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  • Latin name: Ovestin
  • ATH code: G03CA04
  • Active ingredient: Estriol (Estriol)
  • Producer: Organon (Netherlands)


Ovestin is a part of tablets active ingredient estriol, and also auxiliary ingredients: amylopectin, potato starch, monohydrate of lactose, magnesium povidone, stearate, silicon dioxide.

Ovestin is a part of candles active ingredient estriol, and also vitepsol S 58 as additional ingredient.

Cream Ovestin contains estriol, and also a number of additional ingredients: cetyl palmitate, octyllauryl alcohol, cetyl alcohol, glycerin, polysorbate, stearyl alcohol, sorbitan stearate, hydrochloride of a hlorgeksidin, lactic acid, sodium hydroxide, water.

Release form

Tablets Ovestin have white color, the flat, round form with slanted edge, on a surface of one party marking of "DG" over figure "8" and dividing risky, to ORGANON on another the parties of a tablet – marking "is applied *".

Vaginal cream has homogeneous mass, a shade purely - white or whitish, possesses a specific smell.

Vaginal candles can have color from white to cream, a torpedo-shaped form, a homogeneous surface and longitudinal section.

Pharmacological action

As a part of means there is a natural women's hormone estriol. It is so-called hormone of short action. Therefore, it does not provide stimulation of proliferative processes in an endometria. Means accelerates process of recovery of an epithelium of a mucous membrane of a vagina, and also optimization of the rn-environment and recovery of natural microflora of a vagina. As a result, the level of local immunity increases, the obstacle for development of pathological flora appears.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Means can be applied in the presence of pathological symptoms which are shown owing to a lack of estrogen of an organism. Special efficiency of drug at therapy of disturbances of urogenital character is noted.

If atrophic changes of a mucous membrane of a vagina take place, drug promotes recovery of a mucous membrane.

As a result, under the influence of drug the level of resistance of tissues of vagina to inflammatory processes and infections increases. Women note that after reception of means manifestation of dryness and an itch of a vagina, a dispareuniya, infections of urinogenital system decreases, and also complaints which are connected with an urine incontience disappear.

At introduction of means intravaginalno optimum bioavailability of active ingredient is provided in the place of its action. Estriol by absorption gets to the general system of circulation. As a result, concentration significantly increases in a blood plasma of not conjugated estriol. The highest level of concentration of substance in a blood plasma is noted 1–2 hours later after its introduction. About 90% of estriol contact albumine in a blood plasma.

As estriol is an end product of a metabolism, generally he is brought with urine in the conjugated form. With a stake from an organism only the insignificant part of drug (about 2%), generally in not conjugated form is allocated.

Indications to use

Indications to use of candles Ovestin, and also tablets and cream the following:

  • treatment of an atrophic colpitis;
  • age changes of a mucous membrane of a vagina of atrophic character which arise owing to deficit of estrogen;
  • frequent urination, painful feelings at an urination;
  • urine incontience;
  • infertility which is connected with a cervical factor;
  • for the purpose of diagnosis, if results of a smear on cytology not clear;
  • preventive measures for the prevention of inflammations of urogenital area;
  • preventive measures for the prevention of complications after operations with access through a vagina.


Contraindications on candles, tablets, cream Ovestin the following:

  • intolerance of components of means;
  • pregnancy period;
  • oncological disease of a mammary gland, suspicion on development of cancer or breast cancer of the anamnesis;
  • estrogenzavisimy malignant tumor;
  • bleedings from a vagina of not clear etiology;
  • venous or arterial thromboembolism in the anamnesis;
  • porphyria;
  • acute diseases of a liver or change of hepatic tests.

Side effects

Medicine in the form of suppositories can provoke display of an itch or irritation of local character. Emergence of morbidity or intensity of mammary glands is possible. Such by-effects are, as a rule, noted in the first days of use of drug, however sometimes their development demonstrates that too high dose of means is appointed.

Also manifestation of acyclic bloody allocations, metrorrhagias, breakthrough bleedings was noted.

In the summary to drug it is noted that at treatment by Ovestin also other by-effects can develop. About such manifestations it is reported at treatment estrogen-progestogen, but enough data whether Ovestin in it differs, no.

It is about benign and malignant estrogenzavisimy tumors, thrombosis, heart attacks and a myocardial infarction, diseases of a gall bladder, skin and hypodermic inflammatory processes, dementia.

