Omission of mammary glands (the drooped breast)

The woman with a beautiful and elastic bust feels attractive and young. When owing to influence of certain factors the breast begins to droop, women lose self-confidence, and sometimes and find serious complexes. There is an opinion that the most part of women is not happy with a form of the bust. The big drooped breast as small mammary glands are capable to keep an initial form longer meets more often.

How omission of mammary glands is shown?

Omission of mammary glands can be noted at the woman of any age. Most often the ptosis of mammary glands changes after pregnancy and childbirth, owing to long chest feeding.

Plastic surgeons who specialize in improvement of a shape of a female breast have own canons defining an ideal form of a bust. When carrying out the imagined line between two nipples and the same lines from each nipple to nadgrudinny cutting, the equilateral triangle which parties are equal on 21 cm as a result has to turn out. Nevertheless, in the presence of deviations in this or that party the breast of the woman can look good.

Omission of a breast is a gradual otvisaniye of mammary glands in the course of which there is stretching of skin and volume is lost. As a result, reduction of elasticity and decrease in elasticity of integuments is noted. Internal tissues of a mammary gland are displaced down, the contour looks sunk down. The mastoptosis is a natural sign of aging of the woman which expressiveness is influenced by a number of factors.

The ptosis needs to be distinguished from a tubular and asymmetric breast. External signs at such states are similar, but the reasons of manifestation of such symptoms differ.

In medicine several stages of omission of a breast are defined. If a condition of a mammary gland normal, the nipple and an areola are located at the level of the middle of a shoulder of the woman, at the same time her constitution and build do not matter.

Thus, the stage of omission is defined depending on that, the mamillar and areolar complex is located where exactly. At the first stage of a ptosis of mammary glands of pacifiers is located at the level of a submammarny fold or is lower than this fold on 1 centimeter. At the second stage the ptosis of pacifiers is located below from a fold on 1-3 cm. At the third stage this distance exceeds 3 cm. In some sources four extents of omission are defined.

Besides, cosmetologists define a condition of a so-called pseudoptosis. In this case the most part of a breast is lowered and is located below a submammarny fold, but the nipple and an areola are above this fold.

Even at good heredity at the woman process of gradual deterioration in a form of a bust is irreversible. For physical health this state does not pose threat. Nevertheless, women the drooped mammary glands cause feeling of the expressed discomfort in many. To distance the breast obvisaniye period, it is necessary to practice preventive measures. If the ptosis of a mammary gland already takes place, only surgical intervention, that is tightening effectively will allow to improve a state.

Why omission of mammary glands is shown?

Опущение груди у женщинThe drooped breast is a problem which disturbs women of different age in spite of the fact that the most often drooped small breasts and big mammary glands are noted at ladies of advanced age. Most often patients of plastic surgeons complain that at them strongly the breast drooped after weight loss, after appearance of the child and long natural feeding. Doctors allocate a number of the factors influencing process of change of a shape of a breast.

The size of mammary glands is important. It is noticed that women with the drooped breast of the big size address plastic surgeons much more often to learn what to do if the breast drooped. Respectively, the small drooped breast – the phenomenon characteristic of those who already reached solid age. At the women having small breasts, the natural shape of a mammary gland remains longer. It is easy to notice this difference even on a photo. Big mammary glands often fall as they are constantly influenced by gravity, and the copular device is not capable to keep so big weight.

The bust begins to change a form in process of process of natural aging. This process becomes more active during change hormonal odds in an organism in the period of a menopause.

Very often the woman finds serious complexes if the breast after the delivery drooped. Why after the delivery mammary glands change a form, explain the same changes of a hormonal background in a female organism. During the periods of essential hormonal fluctuations elasticity of sheaves is lost very intensively owing to what young mothers often note that after the delivery the breast drooped strongly.

Pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding – those factors which very often have significant effect on a shape of mammary glands. At the same time it is necessary to consider that the ptosis will be more expressed if the sizes of mammary glands before pregnancy and in the period of a lactation very strongly differ. At women who become pregnant at young age fabrics are more elastic therefore after the delivery and feedings the breast is recovered more actively, to what at those who gave birth to the child after thirty years. Also the breast will remain after the delivery more tightened if pectoral muscles are well trained and capable to support mammary glands above.

Sometimes there is a question of why the breast droops at girls who have no children yet. In that case the sharp set of weight or fast and essential weight loss can be the cause of this phenomenon. Specialists note what is most expressed change breast contours sharp fluctuations of weight in limits plus or minus of 20 kg.

Also to some extent the obvisaniye of a breast is connected with a hereditary factor.

In certain cases the mastoptosis is an effect of disturbance of a bearing or continuous long stay in static situation. For example, it can occur at women, regularly long working at the computer.

How to get rid of omission of mammary glands?

Не обвисшая грудь у девушкиToday the only effective method of return of a breast of beautiful forms is the surgery — a mastopexy. In the course of such intervention the part of skin which stretched is excised. Thanks to such procedure the bust rises and takes desirable shape.

Modern plastic surgeons practice two types of such operative measure. Periareolyarny tightening is an insignificant tightening which practices at the first extent of omission of mammary glands, and also at a pseudoptosis. After this procedure the hem is located around an areola therefore the rehabilitation period proceeds a smaller amount of time. Sometimes such operation is performed along with increase in a bust.

The second type of a mastopexy – vertical tightening. It will be out at the expressed omission of the second and third degree. After an operative measure the woman has hems around an areola and vertical – down to a fold.

Such intervention is carried out under the general anesthesia and takes more than two hours. Sometimes in the course of operation the doctor establishes chest implants to achieve more natural and expressed result.

In the first month after carrying out such operation the woman needs to wear a special compression bra which will allow to reduce expressiveness of hypostases. It is possible to estimate final result of an operative measure on the expiration of half a year. After operation the woman should look after correctly skin, not to allow sharp fluctuations of body weight. It is not necessary to use hormonal drugs.

If the woman plans pregnancy in the near future, it is better to postpone surgical lifting of a breast. Young mother whom interests why the breast after feeding drooped can address plastic surgeons who will define when it is worth performing operation. The answer to a question whether the breast droops after feeding, it will be possible to receive only after final completion of breastfeeding.

Правильная форма женской грудиThat the question of how to tighten the drooped breast, did not arise as long as possible, the woman needs to practice certain preventive measures in early age. It is simple to keep elasticity of mammary glands for the long period. Not to reflect whether it is possible to tighten the breast which drooped owing to influence of certain factors it is necessary to watch a bearing constantly. It will allow to keep pectoral muscles in a tone, will provide normal blood circulation. The big breast at the woman often droops if she constantly stoops as it provokes additional loading.

It is undesirable to lose weight sharply. At loss of fatty tissue mammary glands very quickly droop. The thin woman is able to afford to gain several kilograms to make a breast more attractive.

There are many exercises allowing to keep beautiful shape of a bust. Such exercises are directed to pectoral muscles and effectively support their tone. It is also important to play sports or to do daily exercises.

Perfectly water massage which can be made stimulates a tone, having directed a water stream to a breast. This procedure activates a blood flow, strengthens outflow of a lymph from fabrics.

It is worth paying attention to a condition of integuments also. It is desirable to do the regular nutritious and moistening masks for breast skin. For this purpose juice of fresh fruit, vegetables, sea salt will approach. Before overlaying of a mask it is necessary to wipe skin with vegetable oil.

Aging of skin accelerates under the influence of an ultraviolet. Therefore doctors categorically do not recommend to sunbathe without bra.

It is very important to select linen correctly. If the bra too free or too close, then afterwards a breast can prematurely droop. Correctly picked up bra has to support mammary glands from below, but not change their form.

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