Panic attacks

Panic attack is an inexplicable sudden attack of feeling sick at which the patient is disturbed by the feeling of alarm combined with different vegetative symptoms. For definition of this term doctors often use also some other terms: vegetative crisis, VSD with a krizovy current, a cardioneurosis, etc. At panic attacks accurate symptoms are shown. The specialist has to carry out treatment of this state.

How panic attack is shown?

Each person had to have the acute, suddenly captured feeling of unreasonable alarm at least once, probably. Such panic frustration usually are followed by suddenly shown strong heartbeat, feeling of faintness and a shiver in knees. Similar reaction is norm if the person really reacts to threat or danger. But if the similar state is observed regularly, then the speech already goes about psychoneurological frustration which is called panic attack. This morbid condition is shown unjustly and covers the person in absolutely different life situations. It can happen in transport or in other places to a large number of people, and also on the closed spaces. Initially there is an impression that the reasons for such reaction are absent. As modern psychologists testify, panic attacks are observed approximately at 5% of people who live in big cities.


Причины панических атак у девушекSpecialists assure that panic attacks are shown at the person as attacks in response to stressful situations and reflect a peculiar internal fight of consciousness against aggression of the outside world. One more reason for which the person is disturbed by symptoms of panic attack, this existence of certain psychological conflicts which the person cannot realize and allow. Certainly that the people subject to such attacks are disturbed, first of all, by questions of whether such frustration are dangerous and how to cope with manifestations of VSD. In a network there is not one forum at which the people subject such attack, look for the answer how to get rid of similar manifestations.

Most often panic attacks which sometimes are defined by doctors as vegeto-vascular dystonia, heart neurosis, etc. arise at people who have weak protection against influence of stresses in view of shortage in an organism of serotonin and noradrenaline. These substances effectively prevent influence of emotional and physical discomfort on an organism. Such people can keep some time self-control, but at too severe and long stress they are covered by a wave of panic attacks. Are more subject to such manifestations of the woman. Panic attacks are quite often shown at pregnancy, and also at the people who are often taking alcohol.

Can serve as the starting moment for manifestation of panic attack anything: stress, emotional fluctuations, sleep debt. At the same time panic attack overcomes the patient not at the moment when objective danger, and in usual time takes place. Respectively, it is difficult for person to explain to himself what the reason of such nervoz in.


It is most brightly expressed, as a rule, there passes the first attack of panic attack. Nervoz at the person is followed by sharp rise in arterial pressure, pronounced affect. At the patient heart strongly fights, he can even sometimes faint. All subsequent manifestations of panic attacks are in most cases expressed less.

After the first expressed attack how to fight against similar manifestations, the person has to consult on the doctor. It is desirable to begin treatment of panic attacks at once after the first cases of neurosises. How to treat an illness and what methods are preferable in an individual case, the specialist will also prompt.

At the people subject to panic attacks supertension is, as a rule, observed in the afternoon of which the period of the highest social activity is the share.

Both at the first panic attack, and at the subsequent attacks at the person the expressed vegetative symptoms are observed: perspiration, heartbeat, feeling of heat, pressure in a throat, a headache, numbness of hands and legs. Such attack lasts about ten-fifteen minutes, but can sometimes proceed also about an hour. After subsiding of symptoms of the patient feels strong weakness and depression.

Panic attack – a separate illness at which at the person it can not be shown other phobias. Despite it, it is frequent at patients subject to such attacks also different emotional and affective frustration are observed. So, panic attacks can be combined with an agarofobiya (fear of open space), claustrophobia (fear of the closed space), fear of crowd.

Sometimes panic frustration can mistakenly be accepted by the person to other diseases. Similar delusions most often are present at those who began to be exposed to attacks of panic attacks only recently. It is easy to confuse such attacks with manifestations of somatopathies, with neurologic diseases, and also with some mental disorders.

How to define panic attack

There are objective criteria allowing to define that the person is really subject to panic attacks. It is necessary to estimate precisely the condition and to define whether the symptoms described above are shown, and also to be convinced available the next moments.

