Voice Osiplost

The Osiplost of a voice is a state at which at the person phonatory bands completely stop functioning. Respectively, the conversation manner considerably changes – the person speaks less loudly, rattles, whistles.

How the osiplost is shown?

In a normality the voice of the person has to be rather loud and pleasant aurally. Osiply voice, as a rule, silent, illegible. At the same time it is difficult to person to speak. Most often at the patient the osiplost and a pharyngalgia, an osiplost of a voice and cough is at the same time shown. As a rule, these symptoms arise against diseases of a throat, nasopharynx, also owing to allergic reactions of an organism to a certain irritant. The patient is often disturbed by severe dry cough. Besides, changes of a voice often are followed by cold, rattles, the general weakness, hurried breathing. Temperature can increase, other symptoms of a viral disease appear. If the person very strongly coughs, then at cough he is disturbed by throat pain. At survey increase and reddening of almonds is noted.

At children the osiplost of a voice can arise already at early age. Sometimes even the osiplost at the baby is shown. As a rule, this symptom develops against viral diseases of a throat, trachea. Also the osiplost sometimes develops after flu. Children with a hoarse voice most often are disturbed by dry cough, the voice for some time can be lost almost completely.

Why the osiplost is shown?

Осиплость голоса и горлаThe osiplost reasons at the child and at the adult can be connected with inflammatory processes in a throat, tracheitis, laryngitis and other respiratory diseases which develop under the influence of bacteria and viruses. Sometimes the voice osiplost reasons at the child or at the adult patient are a formation of tumors, cysts, throat polyps. Physicians demonstrate that more often men suffer from such educations. Such educations happen both malignant, and high-quality. In that case treatment of an osiplost of a voice at the child inhalations will not conceive the expected effect.

The Osiply voice is often noted at people with insufficient functions of a thyroid gland, at the patients having thorax aneurism. At people who there is a lot of and the long time is smoked, throat cancer, the leader not only to a voice osiplost, but also to other serious symptoms sometimes develops. However even without development of serious diseases over time at smokers the voice changes, in it the osiplost appears.

Leads long loud conversation, strong shout to changes in a voice. Therefore this symptom very often disturbs teachers, teachers, priests and other people whose profession is connected with need much and to speak or sing loudly.

The voice can "sit down" if the person throughout a long time breathes the contaminated air or if air very dry and cold. One more factor provoking emergence of this symptom, this poisoning with toxins and poisons. Also severe stress, a fright can negatively be displayed on a condition of a voice.

How to get rid of an osiplost?

Осиплость голоса у ребенкаHoarseness of a voice causes many troubles to both children, and adults: the person cannot normally say that he negatively influences communication, study, work. Therefore patients try to find an effective remedy from a throat osiplost. But independently itself should not "appoint" medicine for an osiplost at all. Initially the patient has to visit the otolaryngologist and define what reason led to development of this symptom. The doctor will perform inspection and will appoint necessary researches then optimum means from an osiplost will be appointed. It can be both tablets from a throat osiplost, and use of some effective folk remedies.

Besides, the patient has to adhere to all recommendations of the doctor accurately. It is necessary to minimize loading which is the share of phonatory bands. It is not necessary to talk, shout, sing much. For treatment and recovery of a voice it is worth refusing completely smoking, not to take cold drinks. It is necessary to reconsider a diet, having switched off from it all acute, acid, marinated. Negatively the condition of phonatory bands is influenced by alcohol, and also carbonated drinks.

People at whom manifestation of this symptom is connected with serious emotional shocks are recommended to drink broth of a melissa and valerian, to take the weakening baths with aromatic oils.

At the hoarseness connected with an infectious disease it is recommended to rinse a throat Furacilin, broths of herbs. But it is necessary to remember that rinsing a throat will be inefficient and even harmful if problems with phonatory bands are caused by a voice overstrain.

Very unpleasant effects wait for those who try to recover a voice by means of hot tea or milk with honey. Hot drinks are burned even more by a throat and, as a result, a problem only is aggravated. Therefore it is possible to drink at such disease only warm drinks. Qualitative natural honey is useful: it needs to be held in a mouth until honey is dissolved completely.

Теплый чай при осиплости голосаIn traditional medicine there are many recipes which use allows to recover functions of phonatory bands. For example, it is recommended to drink in the morning and in the evening on crude egg. However it is necessary to be sure completely that egg is qualitative and fresh. It is also recommended to use for treatment fresh juice of cabbage. Such drink is taken on a half-glass three times a day.

Carrying out inhalations in house conditions is shown. For inhalations drugs which soften a mucous membrane, for example, of means with menthol, a melissa, a sage, etc. are used. It is very important to carry out inhalation by wet and slightly warm air not to burn a mucous membrane.

The chronic osiplost of a voice will not respond to treatment therefore it is necessary to take measures for recovery of normal functions of phonatory bands at once after emergence of such problem.

Sometimes before parents there is a question how to cure a voice osiplost at the baby. As a rule, loss of a voice and its osiplost at the child is connected with laryngitis. It is important to consult with the pediatrician who will prompt, than to treat an osiplost.

The baby has to have a complex treatment of an osiplost of a voice. It is necessary to take care of that the child constantly breathed wet air as dry air only strengthens a hoarseness surely. Treatment of an osiplost at children provides the correct drinking mode: it is necessary to give to the kid warm not acid compote, tea which the child has to drink in the small portions. If treatment of cough is required, the child can give warm milk with addition of butter.

How to treat a voice osiplost at the kid by means of inhalations, it is necessary to consult to the doctor as it is important to do inhalation correctly, using at the same time warm air. Inhalation can be done with addition of infusion of a camomile, a sage, eucalyptus. In the onset of the illness the child can do heat baths for legs.

If the osiplost of a voice is shown at the child very often how to cure an infectious disease or to get rid of other reasons which provoked an osiplost, the pediatrician will in detail tell.

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