Couple Plus

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  • Latin name: Para Plus
  • ATH code: P03AC54
  • Active ingredient: Malathion + Permethrin + Piperonyl
  • Producer: Alfa Omega S.r.L. (France)


1 aerosol can includes: 290 mg – malathion, 580 mg – permethrin, 2320 mg – butoxide piperonyl – active ingredients.

Minor ingredients: 5481 mg – isododecane, 5800 mg — HFA 134a propellant.

Release form

The drug Couple Plus is let out in the form of an aerosol in cylinders (116 g) with the sprayer.

Pharmacological action


Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Steam aerosol Plus is the combined medicine used for treatment of a head pediculosis (infection with louses of a pilar zone of the head).

Pharmacological efficiency of drug is shown thanks to insecticidal influence of its active ingredients where malathion acts as an organofosforny insecticide, permethrin is neurotoxic protivonasekomny poison, and piperonyl butoxide increases action of the last.

Indications to use

The aerosol is applied for the purpose of therapy of a head pediculosis, to extermination of nits and louses.


Drug is forbidden to be used aged till 2,5 flyings, hypersensitivity to its ingredients and bronchial asthma.

Side effects

In the course of use of an aerosol occasionally observed a burning sensation or tinglings of integuments of the head.

Steam aerosol Plus, application instruction

The application instruction of Steam Plus assumes exclusively outside use of drug.

Using short-term pressing the sprayer, evenly apply drug on all length of indumentum and head skin. Without covering the head, wait for 10 minutes then carefully wash away an aerosol, using usual shampoo. It is possible to get rid of the dead insects and nits who remained on hair and head skin by means of a frequent hairbrush.

Also, for the prevention of repeated infection, it is necessary to process drug all personal belongings of the patient (headdresses, pillows, collars, towels, etc.).

At severe infection the drug reuse which is carried out in 7 days can be necessary.


About overdose by the drug Couple Plus it was not reported.


The interactions influencing effects of other medicines are not revealed.

Terms of sale

Couple Plus is released without providing the recipe.

Storage conditions

Cylinders with an aerosol store at a temperature up to 30 °C.

Period of validity

48 months.

Special instructions

Procedure of spraying of an aerosol should be carried out in well aired or ventilated room.

During all procedure it is necessary to keep far from devices with naked flame.

Accidental hit of substance on mucous and in eyes demands its fast and careful removal by means of warm water.


Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

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  • Couple Plus aer.naruzhn. 116 g, Farmafrantion's Omega
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  • Couple plus aerosol 116glaboratoris Omega Farm Frans (France)
Section: Antiparasitic
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