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  • Latin name: Pancreasim
  • ATH code: A09AA02
  • Active ingredient: Pancreatinum (Pancreatin)
  • Producer: Technologist of closed joint stock company (Ukraine)


Active making – Pancreatinum. Additional components: titanium E 171 dioxide, methacrylic acid — ethyl acrylate copolymer (in the ratio 1:1) dispersion of 30%, sodium chloride, karmoizin E 122, MKTs, magnesium stearate, propylene glycol, aerosil, krospovidon, talc.

Release form

Medicine is issued in the form of pink kishechnorastvorimy tablets in a protective film cover.

Pharmacological action

Pankreazim helps to improve work of the alimentary system.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Medicine contains pancreatic enzymes which improve digestion of lipids, carbohydrates and proteins. They are completely absorbed in a small intestine. In case of pancreas diseases Pankreazim fills insufficiency of its vneshnesekretorny function and normalizes digestion.

The protective cover of tablets interferes with splitting of digestive enzymes under the influence of a gastric juice. The maximum effect of drug is noticeable 30-45 minutes later.

Indications to Pankreazim's use

Indications to Pankreazim's use:

  • problems with assimilation of food;
  • insufficiency of digestion in case of disturbance of exocrine function of a pancreas;
  • infections in intestines;
  • chronic diseases of a liver, stomach, intestines and bilious ways;
  • state after radiation or a resection of a liver, intestines, a stomach and bilious ways to which problems with digestion of food, diarrhea and a meteorism accompany;
  • need of decontamination of intestines to X-ray inspections and ultrasonography.

Besides, drug can be used for improvement of work of the alimentary system at the gastrointestinal tract normal function in cases when there are errors in food, and also at a long immobilization, problems with chewing function and slow-moving way of life.


It is contraindicated to apply medicine at an exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis, acute pancreatitis and negative reaction to drug components.

Side effects

In case of negative reaction to this means symptoms of impassability of intestines, and also allergic reactions are possible (especially at children).

At emergence of an allergy drug should be cancelled. Symptomatic treatment.

Application instruction of Pankreazim (Way and dosage)

The instruction on Pankreazim reports that dosages are selected individually. They depend on degree of insufficiency of function of a pancreas. As a rule, appoint to accept 1-4 tablets during food. They are accepted inside, to or during meals. Pankreazim's tablets cannot be chewed, but they can be washed down with liquid in large numbers, for example, water and fruit juice. A day dosage for adult patients – 6-18 tablets.

The application instruction of Pankreazim at full insufficiency of vneshnesekretorny function of a pancreas indicates that the dose can be increased. Therapy can last several days, months or years.


Medicine does not include components which can provoke poisoning.


It is desirable to combine Pankreazim with other means only after consultation with the specialist. This drug reduces iron absorption.

Terms of sale

Medicine is available in pharmacy chain without recipe of the doctor.

Storage conditions

It is necessary to keep Pankreazim in the dry and dark place. It is necessary to protect medicine for children. Temperature – 15–25 °C.

Period of validity

Two years. It is forbidden to use drug after this time.

About Pankreazim

About Pankreazim on the Internet, but the majority of them positive seldom meet. Those who accepted this means according to the instruction write that it well helps to cope with problems in system of digestion. About Pankreazim do not report about side reactions.

The price where to buy

Medicine is sold generally in Ukraine. The average price for the packaging expected 20 tablets – 20 hryvnias. The cost of packaging of Pankreazim which contains 50 tablets, on average 50 hryvnias.

In Russia the price of drug can strongly differ depending on the seller. Some Internet drugstores specify cost in 30-40 rubles for packaging in 20 tablets, and some – 135 rubles.


  • Pankreazy 240 mg No. 20 of a tablet
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  • Pankreazimtekhnolog (Ukraine, Uman)
  • Pankreazim of the tablet No. 50 Technologist (Ukraine, Uman)


  • To Pankreazy tab. No. 20 Technologist
  • To Pankreazy tab. No. 20 Technologist


  • Pankreazim No. 20 tabl.p.o. Technologist of closed joint stock company (Ukraine)
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