Osteochondrosis of cervical department of a backbone

General information

The slow-moving way of life characteristic of office workers and those who like to have a rest in front of the TV or behind the monitor screen it becomes frequent an osteochondrosis origin. The first symptoms of this disease can be shown in 25 years and if not to treat it, complications can lead to serious effects.

In article we will consider what is osteochondrosis of cervical department of a backbone, basic reasons of developing of this illness, its symptoms and stages, ways of treatment, and we will also answer other questions arising at patients with osteochondrosis.

Схема устройства шейного отдела позвоночника

Scheme of the structure of cervical department of a backbone

Osteochondrosis of cervical department of a backbone (Osteohondroz) are degenerative and dystrophic defeats of intervertebral disks as a result of which disks, vertebras and joints of cervical department are damaged, decrease in height of intervertebral disks is observed. The disease progresses if not to treat it, and can lead to developing of headaches, disturbance of blood circulation and even hernia. As well as osteoporosis, a disease arises because of disturbance of a mineral exchange therefore bones and joints become less strong.

Osteochondrosis can cause instability of cervical department of a backbone (symptoms and treatment are similar to a chondrosis, but have a number of features) that quite often is followed by the shift of vertebrae. In turn, it accelerates development of osteochondrosis, destroying vertebral department.

Osteochondrosis reasons

Basic reasons which can cause osteochondrosis:

  • improper feeding and excess weight;
  • disturbances of a bearing, scoliosis, rheumatism, flat-footedness;
  • slow-moving way of life: sedentary work (drivers, office workers), lack of exercise stresses, etc.;
  • the postponed injuries in a neck, spine injuries;
  • too big exercise stresses, unusual for an organism;
  • nervous tension, frequent stresses;
  • genetic predisposition to a course of a disease;
  • maldevelopment of cervical department of a backbone.

The majority of above-mentioned reasons cause load of cervical vertebrae therefore there is a muscular spasm. Because of it blood circulation process is broken, efficiency of exchange processes decreases that causes degenerative changes. The structure of intervertebral disks changes, they become thinner and deformed, supporting backbone limits.

Quite often the progressing diskosis which extended to adjacent vertebrae or a bone tissue is an origin of osteochondrosis. It arises most often at long exercise stresses in lumbar and cervical departments, practically never concerning chest.

Stages of development of osteochondrosis

Developing, osteochondrosis passes several stages which are characterized by certain signs and symptoms. We will consider these stages below.

Osteochondrosis of 1 degree of cervical department (preclinical stage)

Usually at an initial stage of development of a disease only the insignificant smoothness of a lordosis of a neck is observed, patients feel the pains amplifying at turns and a ducking, feel tension and fast fatigue of muscles in a back, a waist. At this stage osteochondrosis is curable without medicines, it is enough to change food, to carry out exercises and other actions.

Osteochondrosis 2 degrees

At the second stage between vertebrae instability is observed, more megalgia, periodically giving in a charge or shoulders begins to disturb the patient, pain also amplifies at turns and a ducking. It results from infringement of nerves as height of intervertebral disks decreases. Patients begin to notice fast fatigue, absent-mindedness, decrease in level of working capacity and headaches.

Osteochondrosis 3 degrees

At this stage pain begins to amplify, she arises constantly not only in a neck, but also in shoulders, gives in a charge. Muscles of a hand become weaker, numbness as hernias of intervertebral disks begin to form is observed. In this case diagnosis reveals small mobility of cervical department. Patients are disturbed by dizziness and weakness.

Грыжа шейного отдела позвоночника

Hernia of cervical department of a backbone

Osteochondrosis 4 degrees

On a closing stage there is a destruction of intervertebral disks which are substituted with connecting fabric. Pathological process affects at once several segments of ridge which can are at different stages of destruction. At patients the lack of coordination is observed, dizzinesses and pains amplify, the sonitus and other disturbances appears.

