Ostrum Evalar

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The description is actual on 14.05.2015

  • Latin name: Ostrum Evalar
  • ATH code: A13A
  • Active ingredient: Vitamins, other substances
  • Producer: Evalar (Russia)


As a part of this drug there are following components: B4 vitamin (sincaline), calcium pantothenate, B6 vitamin, magnesium orotat, B12 vitamin, ginkgo of a bilob extract, folic acid, calcium stearate.

Release form

Ostroum Evalar in the form of capsules is issued, the plastic bottle contains 30 pieces.

It is necessary to consider that compounds of sincaline which as a part of medicine of 56%, possess a specific smell which can be shown in this drug.

Pharmacological action

Ostroum Evalar allows to raise effectively cognitive opportunities, to improve memory and mental abilities. The special balanced composition of the vitamins and minerals exerting positive impact on a brain of the person is a part of means.

Drug activates blood circulation in a brain, allowing to stimulate thereby processes of thinking, ingenuity, cerebration, and also to increase quantity of cells of a brain which work most effectively.

B4 vitamin (sincaline a bitartrate) – the substance which is taking part in transport of nervous impulse between brain cells. Its influence ensures more active functioning of cells of a brain that promotes concentration of attention, memory, active thinking. If in an organism the lack of sincaline is noted, then development of disturbances of brain activity, memory impairment is possible.

Magnesium orotat in an organism promotes removal of a nervous tension, and also takes part in power processes which take place in brain cells. As a result, the brain works more actively. Under the influence of this substance resistance of cells of a brain to intoxication increases, regeneration processes become more active.

B5 vitamin (calcium pantothenate) – very important element for a normal metabolism, is involved in recovery processes of fabrics and cells. Substance promotes processing of sincaline in acetylcholine which is the neuromediator important for process of transfer of nervous impulses between cells in a brain.

B6 vitamin – important substance for a metabolism and transport of the amino acids important for normal work of a brain. Is directly involved in exchange processes of unsaturated fatty acids, folic acid, B12 vitamin, accelerates process of a metabolism at a hypoxia.

B9 vitamin (folic acid) – an important element in the course of energy development, peculiar "food" for a brain. At a lack of an organism of folic acid the probability of development of nervous and mental disorders, to deterioration in intellectual activity increases.

B12 vitamin (cyanocobalamine) protects nervous tissue from damages, keeps a protective cover of nerves. Substance takes part in products of acetylcholine.

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

Are caused by the general influence of components which are as a part of drug.

Indications to use

Ostroum Evalar is applied as an active biological additive to food and provides an organism with enough flavonolglikozid, and also a number of vitamins and mineral substances.

It is recommended for reception for the purpose of improvement of activity of a brain.


It is not necessary to apply this means in case of manifestations of individual intolerance of its ingredients, and also at pregnancy and chest feeding of the kid.

Side effects

Allergic reactions in the course of reception of this drug can be shown.

Application instruction (Way and dosage)

Adults have to drink this means on 1 capsule once a day. It is desirable to use drug during meal. The course of reception of dietary supplement has to proceed not less than 30 days.

It is recommended to repeat such courses with a certain frequency, 3 or 4 times a year.

Such frequency of courses of reception allows to reach the most optimum concentration of vitamins and mineral substances in a human body and to strengthen drug influence.


There are no data on overdose.


Cases of clinically expressed interaction with other drugs are not established.

Terms of sale

It is possible to get capsules without recipe.

Storage conditions

It is necessary to protect drug from children, it is necessary to store at a temperature which is not exceeding 25 ºС.

Period of validity

It is possible to store drug during 2 flyings.

Special instructions

This means is not medicine, however before a course of reception it is recommended to get advice of the doctor.


Similar influence on an organism Ginko Prim, Lutsetam, Tserebrovital, etc. make drugs.

However independently it is not necessary to select analogs. The specialist taking into account all specific features of a condition of the patient has to pick up optimum means.

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