Scaly (color) deprive

Scaly (multi-colored) deprive - it is a disease which develops under the influence of the persistent fungal infection extending on a corneous layer of epidermis.

"Deprive" the general name it was known in ancient times when this term called practically all skin diseases at which on a surface of skin there were shelled color spots. This infectious pathology is often descended to the person. The disease is more often shown at people who live in the countries with very hot climate.

Chromophytosis reasons

Infestant are mushrooms of Pityrpsporum orbiculare and Malassezia furfur which develop in a corneous layer of skin and mouths of follicles. Insignificant contageousness of a disease is noted. As specialists consider, development of a disease in the person is influenced definitely by strong and constant perspiration, features of chemical composition of sweat, and also specific features of integuments of each person. Patients have also researches testimonial of more frequent display of a disease with a pulmonary tuberculosis. Most often color deprive occurs at young people of both floors. Very seldom the illness is diagnosed for children of preschool age. The disease, however, sometimes affects skin of children whose immune system is weakened owing to a diabetes mellitus, a vegetative neurosis with the increased perspiration. It is in that case important to provide quickly treatment color depriving, and, the decision on how to treat a disease, the doctor has to accept only.

Pregnancy, and also the hormonal imbalance provoked by other reasons is also the factor promoting display of this disease.

Chromophytosis symptoms

Отрубевидный (цветной) лишай At development of a disease in the person different sites of skin gradually are surprised. On them there are spots which have yellowy-brown color with a pinkish shade. The spot initially appears in the mouth of hair follicles then begins to increase. After a spot merge and occupy extensive sites of an integument, reminding at the same time a peculiar map. Also color of a spot changes: it darkens, becoming brown and coffee. For this reason this illness is also called "multi-colored deprive". Such spots do not rise over skin level. The expressed symptoms multi-colored depriving of the patient, as a rule, do not disturb. Outlines at spots generally roundish, oval, sometimes a cylindrical form. Only sometimes the illness is shown by a small itch and an insignificant peeling of skin on site of defeat. Deprive generally it is localized on upper part of a trunk of the person: on pilar sites of the head, on a neck, on a back and a breast, on outside part of shoulders. At children and teenagers the disease is most often shown on a breast, a neck, in axillary hollows, on a stomach.

Allocate several types of herpeses which differ on structure. Respectively, depending on illness type treatment multi-colored is also appointed depriving. Doctors allocate
yellow chromophytosis, black chromophytosis, akhromichesky chromophytosis. Therefore before defining how to cure deprive, the doctor has to carry out careful diagnosis.

The illness can proceed throughout a long span: till several months and even flying. And even after the disease was completely cured, sometimes, after a while, there can come its recurrence.


The doctor can establish this diagnosis without difficulties, basing the conclusions on a typical clinical picture of an illness. But if during establishment of the diagnosis certain difficulties are shown, then some auxiliary diagnostic methods are applied. So-called iodic test of Baltser is for this purpose applied. The skin affected with a disease is greased with 5% spirit solution of iodine. At the same time places with the loosened corneous layer of skin will be more intensively painted, than healthy skin. Sometimes instead of iodine also use 1-2% solution of aniline dyes. Except these methods the phenomenon of "shaving" (a so-called symptom of Benye) is also used. If to poskablivat spots a nail, then there is a loosening of a corneous layer and amotio of upper scales. In the course of diagnosis for definition of the centers of damage of skin hidden for a naked eye the mercury-quartz lamp is used. Such research is surely made in the dark room. Beams of a lamp are passed through Wood's filter — glass, impregnirovanny by nickel salts. In the dark spots on the struck zones will be reddish-yellow or dark brown light. Thanks to identification of such hidden centers there is an opportunity to carry out adequate and fast treatment and as a result to avoid complications, and also repeated displays of an illness. For confirmation of an illness microscopic examination of the materials taken from the place of defeat is also used.

In certain cases in the course of establishment of the diagnosis it is necessary to differentiate a disease with a syphilitic roseola, pink we deprive of Zhiber. These diseases are shown by similar signs, however, with some distinctions.


