Periodontosis is systemic lesion of a parodont – that is the fabric located about teeth. Periodontosis in use it is accepted to call rather big group of diseases which affect parodont. In this group the main illnesses are ulites, parodontita and periodontosis. At periodontosis there is a gradual atrophy of alveolar shoots, that is tooth cells. Thereof process teeth become mobile, and in especially started cases – drop out.

Periodontosis reasons

Today there is no exact information on why there is periodontosis. However specialists are sure that the essential role belongs to genetic predisposition to an illness. Periodontosis is rather often shown as an associated disease at a number of system illnesses, a diabetes mellitus, and also at other disturbances in functioning of hemadens. Quite often periodontosis arises at patients who complain of chronic diseases of internals. It is a hypertension, atherosclerosis, vegeto-vascular dystonia, osteosinging. As the reason of periodontosis define insufficiency of blood supply in gum tissues. In especially hard cases when in time the corresponding treatment is not carried out, fabric will atrophy and at the patient loss of teeth begins. Periodontosis can progress owing to a lack of a diet of the patient of the fresh fruit and vegetables containing C and P vitamins, a constant overload in the course of chewing.

Periodontosis symptoms

At this disease in fabric there are atrophic processes leading to the subsequent uniform lowering of size of interdental partitions. Symptoms of periodontosis are shown not at once, the long current is characteristic of this illness. However the disease begins to develop in a certain period promptly, and symptoms of periodontosis are already shown more clearly. First of all, the patient begins to feel pain in the course of chewing, it becomes rather difficult for it to chew food.

To define degree of a course of a disease, the doctor studies depth of zubodesny pockets and degree of bleeding of gums. As a rule, at initial forms of periodontosis at patients rather good fixing of teeth is observed, tooth deposits are insignificant, necks of teeth are bared without gingival pockets and at the same time there are no inflammatory processes. Only at periodontosis of heavy degree the fang is considerably bared. At the same time manifestation of an inflammation of a gingiva which is called a periodontal disease is possible. But generally sick for which afterwards diagnose periodontosis, complain of unpleasant feeling in a gum, periodic feeling of an itch. However they, as a rule, see a doctor with the complaint to high sensitivity of tissues of teeth.

Specialists pay attention to periodontosis symptoms by which it is possible to determine existence of an illness. So, at periodontosis of a gingiva are painted in pale colors, there are no signs of inflammatory processes; retraction of a gingiva at which the tooth neck, later a fang is bared takes place. As a result tooth looks more extended, than usually; gingivas do not bleed. Also this disease can pass in parallel with damage of tooth of not carious type: wedge-shaped defect, enamel erosion, tooth stertost. Very often not only symptoms of periodontosis, but also illness of cardiovascular system, disturbance in a metabolism, endocrine disturbances are diagnosed for patients with periodontosis.

Diagnosis of periodontosis

ПародонтозFor statement of the correct diagnosis, first of all, the specialist performs inspection of the patient and carefully studies whether the periodontosis symptoms described above take place in this case. The doctor defines periodontosis degree agrees with the size of lowering of partitions between teeth. So, in separate hard cases it can reach 9 millimeters. The index of bleeding of gums at diagnosis of periodontosis is estimated in points.

They can be defined as follows: if during palpation of top of interdental nipples there is a bleeding point, then such manifestation corresponds to 1 point. Two points are given if bleeding is shown on the line where the gingival nipple contacts to tooth. At 3 points an interdental space will be filled with bloody liquid. 4 points are given if blood follows from a gingival nipple rather intensively, so, at this state blood fills edge of a gum and several tooth intervals. After definition of extent of development of a disease the doctor appoints optimum treatment of periodontosis.

Treatment of periodontosis

Today there is no way of treatment of periodontosis which would give due effect. Thanks to use of modern technologies partial recovery of a gingiva of the patient is successfully carried out. For stimulation of a blood-groove in tissues of gums at periodontosis massage of gums is carried out. In the presence of complaints to a high tooth sensitivity, periodically arising aching pain, an itch of gums the specialist appoints the treatment of periodontosis directed to overcoming of a similar state. Also the complex of medicamentous therapy includes hormonal drugs, vitamin complexes. At periodontosis often apply physiotherapeutic remedies: electrophoresis, ultrasonic processing, KUF. All these methods allow to stimulate receipt in fabric of a parodont of oxygen and nutrients, at the same time positively influencing processes of formation of young cells and fabrics.

Treatment of periodontosis is carried out in most cases with use of surgical methods. By dl of it it is developed a number of techniques for the directed angenesis. In the course of this method of treatment the cellular cultures capable to effectively increase activity of processes of regeneration are applied. These are fibroblasts, stem cells, a platelet growth factor. The effect of treatment by similar methods considerably increases if they are used with osteoplastic materials and membrane equipment. At purpose of a course of treatment of periodontosis the doctor surely considers existence at the patient of associated diseases. So, sometimes therapy of the general diseases is necessary for the subsequent fight against displays of periodontosis. To patients also appoint the massage of gums directed to normalization of blood circulation in their fabrics.

With the similar purpose also the acupuncture method, acupressure is used. But at treatment of a disease it is important to consider that similar nonconventional technicians of therapy can only take off acute pain, however they do not influence injury of tooth. Patients for whom periodontosis is diagnosed are obliged to pass survey of the specialist stomatologist regularly several times a year. For increase in effect of any procedures it is necessary to monitor observance of rules of hygiene of an oral cavity constantly. Apply a number of folk remedies which are based generally on regular rinsing of an oral cavity by broths of medicative herbs to treatment of periodontosis. It is important to realize that if to address the specialist in time and to take all necessary measures timely, then teeth can be kept and returned quality of life to normal indicators. In the return case teeth can be lost even at young age.

Prevention of periodontosis

пародонтозFor prevention of periodontosis specialists recommend to accept a complex of certain microelements periodically. However before getting a similar complex, it is necessary to pass survey at the specialist and to get his professional advice. However, following to rules of the balanced food and the regular use of products which contain the microelements important for prevention of a disease can protect from displays of periodontosis. So, the copper necessary for prevention of this illness is in potatoes, a liver, crabs, bakeries, wheat, tea, coffee.

It is also important to use products which promote digestion of copper: it is cheese, sour cream, cottage cheese, egg yolks, prunes, oat flakes. Iron which is responsible for transportation of oxygen to tissues of muscles is in beef, a turkey, buckwheat, haricot, vegetables, a liver, fruit. And consumption of firm food provides natural massage of gums and removes some tooth deposits. For prevention of a disease it is surely regularly necessary to delete a dental calculus and it is correct, and, above all – regularly to look after teeth.

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