You go to issue? Councils of physicians

Promptly the time of issues comes. Stem of thermometer rises above and above, inevitably announcing fast approach of so long-awaited season – flying. It was so moved that in the flying vacationers go to the countries with hotter climate which not always suits us, Russians. Often, rest takes place in the tropical exotic countries not absolutely as we would like. Physicians suggest to take some advice in order to avoid force majeur circumstances during issue.

The international medical organizations call tourists before a trip because of the become frequent cases of infection with measles and rubella to undergo procedure of vaccination against the specified viruses. Recently practically worldwide flashes of incidence of these dangerous viruses are regularly registered. The special attention should be paid to this question to pregnant women since infection with a rubella during pregnancy can lead to death of a fruit. Take care of yourself and about the relatives — pass immunization against measles and a rubella. It is necessary to put inoculations at least in two weeks prior to day of departure.

On arrival, the first what it is necessary to pay attention to is a sharp shift of temperature condition. The organism which weaned from a heat and the sun for the winter period not always adequately reacts to the increased ambient temperature and the scorching sunshine. Is not necessary, having descended from an airplane ladder, at once to run, like mad, on the beach. Show patience and regret the organism, give it time to get used to a heat. Especially, it concerns those who prefer to leave "winter" at "summer".

Едете в отпуск? Советы медиковThe hot and arid climate brings in catastrophic loss of liquid. 2 liters "on duty" a day do not rescue a situation any more. Visiting beaches, do not forget about use of sun-protection means, and also about need to absorb as much as possible water. And, it has to be water, but not juice, beer, alcohol or other types of liquid. Physicians warn, loss of liquid in an organism can lead to a heart attack. Because of shortage of liquid blood begins to pass into more dense state, leading to formation of blood clots which finally cause a heart attack.

You should not use ice for cooling of drinks. In tropical countries, often, there are problems with providing with clear drinking water, and both in developed, and in developing. The ice used in drinks prepares, as a rule, from tap water which contains many disease-producing bacteria. Not so long ago restaurants of many European countries underwent the most severe checks during which numerous disturbances of sanitary standards at production of ice for drinks were established. There is a wrong opinion that alcohol kills all microbes, but it far not so. For the safety use butylated water.

Exotic edges, one may say, teem with any insects whose stings are capable to lead to emergence of allergic reaction. It is already proved that mosquitoes are malaria carriers. Therefore it is necessary to protect itself from stings of these little parasites. Starting on the journey, take with yourself any means from mosquitoes: spray, gel, etc. If the sting nevertheless already takes place to be, apply ice to the place of its emergence, it will remove puffiness. Do not use at all as many do it, the Vietnamese Asterisk balm since it will provoke inflow of blood and will result in a bigger puffiness. Use of antiallergic means is also possible.

Едете в отпуск? Советы медиковAre very dangerous stings and other insects – bees and wasps. Stings of these insects are capable to throw the person in an acute anaphylaxis, up to a lethal outcome. Physicians advise before a trip to get an antishock set where enter: adrenaline, Prednisolonum, antigestominny drugs and the syringe for injections. Such set is especially necessary for allergic persons, and it can be bought in any drugstore. At a sting very often of a wasp or bees leave the sting in the place of contact. Whenever possible, accurately remove it with tweezers, but do not try to squeeze out a sting since it contains poison. At emergence of a similar situation immediately ask for medical care.

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