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  • Latin name: Ornidazole
  • ATH code: J01XD03
  • Active ingredient: Ornidazol (Ornidazole)
  • Producer: Veropharm of joint stock company, Russia Berezovsky pharmaceutical plant, Russia


Active component is a part of drug: ornidazol.

Additional components: starch corn, povidone, MKTs, sodium carboxymethylstarch, magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide, oksipropilmetiltsellyuloz, talc and other.

Release form

Ornidazol in the form of tablets, solution for infusions and vaginal candles is issued.

Pharmacological action

This drug possesses antiprotozoan and antimicrobic action.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

This antiprotozoan and antimicrobic means is derivative 5 nitroimidazoles. Its action is directed to biochemical recovery 5 nitrogroups of an ornidazol, thanks to intracellular transport proteins of anaerobic microorganisms and some protozoa. As a result of recovery 5 nitrogroup of an ornidazol enter interaction with DNA cells of microorganisms, inhibits synthesis of nucleic acids, having pernicious effect on bacteria.

Thus, activity of drug is shown concerning a number of the known bacteria, strict anaerobes and gram-positive microorganisms. At the same time aerobic microorganisms do not possess sensitivity to Ornidazol.

Good absorption from a gastrointestinal tract, with bioavailability about 90% is characteristic of this antibiotic. Linkng with proteins of plasma makes 15%.

The metabolism occurs in a liver by a hydroxylation, the subsequent oxidation and a glyukuronirovaniye of drug. Its components are found in breast milk and fabrics, get through GEB and a placenta. Removal happens in metabolites as a part of urine and a calla, and part – in an invariable form.

Indications to use

Drug is appointed at:

  • trichomoniasis;
  • amebiasis, for example, amoebic dysentery, abenteric amebiasis;
  • lambliasis;
  • to prevention of the infections caused by anaerobic bacteria;
  • operations in the field of a colon;
  • treatment of gynecologic diseases.


Use of drug is not recommended at:

With care drug is appointed at treatment of diseases of a nervous system, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, diseases of a liver, alcoholism, at pregnancy.

Side effects

At treatment by Ornidazol there can be side effects in a look: drowsiness, headache, disturbance of work of a gastrointestinal tract, dizziness, tremor, muscle tension, spasms, fatigue, temporary loss of consciousness, allergic manifestations and so on.

Application instruction of Ornidazol (Way and dosage)

As the application instruction of Ornidazol reports, this drug is provided in several pharmacological forms. A pill is taken inside, it is desirable after food. Purpose of solution for intravenous administration or vaginal tablets is also possible.

The dosage, the therapeutic scheme and duration of use depends on a type of a disease.

For example, during treatment of trichomoniasis tablets in or for introduction intravaginalno can be appointed. At the same time the therapeutic scheme includes 2-times reception of tablets inside and one introduction of a vaginal tablet for the night for 5 days.

Treatment of amoebic dysentery is carried out within 3 days. At the same time the dosage of drug depends on body weight. Therefore to patients weighing from 35 kg appoint a single daily dose 1,5g, and from 60 kg on 2 g.

The course of treatment of other forms of an amebiasis usually makes 5-10 days, and a lambliasis – 1-2 days.

During prevention of infections which can cause anaerobic bacteria before operation appoint on 0,5-1g drug, after an operative measure on 0,5g to 2-times reception in days for 3-5 days.


In cases of overdose undesirable symptoms in the form of epileptiform spasms, a depression and peripheral neuritis can be shown.

At the same time the symptomatic treatment is carried out.


The combination to anticoagulants of a coumarinic row can strengthen their effect. Simultaneous use with vekurony bromide extends its myorelaxation action.

Special instructions

During treatment of trichomoniasis carrying out simultaneous treatment of each sexual partner is required.

Terms of sale

According to the recipe.

Storage conditions

Any form of drug needs to be stored in the dry and cool place unavailable to children.

Period of validity

2 years.

Ornidazol's analogs

Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Main analogs of Ornidazol: Orgil, Meratin, Ornisid, Tiberal, Lornizol, Metronidazole, Trichopolum, Dazolik and Metrogil.

What it is better – Ornidazol or Tiberal?

Tiberal is a drug basis substance ornidazol. Therefore indications to use for these drugs identical. Distinctions of these medicines are the cost and the manufacturing company. If Ornidazol is the Russian drug, then the Swiss company F is engaged in Tiberal's release. Hoffmann-la Rosch. Anyway, it is not less effective that confirms a set of clinical trials.


  • Ornidazol of 500 mg No. 10 tabletkiverteks closed joint stock company
  • Ornidazol-Vero of 500 mg No. 10 tabletkiverofarm joint stock company

Drugstore of IFC

  • Ornidazol tbl p / about 500 mg No. 10, Zaorossiya's Vertexum
  • Ornidazol-vero tbl p / about 500 mg No. 10, Veropharm / the Voronezh branch (Voronezh) Russia
to show still


  • Ornidazol of a tablet coated on 0,5g No. 10 the Kiev vitamin plant (Ukraine, Kiev)
  • Ornidazolastrafarm (Ukraine, Cherry)
  • Ornidazol10
  • Ornidazol solution inf. 5mg/ml 100mlniko (Ukraine, Makiivka)


  • Ornidazol of the tab. of 500 mg No. 10 Kiev vitamin plant
  • Ornidazol of the tab. of 500 mg No. 10 Kiev vitamin plant
  • Ornidazol of the tab. of 500 mg No. 10 Kiev vitamin plant
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