Symptoms of osteochondrosis of cervical department of a backbone

It is possible to reveal even an initial stage of a disease on the following signs:

Головные боли при остеохондрозе шейного отдела

Headaches at osteochondrosis of cervical department

  • pain in a neck, a nape, shoulders or hands;
  • weakness of hands;
  • crunch and pains at the movements of the head;
  • general weakness, fatigue, lacks of coordination, dizzinesses;
  • decrease in visual acuity and hearing, numbness of language.

One of the most frequent signs is dizziness at osteochondrosis of cervical department of a backbone. At the same time symptoms of dizziness can be followed by noise and a ring in ears (auditory acuity is reduced), feelings of a disorientation, migraines, and also nausea and vomiting. Treatment of dizziness at cervical osteochondrosis does not demand any special methods and drugs and happens to the general therapy. At the same time the doctor defines how to treat these symptoms — it is not necessary to try to get rid of dizzinesses by national methods.

One more unpleasant effect is frequent headaches, especially at women. Migraines can arise several times a day, causing unpleasant and painful feelings.

Symptoms of a disease of cervical department are shown a little differently, than osteochondrosis of other departments of a backbone because in a neck vertebrae are closely to each other, height of intervertebral disks at the same time small that leads to complications even at minor degenerative changes.

The symptoms of cervical osteochondrosis arising in a brain

At development of osteochondrosis intake of blood to a brainstem through arteries which are squeezed by protruding edges of vertebrae decreases. Disturbance of blood circulation of a brain results. At patients neurotic disturbances are observed: irritability, alarm, frequent change of mood, sensitivity, sleeplessness, decreases ability to concentrate. In certain cases there can be fits of anger, fear, melancholy.

Vasospasms can lead to faints, a headache, the sonitus, emergence of points before eyes is observed. Defeat of a vestibular mechanism can be one more effect of osteochondrosis. In that case there are following symptoms of an aggravation: dizzinesses, feeling of instability, nausea, in certain cases – vomiting.

Symptoms of a cervical chondrosis at women

In general, symptoms of osteochondrosis for men and women identical. However women aged from 45 till 65 flyings quite often have unpleasant feelings, pains and the numbness which is followed by a pricking in hands during a dream. Such attacks can repeat at night several times.

Diagnosis of a chondrosis of cervical department of a backbone

The following methods are applied to diagnosis of a disease in medicine:

  • X-ray analysis. It is a way it is ineffective, especially at the last stages of development of osteochondrosis.
  • Magnetic and Resonant Tomography (MRT). The method allowing to see bone structures, hernias of intervertebral disks, their amount and the direction of development.
  • Computer tomography. Less effective solution, than MRT as existence and the size of hernias is defined hardly.
  • Ultrasonic duplex scanning. This method is applied when disturbance of a blood flow is suspected of arteries. It is possible to determine the speed of a blood-groove by scanning and whether there are for it obstacles.

Treatment of osteochondrosis of cervical department of a backbone

For treatment of such disease as osteochondrosis various methods are applied: drugs, physical therapy, massage of a cervical and collar zone for blood supply of a brain and remedial gymnastics, observance further healthy nutrition. The combination of all methods how to treat a cervical chondrosis, will allow to achieve real result in fight against an illness.

In spite of the fact that women are more subject to headaches and numbness of extremities at this disease, treatment of cervical osteochondrosis at women differs in nothing from its treatment at men: the same drugs and exercises are appointed.

First aid at severe pains

At a strong pain syndrome it is possible to use the anesthetizing drugs, such as Analginum, Tempalgin or Baralginum. If above-mentioned medicines do not give relief, it is possible to accept NPVS (Nayz or Diclofenac).

The "distracting" means are quite often used, for example, the Pepper plaster which does not treat, and only warms up the inflamed area and distracts from pain. In case of formation of hypostasis in an inflammation zone, the patient can drink infusion of herbs or a diuretic for 3-4 days. Whether it is possible to cure osteochondrosis by such methods? These measures are only temporary, for treatment of the reasons it is necessary to see a doctor.

It should be noted what doctor treats osteochondrosis. At emergence of suspicions that the pain reasons in cervical department of a backbone are a developing of osteochondrosis, it is necessary to address the neuropathologist. This specialist is engaged in diseases of this sort. In some medical institutions there are narrowly targeted specialists who are engaged in backbone diseases. If in your policlinic is vertebrolog, it is necessary to ask a question how to cure this illness, at once to it.

