Protect estrogen and daily sport from attacks of an influenza virus

To female organism hormone estrogen "helps" to fight against an influenza virus. Scientists who work at School of public health care of John Hopkins, reported that influence of estrogen gives the chance significantly to reduce quantity of the bacteria of flu which are replicated in cells of a female organism which were infected.

Experts also reported that artificial forms of this hormone have similar effect on the woman's organism. They confirmed these assumptions by means of researches in the course of which they took samples of cells at men and women from nasal passes. These cells were chosen because their bacteria of flu are attacked first of all.

After researchers influenced the taken cells different types of estrogen, both natural hormone, and synthetic, it became clear that in such cells the influenza virus And was the least steady. At the same time cells of a female organism which influenced estrogen in comparison with man's cells had 1000 times less virus replications. Under the influence of estrogen activity about 30 genes which participate in process of a metabolism of cells went down. As a result metabolic activity was slowed down and rates of products of particles of a virus decreased.

Physicians believe that they in the period of epidemic of the woman take a certain benefit thanks to such pattern. Men have more often flu and catarrhal diseases as they are more susceptible to attacks of viruses.

Also scientists advise in the period of a flu epidemic to representatives of both floors regularly to do gymnastics. Scientists claim that daily twenty-minute charging reduces risk "to catch" cold or flu for 10-15%. In particular, specialists from the London school of hygiene assure that one of the best methods of prevention of a disease is regular sport. At the same time at all there is no need to carry out certain sets of exercises. It is rather simple to practice a daily exercise stress lasting about 20 minutes. It will help to protect an organism not only from attacks of a SARS, but also from influence of a virus of swine flu. It is important to provide essential load of muscles and it is good to transude. Researchers also advise to alternate the run and exercises directed to training of different groups of muscles, to practice swimming, skating.

If the virus nevertheless overcame an organism, it is important to consult at the first symptoms with the doctor to provide the correct scheme of treatment.

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