Отрубевидный (цветной) лишай To provide effective treatment of patients for whom the chromophytosis is diagnosed first of all use of anti-mycotic means which are applied outwardly is necessary, and also it is important to make disinfection of linen. Antimirkotichesky solutions which will be applied if the doctor appoints treatment of a chromophytosis can be used in different types. So, use of ointments, solutions, creams practices. In particular, it is appointed bifalazol, salicyl alcohol and salicylic ointment, resorcinol alcohol, Unguentum sulfuratum, Terbinafin, Mycosolonum, tsikloperoks, Clotrimazolum, etc. All means are applied until visible displays of a disease disappear. Defining how to treat widespread scaly multi-colored deprive, the doctor appoints reception of the general antimycotics which allow to accelerate recovery process. These are drugs ketokonazol, itrakonazol. Sometimes also use of antimycotics inside practices that allows to prevent manifestation of recurrence in the future.

At treatment the out-patient mode practices. Choosing, than to treat a disease, the specialist does not recommend to adhere to a certain diet. At the same time treatment by folk remedies is in certain cases possible. The general forecast at treatment of an illness favorable: however, in the absence of preventive therapy and existence of the factors promoting a disease it can be shown again.

Sometimes deprive recovers under the influence of sunshine. In that case on site defeats remain white sites as skin does not give in to suntan. This phenomenon is called a pseudoleukoderma.

But nevertheless patients have to know also that, despite rather easy treatment, after recovery a lot of time occupies return of an initial pigment of skin. Besides, sometimes the illness or a xanthopathy returns to the hot period of year.

Treatment by national methods

There are many recipes of traditional medicine which use practices at herpes. It is possible to prepare broth of an eucalyptus and train, having taken equal parts of leaves of these plants. Three tablespoons of this mix fill in 1 l of hot water and prepare broth of 40 minutes on the water bath. Having filtered broth, it can be applied as lotions and compresses.

Lotions can be done also of infusion of a celandine for which preparation it is necessary to fill in one tablespoon for the night in 400 ml of boiled water and to insist on an extent of 20 minutes.

Lotions from beet and a lemon are effective. To prepare such mix, it is necessary to squeeze out juice of fresh beet and one lemon. Such medicine can be applied both inside, and outwardly. Inside it is necessary to accept 100 ml three times a day for two weeks. Do also compresses of guelder-rose berries. Initially they need to be frozen, peretoloch through a sieve and to add the same amount of water to mix, to filter. The compress is imposed to the place of defeat twice a day and leave mix for 40 minutes.

Отрубевидный (цветной) лишай Prepare also ointment from a St. John's Wort and birch tar. It is initially necessary to mix the crushed fresh grass of a St. John's Wort with soft butter in equal proportions. After that to add one more part of birch tar and to mix everything in homogeneous mass. This ointment is stored in the refrigerator and applied once a day: it needs to be put to the struck place on a napkin for 40 minutes.

Except the described recipes also other national methods, for example ointment from a root of a false hellebore white on the basis of vaseline are applied. Internally accept broths of medicinal plants: celandine, Veronika medicinal, glycyrrhizas, yarrow, root of a dandelion, buckthorn, mint.

Medical bathtubs are prepared from a pine and a tansy: on one bathtub it is necessary to prepare broth from one full one-liter jar of needles of a pine and the same quantity of a grass of a tansy. Broth together with 1 kg of sea salt is added to a bathtub. A course of treatment – fifteen days, a bath it is necessary to take every day before going to bed. Both broths, and infusions of any parts of a burdock are also effective.

One more ointment prepares from several ingredients: it is necessary to take 2 tablespoons of a root of the burdock which is previously crushed, 10 flowers of a calendula, 15 cones of hop. All these components fill up in 200 ml of water and boil on small fire for 20 minutes. 2 tablespoons of powder of a root of a glycyrrhiza, and also 100 ml of vaseline are added to the filtered broth. Ointment needs to be mixed and cooled well then twice a day it is applied on the places struck we deprive, and hold 40 minutes.


Preventive measures are very important if deprive it is diagnosed for one of family members. It is important to perform surely careful inspection of all people contacting to the patient. Besides, inspection with use of a luminescent lama is performed. Both the clothes, and a bed of the patient should be disinfected, having boiled things in soda and soap solution and having carefully ironed.

For prevention of a disease it is not necessary to carry synthetic linen. It is important to watch every day own hygiene, accepting hydrotherapeutic procedures. Besides, it is necessary to apply certain methods of controlling with the increased perspiration of a body.

To the people inclined to this disease, it is necessary to wipe surely periodically in hot summer days skin with salicyl alcohol or the acidified water for which preparation lemon juice or vinegar is used. Sometimes, approximately once for three weeks, it is possible to apply antifungal means to prevention of a palindromia also.

Patients for whom it is diagnosed multi-colored deprive, should not be exposed to heavy loadings, the long time to stay on the sun, to give in to stresses, to carry synthetic linen.

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