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  • Latin name: Omez Insta
  • ATH code: A02BC01
  • Active ingredient: Omeprazol (Omeprazole)
  • Producer: Dr. Reddy´s Laboratories Ltd. (India)


For suspension preparation Omez Insta is a part of powder active ingredient omeprazol, and also auxiliary ingredients ksilitol, Natrii hydrocarbonas, a sukraloza, sucrose, xanthane gum, mint fragrance.

Release form

Omez Insta is made in the form of the whitish powder having the expressed mint smell. Powder holds in the bags made of the combined material. 5, 10, 20, 30 packages are put in a cardboard pack.

Pharmacological action

Omeprazol reduces the level of products of acid in an organism, blocking the last stage of secretion of hydrochloric acid. Under the influence of substance basal and stimulated secretion of acid, regardless of that factor which stimulated these processes is inhibited. As a result, heartburn symptoms after reception of means disappear in 30 minutes.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The inhibition of 50% of the greatest secretion of hydrochloric acid lasts for 24 hours.

If the patient takes this medicine of one times a day, then night and day secretion are oppressed quickly and effectively. The most expressed effect is observed in four days after the beginning of therapy, disappears approximately in 3-4 days after completion of treatment.

It is soaked up quickly, the greatest concentration is observed 30 minutes later, bioavailability — about 30-40%. The elimination half-life equals 0,5–1 h.

Substance is almost up to the end metabolized in a liver. Out of an organism it is brought through kidneys (the main part, about 80%) and with bile.

Indications to use

Omez Insta is appointed to patients at such states and diseases:

  • GERB (not erosive and erosive forms);
  • heartburn attacks, and also other symptoms of GERB;
  • NPVS-gastropathy;
  • peptic ulcer (it is applied to prevention of recurrence);
  • Helicobacter pylori eradikation at the people suffering from a peptic ulcer (as a part of the combined treatment);
  • hyper secretory states.


It is not necessary to accept means at such states and diseases:

It is impossible to apply Omez Insta along with Nelfinavir and Atazanavir.

Cure for a liver and renal failure is carefully applied.

Side effects

Seldom at reception drug there are some side effects:

  • Thrombocytopenia, leukopenia, seldom or never can develop an agranulocytosis, a pancytopenia.
  • Lock, diarrhea, abdominal pains, meteorism, vomiting, manifestation of dryness in a mouth, stomatitis is in rare instances possible, encephalopathy very seldom develops.
  • Headaches, in rare instances – drowsiness, dizziness, taste disturbance.
  • Sleeplessness, in rare instances — a depression, confusion of consciousness, a hallucination.
  • Vertigo, in rare instances — a sight illegibility.
  • Mialgiya, an arthralgia, in rare instances – weakness of muscles.
  • Skin itch, dermatitis, the small tortoiseshell, in rare instances – a photosensitization, an alopecia.
  • Hyponatremia, in rare instances — a hypomagnesiemia.
  • Manifestation of reactions of high sensitivity is possible.
  • Manifestation of an indisposition, bronchospasm is possible.

Application instruction Omez Insta (Way and dosage)

The application instruction Omez Insta provides administration of drug approximately in 30 minutes before food. Powder from a package needs to be poured out in capacity, to add to it a little water (1-2 tablespoons), to mix that homogeneous suspension turned out and to drink at once after preparation. It is possible to wash down with water.

To remove a heartburn attack, it is enough to accept once of 20 mg of drug.

Treatment of GERB (not erosive form): in day on 20 mg, therapy — 4 weeks.

Treatment of GERB (erosive form): a day 2 times on 20 mg, therapy — 4-8 weeks.

For the purpose of the prevention of an aggravation a reflux esophagitis – in day on 20 mg, duration of such therapy is established in an individual order.

Peptic ulcer: in day on 20 mg, therapy — 4-8 weeks.

Peptic ulcer (prevention), hyper secretory states: in day on 20 mg to accept in the mornings, therapy — 4-8 weeks.

At therapy of a syndrome of Zollingera-Ellison selection of a dose is carried out individually, it is recommended to begin therapy process with 60 mg a day. If the dose higher than 80 mg is appointed, it needs to be divided into 2 times.

It is not necessary to adjust a dose for people of advanced age.


At overdose Omez Insta the following symptoms can develop: block, dizziness, drowsiness manifestations, a headache, arrhythmia, disturbances of consciousness, vomiting, dryness in a mouth, vision disorders. In that case it is necessary to wash out a stomach, to take a pill of absorbent carbon, to carry out a symptomatic treatment.


In view of the fact that at treatment omeprazoly acidity of a gastric juice decreases, absorption of other drugs can decrease or increase.

In particular, at simultaneous treatment absorption of an itrakonazol and ketokonazol decreases.

Omez increases digoxin absorption. At joint treatment reception of an omeprazol in a dose of 20 mg of 1 times a day increases bioavailability of digoxin by 10%.

At joint reception of Omez and anti-retrovirus HP (Nelfinavir, Atazanavir) concentration of the last in blood decreases.

At joint treatment omeprazoly and Sakvinaviry, concentration of the last in blood increases.

At simultaneous therapy by Omeprazol and Phenytoinum, Warfarin, Diazepam, Tsilostazol, other antagonists of vitamin K the metabolism of all listed drugs can decrease.

At treatment at the same time Phenytoinum and Omeprazol sometimes it is necessary to reduce Phenytoinum dose. It is necessary to control Phenytoinum level in plasma.

At treatment at the same time Omeprazoly and Takrolimusy Takrolimus's concentration in blood serum increases.

Joint treatment by Klaritromitsin, Vorikonazol and omeprazol can lead to growth of concentration of an omeprazol in blood.

At treatment at the same time Omeprazoly and Rifampicin, and also St. John's Wort drugs concentration of an omeprazol in blood decreases.

Terms of sale

Omez Insta it is possible to get according to the recipe of the doctor.

Storage conditions

It is necessary to protect medicine for moisture and light, to store at a temperature which is not exceeding 25 degrees.

Period of validity

Means period of validity — 2 years.

Special instructions

Before to begin treatment, it is necessary to exclude malignant diseases of a gastrointestinal tract as in the course of therapy symptoms of such diseases can mask.

It is possible to take medicine along with food.

At treatment by drug drowsiness and dizziness therefore it is necessary to drive carefully motor transport can develop and to perform other operations requiring attention.


Analogs Omez Insta are drugs with similar active ingredient: Gastrozol, Vero-Omeprazol, Zerotsid, Demeprazol, Omeprazol, Omezol, Omekaps, etc.


  • Omez Insta powder for suspension 20 of mg No. 5 paketikidr. Reddy's lab.
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  • Omez Insta of 5,9 g No. 5 por.d/susp. for reception vnutrdr. Reddy's Laboratories (India)
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