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  • Latin name: Papain-Active
  • Active ingredient: Papayas lacteal juice (Papaya succus)
  • Producer: LLC Medflorina (Russia)


Papain, a geleobrazovatel of Aristofleks, preservative of Sharomiks of DMP, glycerin, katon CG-3, the distilled water and olive oil is a part of gel.

Release form

Gel is issued in plastic jars on 100 ml.

Pharmacological action

Antiinflammatory, analgeziruyushchy.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Means not only cosmetology, but also medicinal as it is effective at various diseases of a backbone, joints, at a hernia nuclei pulposi softening.

Enzyme – papain (papain) as a part of Papain-Aktiv improves microcirculation of fabrics, betrays elasticity to a body and a condition of skin, and also slows down aging processes. Killing dorsodynias, creates premises for a good healthy sleep.

Papain — what is it?

It is possible to find information in reference books that this substance is polypeptide, the proteolytic vegetable enzyme which is contained in a melon tree known as a papaya. Being active agent, papain is capable to catalyze hydrolysis of proteins, amides. Due to enzymatic action it is called still "vegetable pepsin".

Indications to use

Papain-Aktiv gel is recommended to be applied:


  • Individual intolerance of the making gel components.
  • Acute inflammatory processes of skin.

Side effects

Allergic reactions.

Application instruction of Papain-Aktiv (Way and dosage)

Papain-Aktiv gel should be applied on a back, a neck, a waist with a rubbing in method the massing movements, it is necessary to reach full absorption. Procedure is carried out in the evening, before going to bed. The course for 1-2 months or to an absolute recovery is recommended.

The instruction assumes use of gel after carrying out procedure of an electrophoresis by means of drug Karipazim.


There are no data on overdose at external use of Papain-Aktiv gel today.


There are no descriptions of clinically significant cases of interaction of the drug Papain-Aktiv with other HP.

Terms of sale

Gel is released without recipe.

Storage conditions

It is necessary to store in the dry place at a temperature of 5 - 20 °C.

Period of validity

1,5 years.

Special instructions

Physiotherapists of scientific research institute of Burdenko recommend at treatment of a hernia nuclei pulposi after an electrophoresis to use Papain-Aktiv gel.


Papain-Aktiv is the cosmetic analog of Karipazim capable to strengthen action of the last.

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Education: Graduated from the Nikolaev national university of V. A. Sukhomlinsky, gained the diploma of the specialist with honors as "An embryologist, a cytologist, a histologist". Also, the human physiology and animals, the teacher of biology" graduated from a magistracy majoring in ". The course on discipline "Pharmacology" is with honors passable.

Experience: Worked as the senior laboratory assistant of department of Physiology and biochemistry of the Nikolaev national university of V. A. Sukhomlinsky in 2010 - 2011.

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