Treatment of osteochondrosis drugs

Name of group of drugs Effect of the medicine Drugs
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs Reduce pain, remove hypostasis and an inflammation of the damaged nerveroot. Nimesulide, Ketonal, Voltarenum, Diclofenac, Nayz, Ketanov, Movalis and other means.
Vitamins of group B Promote improvement of processes of an exchange in nervous tissue. Neyrobion, Yunigamma, Kombilipen, Milgamma.
Hondroprotektora Recover cartilaginous tissue. Zhaby stone, Struktuvit, Artra, Alflutop, Doppelgerts, Kondronova, Terafleks.
The drugs directed to improvement of rheological properties of blood and a blood-groove Improve process of intake of blood to a brain and food of the damaged nerve terminations. Trental, Euphyllinum.
Muscle relaxants Drugs which effect is directed to decrease in a spasm of muscles. Sirdalud, Tizanidin, Tizalud, Mydocalmum and other drugs.

Taking an osteochondrosis pill, it is necessary to remember that the considerable effect of drug treatment tablets will be only if to combine it with other methods, including exercises. It is also necessary to note that the attending physician has to appoint, than treat an illness on the basis of its stage and other signs.

Many doctors consider effective treatment of cervical osteochondrosis as pricks as it allows to influence quicker the terminations of nerves and causes a minimum of side reactions. At the same time it is better to accept vitamins in the form of tablets as for assimilation there is no difference, but introduction of injections can be painful.

The pricks applied to treatment:

  • intramuscular injections cause fortifying and antiinflammatory effect (Baralginum, Analginum, Mydocalmum, the Ibuprofen, Ketorolak, Ambenum);
  • blockade are entered directly into the struck place that leads to fast effect.

Physical therapy

Electrophoresis in combination with drugs Medicine gets to the necessary place by means of influence of electric current at once. This type of physiotreatment becomes or with Novocaine (reduces a pain syndrome), or with the Euphyllinum (improves a blood stream).
Ultrasound Possesses anesthetic and antiinflammatory action, promotes improvement of exchange processes.
Magnetotherapy This type of physical therapy removes hypostasis of fabrics, thereby reducing pain.
Laser therapy Renders antiinflammatory effect and promotes blood circulation improvement.

LFK at osteochondrosis of cervical department

Remedial gymnastics brings the maximum effect and is safest during recovery. When performing exercises of physiotherapy exercises the patient should not feel pain or feel discomfort.

Мануальная терапия при остеохондрозе шейного отдела позвоночника

Manual therapy at osteochondrosis of cervical department of a backbone

Exercises for cervical department of a backbone are directed to strengthening of muscles of a neck that will allow not only to overcome a disease, but also will serve as prevention for its emergence.

Exercise No. 1 From a prone position on live, hands are rested against a floor, slowly raise the head, a torso, the back at the same time shall remain a straight line. In such situation be late for 1-2 minutes, then slowly fall by a floor to a starting position. It is necessary to repeat exercise 2-3 times.
Exercise No. 2 Lying on a stomach, hands are extended along a body, turn the head at first on the left, trying to touch at the same time a floor by an ear, then repeat, having turned the head to the right. On each party to do at least 6 repetitions.
Exercise No. 3 Sitting on a floor, bend down on a breath, at the same time it is necessary to touch a chin a breast, then on an exhalation to deviate back and to throw back the head. Repeat exercise from 10 to 15 times.
Exercise No. 4 Palms are attached to a forehead, at the same time it is necessary to press palms on a forehead, and a forehead to show resistance, pressing on a palm within 30 seconds. Then to execute exercise, pressing the linked hands on a nape. To repeat 2 or 3 times.
Exercise No. 5 Slow rotation by the head in different directions. It is carried out on each party on 10 times. When performing this exercise it is important that dizziness did not develop, otherwise it is necessary to stop exercise.

