dose repeatedly.


About overdose cases by this means it was not reported. At use of drug in the raised doses there can be system side reactions. In this case it is necessary to take the appropriate measures, as in case of NPVP intoxication for oral use.


Olfen increases the content in plasma of the Methotrexate, drugs of lithium, Digoxin and Cyclosporine. Besides, it promotes reduction of efficiency of diuretics, against anticoagulants, thrombolytic and antiagregantny drugs increases risk of emergence of bleedings. At interaction with kaliysberegayushchy diuretics increases probability of emergence of a hyperpotassemia. Reduces effect of hypotensive, hypoglycemic and somnolent drugs. Raises a possibility of emergence of side reactions of other NPVP and GKS (in especially frequent cases – bleedings from a gastrointestinal tract). Besides, increases toxicity of the Methotrexate and nephrotoxicity of Cyclosporine.

The drug combination to Paracetamol does more probable development of nefrotoksichny effects of active agent of Olfen. At interaction with ethanol, Corticotropin, Colchicine and means which contain a St. John's Wort the risk of bleedings in a gastrointestinal tract increases. The medicines leading to a photosensitization increase the sensibilizing effect of active agent of Olfen to an ultraviolet. Drugs blockers of canalicular secretion increase the content of diclofenac in plasma therefore corrections of its dosages are necessary.

Terms of sale

Means is released without recipe.

Storage conditions

Optimum temperature for storage of drug to 25 °C.

Period of validity

The plaster can be used for 4 months from the date of opening of packaging and 6 months at storage in the refrigerator.

Gel and candles are stored till 3 flyings.


About a plaster Olfen and other dosage forms of this means mainly positive. People note convenience of its use and efficiency of action.

Olfen's price where to buy

Olfen's price in many respects depends on a release form. Gel can be met often in the Ukrainian drugstores. In tubas on 50 g it costs about 70 hryvnias, and in tubas on 20 g – about 50 hryvnias.

Besides, a popular form of drug is the plaster. It is also sold mainly in Ukraine. The plaster price Olfen — about 85 hryvnias. It is possible to buy a plaster in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine practically in any drugstore.


  • Olfen gel of 1% of a tube 50gmefa (Switzerland)
  • Olfen SR depokaps. 100 mg No. 20mefa (Switzerland)
  • Olfen laktab tablets 50 of mg No. 20mefa (Switzerland)
  • Olfen rectal capsules 100 mg No. 5mefa (Switzerland)
  • Olfenmerckle (Germany)


  • Olfen SR depokaps. 100 mg No. 20mefa
  • Olfen SR depokaps. 100 mg No. 20mefa
  • Olfen SR depokaps. 100 mg No. 20mefa
  • Olfen SR depokaps. 100 mg No. 20mefa
  • Olfen SR depokaps. 100 mg No. 20mefa


  • Taylolfen of jotas No. 12 por.d / solution for reception vnutrnobet Ilach Sanai ve A.Sh. (Turkey) tidzhart
  • Olfen SR Depokaps of 100 mg No. 20 kaps.zamedl.vysvob.mepha (Switzerland)
  • Olfen of 140 mg No. 2 plaster of transdermas.
  • Olfen Laktab of 50 mg No. 20 tabl.p.o.mepha (Switzerland)
  • Olfen-Rektokaps 100 mg No. 5 kaps.rekt. R.P.Sherer Gmbh, Germany for Mefa Ltd (Germany)
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