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  • Latin name: Optix
  • ATH code: A11AB
  • Active ingredient: Luteinum + β-carotene + Zeaxanthin + Vitamin E + Vitamin C + Copper + Zinc (Luteus + Carotinum + Zeaxanthin + Alfa-tocopherol acetate + Acidum ascorbinicum + Cuprum + Zincum)
  • Producer: PAO Kiev vitamin plant (Ukraine)


Optiks: Luteinum, β-carotene, zeaxanthin, vitamin E, vitamin C, copper, zinc, calcium sulfate, microcrystallic cellulose, stearic acid, sodium of a kroskarmelloz, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide anhydrous colloid, gipromelloza, opadry II, monohydrate of lactose, titanium dioxide, polyethyleneglycol, aluminum varnishes.

Optiks-Forte: Luteinum, ethyl ethers omega-3 of acids, carotene, zeaxanthin, vitamin E, oil safflower, gelatin, corn oil, oxide red, glycerin, aerosil, titanium dioxide.

Release form

Optiks — tablets with a biconvex surface of a round form in a film cover in the blister on 10 tablets in cardboard packaging No. 30 and 60.

Optiks-Forte — gelatinous capsules in the blister in cardboard packaging No. 30 and 60.

Pharmacological action

Antioxidant, filling a vitamin deficiency and mineral substances.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics


Drug with the combined pharmacological action, contains vegetable carotinoids, vitamins and mineral substances. Effect of drug is caused by pharmacological properties of the active components which are a part. Has antioxidant effect, compensates for the deficiency of mineral substances and vitamins B an organism.

Luteinum and zeaxanthin — belong to group of carotinoids, contain in an eye retina macula lutea. Their action is caused high by antioxidant effect and ability to filter part of a light range. At administration of drug their concentration increases in tissues of an eye that normalizes function of the visual device a scotopia and serves as prevention of development of age processes of dysfunction and loss of sight.

Beta carotene is extremely important in processes creation of a pigment of rhodopsin which provides adaptation of an eye to conditions of low illumination.

Vitamin C — in drug interacts with antioxidant — the vitamin E protecting fabrics from the damaging action of free radicals. It is extremely important for sight function maintenance.

Copper and zinc catalyze effect of metalenzymes and preventing education of free radicals.


Data are not provided.

Indications to use

  • Completion of a vitamin deficiency and minerals at various diseases of eyes (a retinopathy, diseases of an optic nerve, a cataract);
  • Prevention of vision disorders and diseases of eyes at patients of the senior age group;
  • For improvement of sight and prevention of diseases of eyes during the work connected with high loads of an organ of sight (work on the computer, influence of UV rays); during the night work in the conditions of low illumination;
  • After ophthalmologic operations.


High sensitivity to drug, diseases of kidneys, thrombophlebitis, disturbance of an exchange of iron, a chronic glomerulonephritis, a hypervitaminosis of A and E, a thyrotoxicosis, reception of retinoids, age till 12 flyings.

To appoint with care, taking into account potential risk for a fruit during pregnancy, to patients with insufficiency of lactase and intolerance of a galactose, with cholelithic and an urolithiasis, chronic pancreatitis, acute nephrite, with tendency to a thrombogenesis.

Side effects

Side reactions meet seldom and are shown by local and general allergic reactions (an enanthesis, an itch, urticaria, an acute anaphylaxis, a hyperthermia, a bronchospasm), dizziness, a headache, nausea, vomiting, pain in epigastriums, diarrhea.

Optiks, application instruction (Way and dosage)

To take a pill of Optiks during meal or right after it. It is desirable to include the products containing vegetable fats in meal. For adults and children 12 years are more senior the daily dosage of drug makes 1 tablet, to accept throughout the long period (2–3 months). In the absence of lasting effect consultation of the ophthalmologist is necessary.


It is shown by symptomatology of a hypervitaminosis And, With, E, nausea, vomiting, pain in epigastric area, diarrhea, a meteorism, allergic reactions, a hyperexcitability.


Joint administration of drug with HP laxatives, Colestyraminum, orlistaty, kolestipoly reduces absorbability of carotinoids. Iron preparations and silver break vitamin E absorption process, vitamin C increases risk of emergence of side effect of sulfanamide drugs. It is not recommended to accept drug together with other polyvitaminic complexes because of risk of overdose.

Terms of sale

Non-prescription dispensing.

Storage conditions

At a temperature up to 25 °C.

Period of validity

24 months.


With similar therapeutic action treat drugs: Vitrum Forayz, Viziobalans Opti, Okyuvayt Luteinum Forte, Chernika-Forte, Vizio Balans, Striks, Vizioks Luteinum, Pro-Vizio, Vizivit and others.

About Optiks

About drug favorable.

"… Faced a problem of deterioration in sight in 3 years after the beginning of work in accounts department. There was a dryness of a cornea, eye pains began, visual acuity began to decrease. Addressed in the doctor, recommended to observe strictly a special operating mode at the computer, appointed liquid for softening of a cornea, vitamins for eyes of Optiks, and also advised to use in operating time points instead of lenses. In 2 months of a state improved, refused lenses in general and passed to glasses wearing. Optiks's use became regular (a course 1-2 months 2 - 3 times a year)".


  • Optiks tablets film coated No. 30 Kiev vitamin plant (Ukraine, Kiev)
  • Optiks60
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Education: Graduated from Sverdlovsk medical school (1968 - 1971) as "Paramedic". Graduated from the Donetsk medical institute (1975 - 1981) as "An epidemiologist, a hygienist". Passed postgraduate study in the Central scientific research institute of epidemiology Moscow (1986 - 1989). An academic degree – the candidate of medical sciences (degree is awarded in 1989, protection – the Central scientific research institute of epidemiology Moscow). Numerous advanced training courses are studied in epidemiology and infectious diseases.

Experience: Work as the manager of department of disinfection and sterilization of 1981 - 1992. Work as the manager of department of especially dangerous infections of 1992 - 2010. Teaching activity at Medical institute 2010 - 2013.

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