From where warts undertake?

Researches of physicians for the last decades objectively show that the harm done to people from medicinal complications considerably bigger than from all combined infectious diseases. Alternative methods of traditional medicine often happen more effective, not bringing treatment by-effects, painless and that is important in modern conditions of continuous increase of cost of medical supplies, almost free.

Decrease in immunity promotes some skin diseases, caused by a papilloma virus. One of such diseases − warts — a subject of serious experiences.

From where warts undertake?

Are the most frequent and general origins of warts on skin:
− direct contact with the carrier of a virus of papilloma and at skin injuries through public objects;
− exposure to stresses;
− the synthetic footwear becomes the reason of formation of bottom warts;
− damage of warts (for example, during the shaving, a schesyvaniye) promotes their growth.

In general a wart especially disturb nothing, except cases when it grows under a nail or on a sole, causing constant pain. Warts of the small sizes which are not exposed to continuous mechanical influence, do not cause discomfort and are not located on generative organs generally do not need − in the unique way of treatment at a distance. At the same time it is very important that removal of warts was carried out under control of the doctor as derogation from traditionally accepted methods of treatment can lead to formation of a malignant tumor.

The traditional methods existing today, as a rule, of painless removal of warts are assumed by use of currents of high frequency, laser therapy and cryotherapy by liquid nitrogen.

Surprising folk remedies of treatment of warts

1. After a mowing and a harvest of bread it is necessary to uproot the rest of a stalk of the cut-off ear and the acute end of a straw to pin a wart, it is desirable not once. Then, this straw is required to be dug a root to the wet earth up. And when the straw will decay, warts will disappear.

Instead of a straw recommend to use also the grass blade of grass which is cut off by scissors and pulled out with a root. Both means use also for removal of birthmarks.

2. To cut a potato of the average sizes in half, to throw out a half, and the second half to rub with a cut warts, and all what are, and at once to dig a potato to the dry earth that it dried there. When it occurs, warts will disappear.

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