Application instruction of Ovestin (Way and dosage)

If in the course of treatment to the patient Ovestin is appointed, the application instruction of means has to be carried out accurately.

Drug can be used as cream, tablets, candles, and at the same time, regardless of a way of introduction, it remains equally effective. When using any form of drug, whether it be a tablet ointment or candles, it is accepted once a day.

The application instruction of Ovestin in the form of cream assumes that means is entered before going to bed, by means of the special applicator. Initially it is used every day, at noticeable improvement a state it is possible to pass to the scheme of introduction two times a week. Duration of treatment depends on a disease.

Tablets are, as a rule, appointed in a dose of 2-4 pieces (4-8 mg) in days for one month, further the dose decreases to 1-2 tablets (1-2 mg) a day. If at the person the urine incontience is noted, higher dose of drug can be appointed.

Administration of suppositories is shown once a day and when symptoms gradually decrease, it is possible to pass to introduction of candles twice a week.

Candles enter once a day, at improvement of symptoms pass to more rare introduction – 2 times a week.

If the preparation for surgery at transvaginal access is carried out, on one candle it is entered every day, treatment begins in two weeks prior to an operative measure. Further, after carrying out manipulations, still about two candles in a week for 14 days are entered. According to the same scheme cream Ovestin is applied.

If reception of a dose of drug was missed, and at the same time an interval between doses making no more than 36 hours, it is necessary to accept a dose which was passed and to further continue treatment according to the usual scheme. If the interval makes more than 36 hours, then Ovestin's reception continues according to the scheme.


At Ovestin's overdose nausea and vomiting, and also bleedings from a vagina can be noted.

In that case symptomatic therapy practices.


Adverse interaction with other medicines is noted.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to consider that pharmacological properties of Ovestin can define interaction with anticonvulsant and anti-retrovirus drugs, antibiotics, and also with drugs as a part of which there is a St. John's Wort.

There are data that estriol is capable to strengthen action of a number of corticosteroids and theophylline.

Terms of sale

Ovestin is released according to the recipe of the doctor.

Storage conditions

Tablets need to be stored in the dark and dry place, at the same time temperature has to make from 2 to 30 °C.

Candles and cream have to be stored in the dark and dry place, at the same time temperature has to make from 2 to 25 °C.

Period of validity

Period of validity of Ovestin — 3 years.

Special instructions

It is impossible to carry out long therapy by high doses of means (no more than several weeks).

If prolonged treatment is necessary, it is necessary to conduct regular examination of mammary glands and surveys at the gynecologist, careful control of a koagullogramma.

At treatment of post-menopausal symptoms hormonal replacement therapy practices only in a case of existence of the expressed symptoms worsening quality of life.

The woman has to realize about what changes in the mammary glands which are shown in the course of treatment it is necessary to report to the doctor.

At manifestation of factors which are contraindication to treatment or other negative changes in a state of health it is necessary to stop treatment by means.

As estrogen can provoke a liquid delay in an organism, the state of health of people with heart failure and diseases of kidneys needs to be controlled carefully.

Ovestin's analogs

Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Ovestin's analogs in Russia are the drugs Dimoestrolum, Гормоплекс, Microfollinum fort, Tefestrol. At their structure there is also an estriol. However the patient has to be interested not in the price of analogs, but efficiency of their impact on an organism. Therefore about with what it is possible to replace Ovestin, it is necessary to consult on the doctor surely.


  • Ovestin of vag.kry 15 g + applikatorn.v. Organon
  • Ovestin of a tablet 2 of mg No. 30H.B. Organon
  • Ovestin of a vag.svecha 0,5mg No. 15H.B. Organon

Drugstore of IFC

  • Ovestin cream of levers. tuba of 15 g, Organonniderlandy
  • Ovestin tbl 2 mg No. 30, Organonniderlandy
  • Ovestin soup of levers. 0,5mg No. 15, Organonniderlandy
  • Biovestin fl 12 ml, Biot-Vest of Ltd company (Novosibirsk) Russia
  • Biovestin-Lakto fl 12 ml, Biot-Vest of Ltd company (Novosibirsk) Russia
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  • Ovestintsariya


  • Ovestin of 0,5 mg No. 15 supp.vag.organon (Netherlands)/Yuniter Indastris (France)
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