Упражнения при шейном остеохондрозе

Exercises at cervical osteochondrosis

For descriptive reasons and more exact performance we will provide video of exercises at osteochondrosis of cervical department of a backbone:

Treatment of osteochondrosis of cervical department in house conditions

House methods of treatment are only addition to the complex appointed by the doctor, and they will not help to get rid of an illness completely. Before treating house osteochondrosis, surely see a doctor that it made the diagnosis and registered necessary medicines. The doctor has to define how to treat osteochondrosis of cervical department in house conditions

Are applied to treatment of the house: the recipes of traditional medicine (urged to kill pain and a muscle tension, to improve blood circulation), physiotherapy exercises, and also obligatory massage of a cervical and collar zone in house conditions.

Фото, как правильно прикладывать перцовый пластырь

Photo as it is correct to put a pepper plaster

National recipes for removal of pain in a neck zone:

  • Attach the sheet of horse-radish the interior to a neck, record bandage or any breathing fabric. Before use it is necessary to scald it the boiling water and to cool to room temperature. It is desirable to carry out before going to bed and to leave a bandage on all night long.
  • Small cut potatoes and mix it with honey in an identical proportion. Mix will be similar to ointment on a consistence. To use as a compress a minimum once a week.
  • Well warmings up kill pain. For this purpose it is possible to use mustard plasters, a sack with heated sand, pepper plasters or alcohol.

Quite often patients begin to look for ways of treatment or removal of pain at various forums and similar sources. It should be noted that any forum and its visitors will not be able correctly to diagnose a stage of a disease and methods of its treatment. A question whether osteochondrosis in your case is treated and as it needs to be done, the qualified doctor on the basis of diagnosis has to solve.

Medical massage at osteochondrosis of cervical department of a backbone

Massage is necessary for strengthening of a tone of muscles and removal of pain. Depending on at what stage there is osteochondrosis, the massage technique is selected. Nevertheless, doing massage of a neck, specialists apply all methods of classical massage: grinding, stroking, puddling, etc. In cases when hurts the patient only on the one hand, massage begins in healthy part of a neck, gradually passing to that part of a collar zone where there are painful feelings.

It is possible to carry out massage and at home, however it is very careful not to cause an aggravation and not to do much harm to the patient. The patient has to accept a prone position, to put a forehead on hands and to extend a chin to a breast. At the same time muscles of a neck have to be absolutely relaxed.

Stroking It is necessary to begin massage with these movements: stroking of a collar zone in the direction from a lymph to supraclavicular and axillary nodes. Then plane and grebneobrazny strokings are applied.
Squeezings For performance of squeezings the massage therapist puts a hand (index and big fingers at the same time have to be together) across a neck and moves down a backbone. Also squeezings can be carried out by a palm edge to shoulder joints.
Grinding Grindings are carried out to warm muscles, to relax them and to improve a blood stream in this area. It is necessary to begin massage from a base of skull, carrying out fingers the circular and rectilinear movements. It is also possible to carry out the sawing movements, having established palms in parallel on edges.
Puddling On a neck it is necessary to carry out puddling by roundabouts.
Vibration Finish massage with strokings and vibration which is carried out by means of concussions and effleurages.

Prevention of developing of osteochondrosis of a cervical vertebra

To prevent emergence and a course of a disease, doctors recommend to follow the simple rules:

  • to play sports (swimming is especially effective);
  • to include the products containing a large amount of magnesium and calcium in a diet (fish and other seafood, beans, peas, nuts, sunflower seeds, dairy products and cheeses, spinach, etc., not to use hot pepper, salty, grapes, sugar, flour products, smoked products);
  • during the sedentary work to carry out several times during the day warm-up;
  • to choose a convenient pillow and a mattress.

Implementation of these simple recommendations can save you from developing of osteochondrosis at any age.

In article the reasons, symptoms and treatment of osteochondrosis of cervical department of a backbone were considered, beginning from medical intervention and finishing with house receptions. It is possible to cure this disease, including without operation, however for this purpose it is necessary to apply all methods: to accept medicines, to carry out exercises and to do massage.

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