Acute ischuria

The acute ischuria and lack of an urination is a condition of an organism at which at the person urine independently does not depart, but at the same time the bladder is crowded. At such phenomenon of a kidney function and form urine, however it does not leave a bladder in view of an obstacle which is at the level of an urethra or a sphincter.

How the acute ischuria is shown?

Practically always symptoms of an acute ischuria are connected with existence of strong desires to an urination. At the same time urine either is not emitted in general, or only its insignificant quantity is allocated. The acute delay of an urination very often is followed by painful pain in the bottom of a stomach. Pain becomes more severe when the person moves, tries to make certain physical efforts, does attempts to urinate.

The acute ischuria at men and women quite often is followed also by nonspecific symptoms which manifestation depends on the reasons of development of such state. The acute ischuria at women is a state at which allocations from a vagina can appear; at men – from an urethra. Besides, nausea and vomiting, a headache, sharp increase of pressure is possible. At the patient temperature can rise, sometimes there is a feeling of desires on defecation.

Protrusion in the bottom of a front abdominal wall can be visually noticeable, or the doctor, giving help at an acute ischuria, notes overpopulation of a bladder. During a palpation pressing, painful in time, spherical education in the lower part of a stomach is defined.

Very often patients who suffer from an acute delay of an urination, note that before such phenomenon the urination happens painful, the stream – very sluggish, at the same time is allocated a small amount of liquid.

The full and incomplete delay is defined. Absolute lack of urine, despite a natuzhivaniye and the expressed desires to an urination is characteristic of a condition of a full delay. At some diseases the chronic ischuria at men and at women leads to what I wet release to the patient only a catheter for many years. It is important to distinguish full degree of detention from a condition of an anury at which formation of urine in an organism stops.

The incomplete delay is a state at which liquid comes out a bladder partially. Thus after each act of an urination a certain amount of liquid remains in a bladder. It can sometimes be a significant amount — to 1 l. Such state often passes in chronic and throughout a long time remains imperceptible for the patient. Thereof stagnation of urine in urinary tract, and also disturbance of normal functioning of kidneys can develop. If such state proceeds very long, then later at the patient the expressed stretching of a muscular wall of a bubble, an atony, stretching of sphincters develops. At such disturbances urine is emitted involuntarily, coming to light drops. Such state in medicine is called an inconscience with overflow.

Why the acute ischuria is shown?

Острая задержка мочи у женщинThe ischuria reasons at women and men can be connected with the different factors influencing functions of an urinary system. In particular, the mechanical reasons of an acute ischuria connected with emergence of stones in a bladder or an urethra, urethra injuries, development of tumors, etc. are possible. The ischuria reasons at men sometimes are explained by development of adenoma or prostate cancer, acute prostatitis, a phymosis.

This symptom is characteristic of some diseases of the central nervous system. Ischuria symptoms at women and men are shown at injuries and tumors of a brain, spinal cord, and also at a myelitis, back to tabes. Disorder of regulation of a detruzor, and also bladder sphincters is in that case noted by a nervous system. Problems with an urination can also be a consequence of earlier got spine injury.

Also reflex functional reasons of a delay of an urination at women and men are defined. It is about a state after carrying out surgical intervention on generative organs of the person, a rectum. The reflex ischuria occurs at first after carrying out surgical manipulations on abdominal organs. Such symptom is sometimes shown after the delivery, in a condition of a stress, hysteria, in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication. The acute ischuria is in certain cases noted also at people who throughout a long time stay in lying situation in view of certain diseases and pathologies in an organism.

Problems with an otkhozhdeniye of urine can arise against the medicamentous intoxication of an organism which arose owing to acceptance of high doses of somnolent drugs or narcotic analgetics.

Задержка мочеиспускания у мужчинSpecialists note that most often the urination delay reasons at men of advanced age are connected with development of adenoma of a prostate. At men with adenoma the acute ischuria develops owing to long sitting, locks, overcooling of an organism, reception of alcohol.

At injuries of an urethra of difficulty with an urination are observed mainly at men as, unlike a female urethra, man's is longer.

If the delay is shown by sudden interruption of an urination, then it can speak emergence of stones in a bladder. When process of an otkhozhdeniye of urine begins, the mobile stone blocks an opening in an urethra that leads to process interruption. To renew an urination, the person is forced to change the location. Often people at whom stones in a bladder are formed are capable to urinate, only accepting a certain position of a body.

Women in rare instances have an ischuria at pregnancy. It occurs in recent months incubation of a fruit as the uterus considerably increases that provokes additional squeezing of a bladder.

How to get rid of an acute ischuria?

If at the person such symptom is noted, it should provide surely the specialized help of physicians, and, it is impossible to postpone the address to the doctor with such complaints. Independent treatment of an ischuria at women and at men often leads to unpleasant effects. In particular, there can be a rupture of the bladder, the infection leading to development of chronic diseases, the urethra injuries arising in attempts independently to put a catheter. The chronic ischuria leads to display of a chronic renal failure. Therefore you should not act independently at all, practicing treatment by folk remedies. Acute management at an acute ischuria has to be carried out only by qualified specialists. The patient needs or to address urgently the urologist, or to call the ambulance.

Лечение задержки мочиBefore the doctor begins treatment of an acute ischuria at men and women, it is temporarily possible to facilitate a little a condition of the person if to put heat on a bottom of a stomach or on a crotch. Before arrival of the doctor it is possible to take a heat bath, to use spasmolytic medicines.

The doctor carries surely out diagnosis, defines the reasons and treatment. To establish the correct diagnosis, laboratory analyses of urine, blood, BONDS research of kidneys, a bladder, bodies of a small pelvis are surely carried out. Before carrying out treatment of a delay of an urination at men, passes also research of a prostate. According to indications also other researches can be appointed (an uretrografiya, a tsistografiya, urography, etc.).

Urgent treatment of a delay of an urination at women and men assumes use of a catheter which is entered into an urethra and allows to devastate a bladder. Only the specialist as at inept introduction there is a risk has to enter a catheter to injure an urethra. If there is a need, the catheter in a bladder remains for several days. It is in that case important to take all measures for infection avoiding. For this purpose to the patient the course of antibiotics is appointed, antiseptic agents for washing are used. If the patient cannot enter a rubber catheter, it is necessary to address the urologist urgently. When bladder catheterization for certain reasons cannot be carried out, the puncture of a bladder or an operative measure practices. Imposing of an epicystostoma is sometimes made - it is a catheter which is removed through a front abdominal wall and through which there is an urine.

If the person suffers from a reflex delay of an urination, some methods promoting resuming of a normal urination are applied. For example, external genitals can be irrigated with warm water. The person can try to listen to a sound of the murmuring water which perception reflex promotes an urination.

In the course of treatment the doctor can appoint introduction of 1-2% of solution of novocaine to an urethra. It is sometimes reasonable to carry out introduction of a prozerin subcutaneously, the doctor defines a dosage individually.

At an acute delay after assistance the doctor conducts research and makes the decision on need of carrying out treatment or an operative measure for the purpose of elimination of mechanical obstacles to normal emptying.

All further system of treatment directly depends on an illness which provoked manifestation of this symptom. It is necessary to understand accurately that after establishment of a catheter the symptom can be shown later again. To prevent serious complications, it is necessary to take necessary measures for treatment surely.

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