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  • Latin name: Omacor
  • ATH code: C10AX06
  • Active ingredient: Omegas-3-triglycerides
  • Producer: Abbott Products GmbH (Germany)


1 capsule of Omakor includes 1000 mg of ethyl ether of omegas-3-acids from which 46% 4 mg of α-tocopherol fall to the share of EPK (eykozapentayenovy acid) and 38% for DGK share (dokozageksayenovy acid), and also..........

Cover: 293 mg of gelatin, 135 mg of a glitserol, the purified water.

Release form

Medicine Omakor is made in the form of capsules, No. 28 or No. 100 in the polyethylene bottles placed in a cardboard pack.

Pharmacological action


Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Omakor is hypolipidemic medical drug which active ingredients belong to the class of omegas-3-polyunsaturated fatty acids (eykozapentayenovy and dokozageksayenovy) and represent irreplaceable (essential) fatty acids.

Omakor's use promotes reduction of level of triglycerides as a result of decrease in maintenance of LPONP, and also to reduction of synthesis of A2 thromboxane and some lengthening of time of coagulability of blood that is expressed in its active influence on the ABP and a hemostasis. Essential impact of drug on other factors of coagulability of blood was not noted.

Due to oppression of etherification of EPK and DGK the delay of synthesis of hepatic triglycerides, leading to lowering of their concentration that in turn promotes increase of β-oxidation of fatty acids of peroxisomas (decrease in number of the free fatty acids suitable for synthesis of triglycerides) is observed. Suppression of processes of this synthesis favors to reduction of the LPONP level. At some patients suffering from a gipertriglitseridemiya, therapy using Omakor leads to increase of content of LPNP cholesterol, at the same time increase in the LPVP levels is minimum and considerably smaller in comparison with treatment of a fibratama.

Duration of hypolipidemic efficiency of a remedy Omakor on a period more than 12 months it was not studied. Parameters of researches do not provide convincing proofs of reduction of risk of forming of an ischemic heart disease at decrease in concentration of triglycerides.

By results of the conducted clinical trials oral daily administration of 1000 mg of Omakor for 3,5 flyings led to considerable reduction of the integrated negative indicator including a stroke, a myocardial infarction and cumulative mortality of patients from all reasons.

In process, and also after absorption of omegas-3-fatty acids in a small intestine, observed 3 main ways of their metabolic transformations:

  • initial delivery of fatty acids in a liver where there is their inclusion in structure of various groups of lipoproteids and the redirection to peripheral lipidic stocks;
  • replacement of phospholipids of cellular membranes by phospholipids of lipoproteids and further functioning of fatty acids as predecessors of various eicosanoids;
  • oxidation of bigger amount of fatty acids for completion of energy demands.

The maintenance of a class of omegas-3-fatty acids (EPK and DGK) in plasma fosfoyalipida corresponds to their level noted in cellular membranes.

Indications to use

Indications to use of medicine Omakor include:

  • secondary prevention of the diagnosed myocardial infarction (in complex treatment with other standard medicamentous means in such cases: APF inhibitors, antiagregant, statines, beta adrenoblockers;
  • endogenous gipertriglitseridemiya, as addition to a dietotherapy in case of its small efficiency: in monotherapy at the IV type of a disease and in a combination to statines at IIb/III pathology type (when concentration of triglycerides remains at the high level).


Omakor's appointment is inadmissible at:

  • pregnancies;
  • personal hypersensitivity to omegas-3-triglycerides;
  • feeding by a breast;
  • exogenous gipertriglitseridemiya (I type of a hyper chylomicronemia).

Omakor's use with care is allowed at:

  • parallel reception of peroral anticoagulants and fibrat;
  • the expressed pathologies of hepatic function;
  • carrying out surgeries and treatment of severe injuries (in connection with a possibility of increase in duration of bleeding);
  • aged till 18 years (for the reason until the end of not found out safety of such therapy and its efficiency), and also at advanced age (after 70 years).

Side effects

During therapy by Omakor, with various frequency of manifestation it is (most often rare), noted:

During researches very seldom observed:

  • increase of maintenance of a lactate dehydrogenase and leukocytes blood;
  • moderate increase in levels of transaminases (ALT, nuclear heating plant).

In isolated cases fixed:

  • increase of need of the patient for insulin;
  • increase in activity of enzymes of a liver;
  • phenomena of skin rash;
  • formation of pink eels;
  • redness/erythema;
  • developing of urticaria around a thorax, shoulders and a neck;
  • muscular pains;
  • increase of content in kreatinfosfokinaza blood;
  • increase in weight.

Omakor, application instruction (Way and dosage)

The application instruction of Omakor recommends reception of capsules of drug peroral (inside) in parallel with meal.

For the purpose of secondary prevention of the diagnosed myocardial infarction daily reception of the 1st capsule of drug throughout time determined by the doctor is shown (depending on a situation).

At a gipertriglitseridemiya initially recommend to accept 2 capsules at 24 o'clock, with a possibility of increase in a daily dosage to the widow (4 capsules). Duration of administration of drug is established by the attending physician.


In case of reception of a large number of capsules by-effects or aggravation inherent in drug of already noted negative effects can be observed.

The carried-out treatment of such states has to correspond to the monitored overdose symptomatology.


Parallel reception of Omakor and fibrat is not recommended.

Omakor's use in combination with Warfarin did not lead to emergence of any hemorrhagic negative phenomena. However in case of a combination of these medicines or the termination of therapy by Omakor it is necessary to trace an indicator of a prothrombin time.

Joint appointment with peroral anticoagulants increases risk of developing of bleedings and their duration.

Terms of sale

Omakor treats prescription remedies.

Storage conditions

The maximum temperature indicator of storage of capsules should not exceed 25 °C.

Period of validity

3 years from the moment of production.

Special instructions

Because of moderate increase in duration of possible bleeding in the dosing mode 4 capsules of Omakor a day should be watched the patients who are on anticoagulating therapy, and in case of need to carry out correction of dosages of anticoagulants. This recommendation does not exclude carrying out for such patients of necessary control of other indicators.

It is necessary to take in attention lengthening of time of possible bleedings from patients with high risk of emergence of hemorrhages (including carrying out surgeries or existence of severe injuries).

The existing research experience of an endogenous secondary gipertriglitseridemiya (especially concerning an uncontrollable diabetes mellitus) is extremely limited. There is no clinical practice of use of Omakor for treatment of a gipertriglitseridemiya at a concomitant use of fibrat.

When carrying out treatment with Omakor's use allow moderate increase in activity of transaminases of a liver.

In case of the disturbance of hepatic function diagnosed for the patient (in particular at 4-fold daily reception of capsules) it is regularly required to trace functionality of a liver (to control the ALT and ACT levels).

Authentic data on Omakor's effects in children's (till 18 years) and elderly (after 70 years) age, and also concerning patients with liver pathologies, do not exist.

At observed renal pathologies of correction of the dosing mode it is not required.

Omakor's analogs

Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Analogs of this drug are:

The price of analogs of Omakor fluctuates in quite wide limits and depends on a set of cumulative factors of pricing of this or that medical drug (including the producer, quantity of medicinal units, a release form and so forth). For example, 60 capsules Vitrum Kardio an omega-3 can be bought on average for 1100 rubles, and 60 tablets of Tribestan — for 2000 rubles.


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