Whitening of teeth in house conditions

History demonstrates that people began to think of whitening of teeth about 150 flyings ago. At the end of the nineteenth century attempts to bleach teeth by means of oxalic acid were made. Then there were descriptions of methods of whitening of teeth using calcium hypochlorite and peroxide of hydrogen.

Now there is an opportunity to undergo procedure of whitening of teeth at professional specialists. But not always the person can find time and means for such procedure. Therefore alternative option in this case is whitening of teeth folk remedies in house conditions.

Why it is necessary to bleach teeth?

It is necessary to bleach teeth if they darken owing to a variety of reasons. First of all, teeth change color with age as enamel utonchatsya and becomes over the years more transparent. Besides, teeth are painted in dark color under the influence of those products which the person eats every day. It is tea, coffee, red wine, berries, etc. Stomatologists advise whenever possible to drink drinks under the influence of which teeth, through a straw darken.

Teeth turn yellow under the influence of a tobacco smoke. Reception of an antibiotic — tetracycline can also become the reason of darkening of teeth. Besides, teeth can change color owing to excess of fluorine in the food stuffs consumed at children's age. The similar problem sometimes turns out to be consequence of heredity, genetic and system diseases.

But before learning how to bleach house teeth, it is necessary to consider that there are categories of people who cannot regularly carry out such manipulations. You should not be fond of such procedures by that at whom teeth differ in high sensitivity. In this case how it is safe to recover color of teeth, it is worth consulting on the stomatologist surely. You should not practice procedure of whitening of teeth that who has on foreteeth of a seal or crown. If the adamantine substance of tooth under the influence of a number of means is bleached quickly, then seals and crowns do not change color at all. As a result, they will look much more dark, than other teeth.

Also you should not carry out whitening of teeth by that who has enamel of teeth of a grayish, but not yellow shade. Such color can turn out to be consequence of existence of internal spots. To understand what shade of teeth takes place, is enough to compare of them to a clean sheet of paper. If enamel of grayish color, then how it is possible to get rid of such problem, only the doctor has to make the decision.

Professional methods of whitening of teeth

Отбеливание зубов домаThe most effective and safe whitening of teeth can be carried out in specialized dental clinic, using professional methods. Responses of patients demonstrate that in that case the result remains most longer. Initially the doctor will perform inspection and will prompt what system of whitening approaches in each case most optimum. Besides, most of patients proceed also from that fact, how much is whitening of teeth.

Oxygen whitening — a popular method which cornerstone carbamide peroxide use is. This technique is suitable for patients with hypersensitivity of an adamantine substance of tooth. The special gel containing peroxide a carbamide is applied on a surface of teeth. Further light maintenance (a halogen lamp) or the laser is applied to acceleration of process.

Cleaning and whitening of teeth can be carried out by means of caps (similar to that which is used in boxing). The doctor makes it individually then cap it is filled with special gel for whitening. Duration of carrying such mouthpiece depends on sensitivity of enamel. As a rule, every day the cap needs to carry till several hours, and in a half-month effective whitening is provided to the patient. However when using this method often the tooth sensitivity considerably raises, the irritation of gums appears.

Defining what whitening of teeth is better, it is worth paying attention and to special strips which should be pasted directly on teeth. Such method is more convenient, but at the same time it should be taken into account that intervals between teeth can worse be bleached. It is possible to bleach teeth and by means of gel which is applied on teeth with a brush and stiffens on them. The result in that case appears approximately in two weeks of procedures. There is also a special express a method — special flow down with gel by means of which it is possible to lighten dark traces from coffee or tobacco. But such gel does not eliminate the expressed pigmentation.

With care it is worth treating a whitening method which manages the cheapest way. These are special toothpastes with the bleaching effect. If as a part of paste there is any abrasive, then he only removes a plaque, and, therefore, at continuous use can negatively influence a tooth sensitivity. There are also professional pastes exerting chemical impact. They are less harmful to enamel as they split directly structure of a plaque. Meanwhile, more than a month them cannot be applied.

Laser whitening of teeth

Лазерное отбеливание зубов домаLaser whitening — is carried out by impact on tooth enamel by the laser. Before procedure teeth are processed by special structure. In the course of such whitening there is an impact on pigments which are located deeply in fabrics. Responses demonstrate that laser whitening provides uniform color and does not increase a tooth sensitivity. But in selection process of a technique the patient has to pay attention not only to its cost. Whatever was the price of such procedure, first of all, it is necessary to consider contraindications. Whitening by the laser is not recommended to be carried out to children and teenagers, and also pregnant women. People cannot use laser whitening with a serious general illness. Also it is not carried out by that who carries briquettes, to patients with artificial seals or crowns on foreteeth, to people with diseases of a parodont and caries.