At people, to subject panic attacks, attacks arise sharply and unexpectedly, about four attacks a month are observed. At least, at one of attacks of people feels fear of manifestation of new panic attack. At an attack there is a feeling of unreality of the events, the person feels fear to die, ache. To assume that at the person panic attack develops, it is possible if at him it is observed, at least, four of the following symptoms: strong pulse and heartbeat; tremor and feeling of a fever; perspiration; utrudnenny breath, feeling of asthma; painful or the complicated breath; discomfortable feelings in a thorax at the left; nausea; dizziness and state close to a faint; feeling of fear to go crazy or to make an inadequate act; numbness or a pricking in hands and legs, sharp inflow of cold or heat.


After the person addresses with complaints to manifestation of the symptoms described above, doctors initially conduct all necessary researches to exclude pathologies of internals – vessels, a brain, etc.

Diagnosis is based on definition of clinical displays of an illness, and also on definition of degree of uneasiness of the person. The special scale of an assessment of panic attacks and attacks of alarm is for this purpose used.


In the optimum way of overcoming of attacks of panic attacks the competent combination of medicamentous and non-drug therapy is considered today. The doctor adequately estimates a condition of the patient and selects the drug-antidepressant suitable it. It should be accepted throughout the long period. Sometimes such treatment lasts about one year. In such a way it is possible to adjust contents in an organism of sick serotonin and noradrenaline. Modern antidepressants are capable to affect positively quality of life of the patient, at the same time without causing undesirable side effects. At the person the frequency and intensity of attacks decreases, the fear disappears, the general psychological state and mood improves. Besides, if necessary tranquilizers, neuroleptics are appointed sick. If the vestibular form of panic attacks is diagnosed for the patient, then reception of neurometabolic stimulators of sedative action is also shown him.

As non-drug methods of therapy holding sessions of psychotherapy, change of vital way practices. It is important that in human life there were as little as possible stressful situations, and more positive emotions were observed.

Except the specified ways of treatment at panic attacks to the patient carrying out some physiotherapeutic procedures sometimes is reasonable. MDM therapy (mesodiencephalic modulation of a cerebral cortex), an electrosleep, a tsvetoterapiya, an aromatherapy practices. Also the reflexotherapy, a course of the weakening massage, the physiotherapy exercises directed to relaxation, and later – is sometimes appointed to increase of a tone. However exercises have to be moderately intensive and dosed as serious loadings can worsen a condition of the patient.

Also auxiliary treatment by herbs at which patients are recommended to accept every day broths of some herbs with the calming effect practices. It is possible to prepare broths and valerian infusions, Veronika, a marjoram, a nettle, a melissa, mint, a wormwood ordinary, a motherwort, a camomile, hop, etc.

It is necessary to pay attention and to feeding habits. It is better to exclude hot spices and products, strong coffee and tea, alcoholic beverages as they excitingly affect a nervous system from a diet.

How to reduce intensity of an attack?

Приступ панической атаки у мужчиныThe patient at whom attacks of panic attack are periodically shown has to learn to cope independently with a situation, reducing weight of manifestations. Sometimes implementation of simple recommendations allows to prevent development of an attack of panic completely.

So, initially the person always has to realize the fact that panic attack does not threaten its health. Nevertheless, it is very difficult to realize this simple thought in the course of an attack. But if to try to master such method, then over time it is possible to learn to manage the consciousness and during panic attack.

To stop panic, it is necessary to try to take a situation which allegedly threatens the person under control. For this purpose the simple paper package in which breath will help to control a look work of internals will approach.

Also presence near the patient of that person who is informed on his problems will help and can help at any time. Even those people who got used to cope independently with all problems have to ask for the help. The person suffering from attacks of panic attacks has to permit, at least, mentally if necessary to look for the help at other people and not to consider it as unworthy behavior. It is also necessary to remember that there is always opportunity quickly to call the doctor.

To the patient who is subject to panic attacks knowledge considerably facilitates a state: what more he will know about an illness, about ways of its overcoming and reduction of symptoms, subjects more quietly he will treat its manifestations and adequately to behave at attacks.

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