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  • Latin name: Paritet
  • Active ingredient: Extract of roots of an eurikoma dlinnolisty, extract of bark of Yokhimbe, Ginger rhizome, extract Pantov of a maral, Zinci oxydums, Nikotinamid, vitamin E, magnesium stearate
  • Producer: CJSC Farmatsevticheskaya Evalar company (Russia)


1 capsule Evalar contains Parity: 100 mg of extract of roots of an eurikoma of dlinnolisty, 100 mg of extract of bark of Yokhimbe, 100 mg of a rhizome of Ginger, 20 mg of extract Pantov of a maral, 15 mg of Zinci oxydum, 15 mg of a nikotinamid, 15 mg of vitamin E, magnesium stearate, MKTs.

Drink concentrate: Yakortsa creeping, Pantocrinum liquid, bark extract to a yokhimba, ginger rhizome extract, nikotinamid; vitamin E, zinc lactate.

Pharmacological action

Complex drug for men (dietary supplements). Normalizes function of gonads at men and improves reproductive health.

Extract of bark of Iokhimbe — raises a sexual inclination, strengthens a rush of blood in generative organs, stops the erectile dysfunction, in particular, caused by a stress;

Ginger — stimulates immunity, function of gonads, normalizes a potentiality and accelerates blood circulation in bodies of a small pelvis;

Extract Pantov of a maral — tonic and fortifying means at overfatigue;

Vitamin E — improves supply of an organism with oxygen, antioxidant, promotes maintenance of sexual function and improves a condition of reproductive system;

Zinc — participates in development by an organism of testosterone and improves quality of sperm.

Nikotinamid — participates in a metabolism of proteins, fats, amino acids, tissue respiration and synthesis of hormones.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics


The drug Parity Evalar stimulates the mechanism of production of own testosterone in an organism and recovery of its contents to normal level that improves reproductive health of the man in general and raises a potentiality.


It is not provided.

Indications to use

For men as a DB to food at decrease in a libido, complaints to erectile dysfunction and a source of vitamin "E", zinc and Nikotinamid.


Individual intolerance to drug substances. Before administration of drug it is necessary to consult with the doctor.

Side effects

In certain cases allergic reactions take place.

Application instruction of Parity (Way and dosage)

In tablets: the adult inside on 1 tablet (capsule) a day with meal. Course duration — 15 days.

In a drink concentrate: with the adult on 10 ml (dessertspoon) once a day to part in 1 glass of any liquid (water, juice, coffee, tea) with meal. Course duration — not less than 15 days. According to indications it is possible to repeat a course to four times a year.


Cases of overdose are not described.


It is not described.

Terms of sale

Non-prescription dispensing.

Storage conditions

In the dry place, unavailable to children, at a temperature no more than 25 °C.

Period of validity

2 years.


From a series of the dietary supplements improving a potentiality and strengthening a libido: Yohimbine, Super Yokhimbe-plus, Gold pipit, Red root, Impaza, Tenteks Faure, Stimin, Yarsa Gumba.

About Parity Evalar

In general, About Parity Evalar favorable, however, in some cases patients complain of strong heartbeat, increase of pressure. More rare, patients note weak efficiency after the first course of reception and need of carrying out repeated courses of treatment.

The Parity price where to buy

It is possible to buy Parity Evalar in capsules in drugstores of Moscow and other cities of Russia at the price from 365 to 590 rubles, a drug concentrate from 205 to 386 rubles/bottle.


  • Evalar Paritet concentrate of drink 100 MLEVALAR
  • Evalar Parity No. 15 kapsulyevalar
  • Evalar Paritet the strengthened formula No. 30 kapsulyevalar
  • Evalar Paritet the strengthened formula No. 15 kapsulyevalar

Drugstore of IFC

  • Parity kaps No. 15, Evalar (Biysk) Russia
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  • Parity concentrate of drink of 100 ml of flacon.
  • Parity of 380 mg No. 15 kaps.
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