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  • Latin name: Parlodel
  • ATH code: G02CB01
  • Active ingredient: Bromocriptinum
  • Producer: NOVARTIS FARMA (Italy)


2,5 mg of active ingredient Bromocriptinum in the form of a mezilat are a part of 1 tablet.

Release form

Is issued in the tableted dosage form.

Pharmacological action

Agonist of dopamine receptors.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Medicine suppresses a physiological lactation, inhibits production of prolactin, oppresses growth hormone hypersecretion, promotes stabilization of a menstrual cycle, reduces number of cysts in mammary glands and their sizes (due to recovery of balance between the level of estrogen and progesterone). Medicine stimulates the central, peripheral D2-dopamine receptors.

Active agent is derivative ergot alkaloid. The medicine is capable to stimulate receptors of a black kernel and striate body of a brain, mesolimbic system and a hypothalamus in large numbers.

The main substance in the drug Parlodelum – Bromocriptinum. Medicine is capable to suppress production of AKTG and S hormones Bromocriptinum makes protivoparkinsonichesky impact.

Reception of a one-time dosage reduces a prolactin indicator in 2 hours, the maximum therapeutic effect is observed in 8 hours. Decrease in the STG level is observed in 1-2 hours, the maximum effect is registered in 4-8 weeks of therapy. The Protivoparkinsonichesky effect is noted in 30-90 minutes, and maximum – in 2 hours after reception of a single dose.

Indications to use

The application instruction of Parlodelum recommends to appoint a medicine at disturbances of a menstrual cycle, at female infertility: prolaktinzavisimy states and diseases which are followed or are not followed by a giperplolaktinemiya (insufficiency of a lyuteinovy phase, an oligomenorrhea, an amenorrhea, a secondary giperprolaktinemiya against medicamentous therapy by hypotensive and psychoactive means). Medicine is appointed at the premenstrual syndrome which is shown puffiness, morbidity of mammary glands, lability of mood, the increased gas generation. The medicine is shown to use at prolaktinnezavisimy female infertility: at anovulatory cycles (in complex therapy together with anti-estragenes), at a syndrome of polycystic ovaries.

To males Parlodelum is appointed at a prolaktinzavisimy hypogonadism (loss a libido, an oligospermatism, impotence). The medicine is appointed at prolaktinoma: conservative therapy of the microadenomas and macroadenomas of a hypophysis cosecreting prolactin. Bromocriptinum can be appointed before operational treatment for reduction of the sizes of a tumor and simplification of its lizirovaniye. Medicine is applied at the increased prolactin level in the postoperative period. At an acromegalia Parlodelum is applied as in addition medicine in complex therapy together with operational treatment and radiation therapy, and in certain cases as alternative option of radiation therapy and to surgical intervention.

Medicine is appointed for suppression of a lactation on medical indications (at the developing lactational mastitis, for prevention of a lactation after abortion, at a puerperal nagrubaniye of mammary glands). The medicine is applied at a fibrous and cystous mastopathy, cystous and nodal changes in mammary glands of high-quality character, at a mastalgiya.

At Parkinson Parlodel's illness it can be appointed at all stages of an idiopathic disease, at postencephalitic parkinsonism (monotherapy or a combination therapy together with other protivoparkinsonichesky medicines).


Parlodelum is not applied at endogenous psychoses, a chorea of Gettington, at a family tremor, intolerance of Bromocriptinum – the main substance of drug, at an arterial hypertension at a puerperal stage, at hypotonia, cankers of a digestive tract, at an essential tremor, at a gestosis, an arterial hypertension, pathology of cardiovascular system.

At simultaneous treatment hypotensive drugs, at pregnancy incubation, at parkinsonism with dementia phenomena medicine is appointed with care.

Active agent is emitted with milk at a lactation that limits use of a medicine at chest feeding.

Side effects

Seldom against treatment by Bromocriptinum orthostatic hypotension, dizzinesses, vomiting and nausea develops.

Headaches, disturbances of visual perception, a stroke, the increased drowsiness, psychomotor excitement, psychoses, hallucinations, locks, a myocardial infarction, psychomotor excitement, dryness in a mouth (orokandidoz, caries, discomfort, diseases of a parodont), skin rash, spasms in gastrocnemius muscles, allergic reactions, a nose congestion are possible.

Long therapy can lead to development of a syndrome of Reynaud.

At treatment of parkinsonism high doses of drug unconscious states, bleedings from a digestive tract (in the form of black a calla and emergence of blood in emetic masses), a round ulcer, release of cerebrospinal fluid from a nose, confusion of consciousness, retroperitoneal fibrosis are possible (the speeded-up urination, nausea, dorsodynias, loss of appetite, abdominal pains, vomiting, weakness in all body).

Parlodelum, application instruction (Way and dosage)

Medicine is taken inside, during meal. In days – no more than 100 mg.

At female infertility, disturbances of a menstrual cycle accept Bromocriptinum three times a day on 1,25 mg. In case of inefficiency the daily quantity of a medicine can be increased to 5,-7,5 mg. Therapy is carried out before recovery of an ovulation, stabilization of a menstrual cycle. Treatment includes several cycles in need of prevention of recurrence.

