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  • Latin name: Opatanol
  • ATH code: S01GX09
  • Active ingredient: Olopatadin (Olopatadinum)
  • Producer: ALCON-COUVREUR, n.v. s.a. (Belgium)


Medicine contains an olopatadin a hydrochloride, and also the following additional components: a benzalkoniya chloride, the water purified sodium chloride, solution of chlorohydrogen acid (and/or hydroxide sodium), dinatrium phosphate dodecahydrate.

Release form

Drops are on sale in special bottles droppers from plastic which are placed in cardboard packs.

Pharmacological action

Opatanol is antiallergic medicine.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Medicine represents the selection inhibitor histamine H1 receptors which also interfere with release of mediators of an inflammation from mast cells. It has the expressed antiallergic properties.

At topical administration system absorption of drug quite low. The maximum concentration of active ingredient in plasma is observed in 2 hours. An elimination half-life in a blood plasma – 3 hours. Mainly, medicine is removed through kidneys. About 65% are brought in an invariable look.

Indications to use

Drops are applied at allergic conjunctivitis.


Drug cannot be used at special sensitivity to its components.

Side effects

At use of drug the following local reactions are possible: dacryagogue, a conjunctiva hyperemia, burning and pain, and also unpleasant feeling of a foreign body in eyes, an iritis, a keratitis, sight misting, a swelling a century.

Besides, such system manifestations as dizziness, weakness, pharyngitis, sinusitis, a headache, nausea, rhinitis, taste change are probable.

Application instruction of Opatanol (Way and dosage)

For those who use eye drops Opatanol the application instruction advises to stir up them before digging in. It is necessary to apply means every day on 2 times. The application instruction of Opatanol reports that the patient needs to dig in on one drop in a conjunctival sac.


At local use according to the instruction on drug overdose is improbable. If the excess quantity of medicine got into eyes, they should be washed out warm clear water.


Opatanol is compatible to other ophthalmologic means for topical administration. But the interval between their use – is not less than 5 minutes.

Terms of sale

Is on sale according to the recipe of the specialist.

Storage conditions

Medicine should be held in the place, unavailable to small children. Optimum temperature is 4-30 °C.

Period of validity

It is necessary to hold drug not longer than three years from the date of production. But after the bottle is open, it is necessary to store it not longer than month.

Opatanol's analogs

Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Analogs of eye drops Opatanol at which the ATC code 4 levels matches:

All analogs of Opatanol have the features of use therefore it is not recommended to use them without consultation with the specialist.

About Opatanole

About eye drops Opatanol it is possible to meet the most different. As a rule, means helps those who apply it. Patients note its fast action and efficiency. However is also negative About Opatanole to whom write that means did not help. Besides, carry its overstated cost to the negative moments.


  • Opatanol of 0,1% of a drop eye 5 ml bottle-kapelnitsaalcon-Couvreur

Drugstore of IFC

  • Opatanol of an eye. cap of 0.1% fl-cap of 5 ml, Alcon-Couvreurbelgiya
to show still


  • Opatanolalcon-Couvreur (Belgium)


  • Opatanol hot-smoked 1mg/ml 5 ml
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