Nevertheless, the method is considered safe, effective and allows to receive good result for a short time without serious consequences. Besides the beam of the laser allows to strengthen teeth and at the same time to consolidate the received result for several years. How much is such procedure, the doctor will report after survey.

Photowhitening of teeth

One more popular procedure applied to improvement of color of teeth — photowhitening of teeth. At the heart of this method of whitening — use of gel from 35% peroxide of hydrogen and the catalyst which mix before procedure at once. Further influence is carried out by light to activate reaction. As a result, action of heat accelerates whitening process. One procedure continues approximately for one hour. If to read responses of patients, then it is possible to draw a conclusion that, as a rule, it is enough one session for receiving good result. However also repeated carrying out photowhitening is possible. Now the system of whitening BEYOND Polus allowing to receive the maximum result in 20 minutes is widely used. However before procedure the patient surely should pass detailed survey at the doctor and to eliminate all defects — caries, cracks, diseases of gums.

In the course of photowhitening use the main side effect is the increased probability of an overheat of a pulp in case of too long light influence. Therefore specialists with experience have to carry out such procedure.

Whitening of teeth in house conditions

Домашнее зубное отбеливаниеPersons interested to have a snow-white smile rather often practice whitening of teeth in house conditions. Without visit of the stomatologist the special system of house whitening of teeth which principle of action reminds influence of professional whitening can be applied. The special White light system provides use of two-component gel which considerably bleaches teeth.

It is possible to try to change color of teeth and house means. Many house recipes of whitening of teeth include hydrogen peroxide. It is necessary to know that peroxide with high concentration bleaches teeth more effectively. However when using peroxide of hydrogen of the house it is necessary to remember that at hydrogen peroxide hit in a pulp sensitivity of tooth can increase considerably. As responses testify, a side effect when using this drug is also burning and pain of gums. To achieve a certain result, peroxide should be applied for several weeks regularly. Peroxide is also recommended to mix with soda.

To make whitening of teeth peroxide, it is necessary to brush teeth, dipping a toothbrush into solution, or to wipe teeth with a cotton plug with hydrogen peroxide. It is impossible to swallow of this drug at all. Bleaching teeth by means of peroxide, after procedure it is necessary to rinse an oral cavity very carefully.

In the course of use of peroxide there is an oxidation process. Such reaction gradually destroys tooth enamel therefore you should not carry out such procedure too often. And certain problems with a condition of gums are that at whom the high tooth sensitivity is noted and also, it is better not to apply this method.

In house conditions one more way — whitening of teeth is often applied by soda. It is possible to carry out such procedure in the same way as whitening by peroxide: soda is applied on a toothbrush or a cotton plug, teeth are carefully cleared. However it is necessary to consider that, returning color of teeth by means of soda, it is possible to lose an upper layer of enamel quickly. Therefore it is worth clearing teeth baking soda not more often than once a week.

There are also other recipes of means for whitening. It is possible to prepare mix with soda and a lemon, and also with soda and strawberry which possesses the bleaching properties too. But also such means thin enamel that leads to increase of a tooth sensitivity. Besides frequent use of such method can lead to bleeding of gums.

Здоровые и белые зубыSoda is safe for health. But nevertheless before applying it to whitening, stomatologists advise to strengthen both teeth, and gums. It is necessary to reconsider a food allowance and to include in it as much as possible products containing fluorine and calcium. It is useful to use periodically for daily toothbrushing the paste containing fluorine. If to carry out such preliminary preparation, then side effects from whitening by soda will be less noticeable.

By the way, in strawberry and wild strawberry there are bleaching agents too. It is possible to make berries puree and to use it for toothbrushing. But after such procedure it is necessary to clean at once teeth paste with fluorine as strawberry and wild strawberry contains sugar. Stomatologists also advise there are apples which provide easy clarification of a surface of teeth too.

One more method of whitening in house conditions — use of wood ashes. It contains the potassium hydroxide bleaching a surface of teeth. But also ashes cannot be applied often as it influences enamel not in the best way.

There are recipes of special pastes for whitening which several components enter at once. For example, to prepare toothpaste for whitening, it is necessary to mix soda, salt, peroxide of hydrogen and usual toothpaste.

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