At a giperprolaktinemiya at males: three times a day on 1,25 mg 2-3 times a day, with gradual increase in a daily dose up to 5-10 mg.

At a premenstrual syndrome: to the 14th day of a menstrual cycle appoint 1,25 mg a day, amount of drug increase gradually to 5 mg a day (every day +1,25 mg) before periods.

At prolaktinoma appoint 2-3 times a day 1,25 mg, the daily amount of drug can be increased in need of stabilization of a certain level of prolactin in blood. The initial dosage at an acromegalia makes 1,25 mg 2-3 times a day, further tactics of treatment depends on expressiveness of side effects and clinical performance of a medicine.

For suppression of a lactation in the first day appoint 1,25 mg of Bromocriptinum twice a day, further within 2 weeks – on 2,5 mg twice a day. Medicine is recommended to accept right after childbirth for prevention of the beginning of a lactation (after stabilization of a condition of the woman in labor). Insignificant secretion of milk in 2-3 days after the therapy termination is possible. In that case treatment is prolonged for 1 week in the same dosages.

At a puerperal nagrubaniye of mammary glands drug appoint in a dose 2,5 mg once, repeated reception is possible in 6-12 hours (does not cause undesirable suppression of a lactation).

At the developing lactational mastitis the mode of treatment is similar to therapy for suppression of a lactation. Addition to the scheme of treatment of antibacterial drug is possible.

At high-quality new growths of mammary glands Parlodelum is accepted by 2-3 times a day on 1,25 mg, gradually daily amount of drug is increased to 5-7,5 mg.

At Parkinson's illness treatment begin with the minimum dosages 1,25 mg for ensuring optimum portability. Weekly daily quantity of a medicine is increased on 1,25 mg. The therapeutic effect is shown in 6-8 weeks of therapy. Otherwise weekly increase of a dose is continued. At emergence of side effects against selection and increase in a dosage the amount of drug is reduced for 1 week. After stabilization of a state selection of a dose is continued.

To patients with the motive pathology caused by reception of a levodopa before treatment by the drug Parlodelum the dose of a levodopa is reduced. Full drug withdrawal the Levodopa is in certain cases reached.


It is shown by headaches, falling of level of a blood pressure.

Parenteral administration of the drug Metoclopramidum is necessary.


Parlodelum is capable to reduce efficiency of oral contraceptives.

Klaritromitsin, erythromycin and troleandomitsin are capable to increase the maximum concentration and biological availability of drug; use of butyrohair dryers conducts to a converse effect.

Furasolidone, MAO inhibitors, selegilin, Procarbazinum, loksapin, the haloperidol, ergot alkaloids, Metoclopramidum, Methyldopa, Reserpinum, fenotiazida, thioxanthines increase risk of development of side effects due to increase of concentration of active agent in a blood plasma.

Parlodelum strengthens effect of reception of antihypertensives, levodopas.

Development of disulfiramopodobny reactions is observed at a concomitant use of ethanol (there is reflex cough, tachycardia, a hyperemia of integuments, retrosternal pains, vomiting, nausea, spasms, disturbances of visual perception, the pulsing headache).

In need of treatment by drug Ritonavir it is necessary to reduce a daily dose twice.

Terms of sale

It is possible to buy the drug Parlodelum in pharmacy chain at presentation of the medical prescription form.

Storage conditions

In the dark place, unavailable to children, at a temperature no more than 25 degrees Celsius.

Period of validity

No more than three years.

Special instructions

Regular control over a condition of kidneys, hepatic system, level of a blood pressure is required. For prevention of vomiting, nausea before treatment appoint antiemetic medicines.

Medicine exerts impact on control of the vehicle and performance of activity which requires special attention.

Against treatment by the drug Parlodelum perhaps fast recovery of work of ovaries after the delivery that demands use of contraceptive means for the prevention of early conception.

At patients who accept a medicine at pregnancy approach therapy is stopped except cases when the effect of drug outweighs possible risk for fetation. During treatment Bromocriptinum recommends non-hormonal contraception. At emergence of pregnancy at hypophysis adenoma, after the termination of treatment research of fields of vision, systematic supervision over adenoma is required.

Before treatment of high-quality new growths of mammary glands without fail exclude malignant character of a tumor. At a peptic ulcer of a digestive tract therapy Bromocriptinum is not appointed. It is necessary to inform patients on need of the request for medical assistance at emergence of side effects from a digestive tract. Careful hygiene of an oral cavity is required during treatment.


Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Analogs are drugs: Bromocriptinum, Ronalin.

Section: Gynecologic
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Education: Graduated from the Bashkir state medical university majoring in "Medical business". In 2011 gained the diploma and the certificate in Therapy. In 2012 received 2 certificate and the diploma in "Functional diagnosis" and "Cardiology". In 2013 completed courses on "Topical issues of otorhinolaryngology in therapy". In 2014 completed advanced training courses in "A clinical echocardiography" and courses in "Medical rehabilitation".

Experience: From 2011 to 2014 the Policlinic No. 33 Ufa worked as the therapist and the cardiologist in MBUZ. Since 2014 the Policlinic No. 33 Ufa works as the cardiologist and the doctor of functional diagnosis in MBUZ.

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