Hypostasis is called strong excess accumulation in extracellular fabric spaces and bodies of a human body.

There is a set of the reasons of hypostases. The liquid delay reasons in bodies and fabrics are various therefore allocate hydrostatic hypostases which are connected with increase of pressure of liquid in a capillary; membrane and gene, their education is caused by increase in permeability of capillaries because of their toxic damages, disturbances of nervous control, inflammatory process; gipoproteinemichesky hypostases are connected with reduction of concentration of proteins, especially albumine, in a blood plasma, and also with reduction of colloid osmotic pressure of blood.

Also hypostases are subdivided into the general and local, that is limited by specific area.

Prehypostasis is a state which precedes hypostasis. This state is characterized by considerable accumulation of liquid, to 4-10 liters.

The most important symptom of heart failure is hypostasis which often takes place and at other heart troubles. They are the most frequent origins of hydrostatic hypostases. At first such hypostases arise on shins (a vertical arrangement of a body), feet, a waist (in horizontal position), a sacrum, later over time the anasarca — the general hypostasis of hypodermic cellulose begins to develop. In this case liquid can gather in large numbers in natural cavities of an organism – a cavity of a pericardium, a peritoneum, a pleural cavity.

Hypostases at late stages of various diseases of a liver, especially cirrhoses of mainly gipoproteinemichesky origin are also frequent. As a rule, they are combined by accumulation of liquid in an abdominal cavity, standing, to a front abdominal wall, a waist.

At diseases of kidneys hypostases develop on all body, they soft to the touch, skin over hypostasis pale. Such hypostases are connected with a delay of water and salt kidneys, and also with decrease in level of proteins in blood, increase of permeability of a vascular wall.

Long starvation also leads to development of hypostases which basic reason of development consists in decrease in concentration of level of proteins in a blood plasma.

At thrombophlebitis local hypostasis is a consequence of disturbance of normal outflow of blood below the blood clot location. Such hypostasis is dense, over it skin is observed crimson color, quite often it inflames, felt painfully. When outflow of a lymph in an organism on lymphatic ways is broken, skin becomes pale, hypostasis develops dense. At an ugly face, a furuncle or a burn hypostasis develops against an inflammation, it is result of the fact that permeability of capillaries raises, increases inflow of blood to area of an inflammation, palpation becomes painful, and skin finds reddish coloring.

Improper feeding, starvation, overfatigue, insufficient dream can also often lead to hypostases on a face which arise at healthy people. Hypostases can arise at the end of the day in people who long are standing. If such hypostases arise infrequently, they are not a reason for concern as at long stay standing there is an increase in pressure in capillaries. As a rule, rest and special cream help to cope with such hypostases, however, if they do not help or if hypostases arise too often, there is an occasion to begin to worry as exists risk of development of thrombophlebitis. It is necessary to pass inspection which surely includes inspection of vessels of legs – a flebografiya.

Important role in a hypostasis origin at diseases of a liver, kidneys and hearts play endocrine shifts at which the level of Aldosteronum which leads to a delay in fabrics of ions of sodium increases, and it, in turn, leads to liquid delays. Together with it there is an increase in secretion of antidiuretic hormone, or vasopressin therefore increase in absorption of salts and water in renal tubules is observed. Hormonal disturbances are a decisive origin of hypostases after diseases of hemadens.

For treatment of hypostases first of all it is necessary to liquidate dehydration, to gradually fill the missing circulating lymph and blood, to pick up the correct diet. Treatment directly depends on a hypostasis origin, but, as a rule, it does not do without reception of diuretic drugs.

At pregnancy development of hypostases arises quite often, usually they arise on the last trimester of pregnancy though are possible earlier. If at pregnancy there is a flowing off only of feet, then it is normal. But if not only feet, but also hips, shins swell, the front abdominal wall, it can lead to disturbance of matochnoplatsentarny blood circulation therefore there can be a deterioration in health of a fruit. Heavy hypostases sometimes even result in need of abortion on medical indications. For disposal of hypostases during pregnancy recommend to use special gels, massage by a foot, cool water, to use renal tea (only after consultation of the doctor), cowberry compote, tea with a lemon without sugar; at the same time diuretic tablets are prohibited.

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