Otrivinum of Baby

Отривин Беби Drug photo

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  • Latin name: Otrivin Baby
  • ATH code: R01AX10
  • Active ingredient: Sodium chloride (Sodium chloride)
  • Producer: Novartis Consumer Health (Switzerland)


1 milliliter of spray includes 10,5 mg of solution of natural sea salt (without preservatives).

1 bottle dropper with drops includes 0,74% of sodium chloride.

In addition: hydrosodium phosphate, glitserilritsinoleat a macrogoal, the purified water, sodium phosphate.

Release form

Hygienic means Otrivinum of Baby is made in the form of spray on 20 ml in a bottle No. 1 in packaging and in the form of drops in bottles droppers on 5 ml No. 18 in packaging. Also, the Novartis company the aspirator Otrivinum of Baby intended for disposal of nasal allocations — an otsasyvatel of snivels at children is issued.

Pharmacological action

Clearing nasal cavities.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The sea water included in composition of spray, and the sodium chloride included in Otrivinum of Baby in structure of drops are the effective clearing remedies for newborns and babies used for removal of the nasal allocations which are shown at rhinitises (cold).

The reasons of emergence of cold in babies and small children are various and often are not connected with infectious processes. Immaturity of many internal systems, characteristic of newborn children, and bodies, including the ciliate epithelium covering the nasal courses quite often leads to disorders of evakuatorny ciliate function. Insufficiency of this function often becomes the reason of accumulation of dust and viscous slime in a nasal cavity, formations of firm crusts, disturbances breath and formations of the favorable atmosphere for development of various infections. These painful states are aggravated in case of frequent vomiting at the child or his stay indoors with dry air. Can also lead to children's cold the foreign bodys which got into a nose or allergic reactions.

The nasal courses of babies quite narrow and their partial or full obstruction becomes the reason of difficulty or impossibility of nasal breath that, in turn, it is expressed by concern, crying, a small appetite and a dream at the child, and also leads to difficulty of process of suction of milk, swallowing air and to development of a meteorism and gripes. This situation for newborns is complicated by lack of a reflex of oral breath at them which forms only by 6 months of life that can cause air hunger and disturbances in work of TsNS. At frequent and long rhinitises at this age both psychoemotional, and physical development can suffer. Also serious complications of ENT organs, including an inflammation of a middle ear, mucous okolonosovy bosoms, otitis, sinusitis and antritis begin with banal cold.

For removal of children's nasal allocations the nasal aspirator Otrivinum of the Baby was also created (sopleotsos) which in a complex with the clearing drops or spray perfectly copes with displays of cold at children from the moment of their birth.

Indications to use

Drops and spray apply Otrivinum of Baby for:

  • hygiene (cleaning) of nasal cavities, at allergic rhinitis, and also at chronic and acute catarrhal diseases of a nasopharynx, adnexal bosoms and the nose;
  • daily hygiene of nasal cavities, for the purpose of preservation of protective qualities of mucous membranes in the conditions of air pollution or its increased dryness (including a central heating, conditioning and so forth);
  • prevention of inflammatory processes in the post-operational period, and also painful conditions of a nasopharynx and nose of the infectious nature.

The aspirator Otrivinum of the Baby is intended for:

  • removals of liquid mucous allocations (snivels) from a nose of newborn children and babies.


Purpose of the clearing means Otrivinum of Baby contraindicated in the presence at the child of high personal sensitivity to any of ingredients of drops or spray.

The nasal aspirator should not be applied at children with an allergy to the materials used for production of components of this product.

Side effects

At normal portability of ingredients of drops or spray, use of these clearing means does not lead to forming of any negative side effects.

Application instruction Otrivinum of Baby

Otrivinum of the Baby the instruction for use recommends to apply drops and spray exclusively intranazalno (in a nose).

Drops Otrivinum

It is necessary to use drops in infantile (till 1st year) or more advanced age for hygiene of nasal mucous membranes and prevention of painful conditions of a nasopharynx and a nose. In days 2-4 times recommend to carry out procedure of washing, digging in drops in each nasal pass. If necessary allow more frequent use.

  • Before procedure of an instillation it is necessary to separate one bottle dropper from the others and having turned a protective cap clockwise to open a bottle.
  • At infantile age procedure of washing of a nose should be carried out in situation "the child lying with the head turned on one side".
  • Using a nasal aspirator, exempt nasal cavities from the slime which is contained in them.
  • Easy pressing a bottle several drops of solution (for more careful clarification is possible more) consistently enter into each nasal pass.
  • After several seconds seat the child and if necessary delete slime and excesses of solution from nasal cavities.
  • By pressing a protective cap close a bottle.

Spray Otrivinum

Procedure of administration of spray can be carried out at any position of the little patient. Recommend to use spray 2-4 times a day (it is possible for a thicket) on the 1st injection in each nasal pass.

  • Before procedure of injection it is necessary to remove a protective cap and, in case of use of a new bottle, having directed a sprayer tip up, to press it several times, before emergence of uniform spraying.
  • To vertically enter a sprayer tip into the basis of one of the nasal courses.
  • To press on the raspylitelny device once.
  • To repeat procedure of injection concerning other nasal pass.
  • To carefully wash up a sprayer tip, to dry it and to close a protective cap.

Nasal aspirator Otrivinum of the Baby, application instruction

Фото назального аспиратора

Photo of a nasal aspirator

The aspirator nasal is intended for removal of nasal allocations before procedure of washing or an instillation of a nose, and also elimination of slime and excesses of drugs after their use.

  • Before procedure of aspiration it is necessary to attach a one-time replaceable nozzle to the central segment of the body of an aspirator (nozzles are on sale separately from an aspirator).
  • The person who is carrying out aspiration should place a device mouthpiece in a mouth and to insert an aspirator tip into one of nasal passes of the child. Carrying out uniform breaths through a mouthpiece, to carefully involve a mouth air. If between carrying out breaths filling of a nozzle with nasal allocations is observed, it is necessary to blow a mouthpiece, thereby having removed slime in in advance prepared napkin, or to change a nozzle.
  • To carry out identical process of aspiration concerning other nasal pass.
  • To disconnect and throw out (to utilize) the used nozzle.


Topical administration of sea water and sodium of chloride, the clearing means which are active ingredients this, cannot lead to overdose.


Any interaction of drops and spray Otrivinum of Baby with other medical drugs is improbable.

Terms of sale

All dosage forms of Otrivinum of Baby carry to OTC medicines.

Storage conditions

Bottles with drops or spray can be kept at the room temperature (not to heat).

Period of validity

From the date of production – 3 years.

Special instructions

In the hygienic purposes and because of possible transmission of infection 1 bottle of drops or spray is intended only for use by one child.

After opening of a bottle of drops they can be used only for 12 hours.

Nozzles of an aspirator are intended for single use then utilization is subject.



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