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  • Latin name: Pentovitum
  • ATH code: A11BA
  • Active ingredient: Polyvitamins (Multivitamins)
  • Producer: CJSC Altayvitaminy


Vitamins of group B, RR vitamin are a part of Pentovitum. Composition of vitamins following: one tablet contains 0,0129 g of Thiamini bromidum, 0,003 g of folic acid, 0,02 g of a nikotinamid, 0,005 g of a pyridoxine of a hydrochloride, 0,00005 g of cyanocobalamine.

Release form

Vitamins Pentovitum are issued in the form of coated tablets which are implemented in packagings on 50 and 100 pieces.

Pharmacological action

Drug makes combined effect which is caused by the components which are its part.

B1 vitamin exerts active impact on processes of neuromuscular regulation, participates actively in synthesis of a neuromediator of acetylcholine.

B6 vitamin contributes to normalization of work of TsNS and peripheral nervous system. Also he takes active part in exchange processes of an organism. Participates in synthesis of neuromediators.

B12 vitamin contributes to normalization of work of a liver, a nervous system, stimulates blood coagulation process, exchange processes, takes part in synthesis of amino acids.

Folic acid participates in process of synthesis of amino acids, nucleic acids.

Nikotinamid takes part in fatty, carbohydrate metabolism, in processes of tissue respiration.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

B1 vitamin (thiamin a hydrochloride) is generally soaked up in a duodenum and in a small bowel. Distribution of thiamin happens on all fabrics. About about 1 mg of thiamin is metabolized daily. Metabolites of thiamin are allocated with kidneys.

RR vitamin (nikotinamid) is quickly soaked up in a gastrointestinal tract. It is distributed on all fabrics and bodies evenly.

B6 vitamin (a pyridoxine a hydrochloride) is soaked up from a gastrointestinal tract then in a liver it turns into pyridoxal phosphate, that is into an active form of vitamin. The end product of a metabolism — 4-piridoksilovy acid, it is brought out of an organism through kidneys.

Folic acid in small doses is absorbed through absorption, and high doses — through diffusion. It is soaked up in the form of simple hydrolyzates. It is distributed in all fabrics. Biotransformation and a metabolism of folic acid are not studied yet.

B12 vitamin (cyanocobalamine) is transferred to an ileal gut by means of a glycoprotein. If vitamin gets to an organism in high doses, it is soaked up by means of simple diffusion. Vitamin metabolism very slow. It is removed with bile.

Indications to use

Indications to use of Pentovitum the following:

  • treatment and prevention of gipovitaminoz;
  • high need of a human body for vitamins of group B;
  • the recovery period after infectious diseases;
  • prevention of stresses, asthenic states;
  • neuralgia, polyneurites;
  • dermatosis, dermatitis.

Indications to use of vitamins are defined by the attending physician is dependent on features of a course of a disease.


The pill Pentovitum cannot be taken in the following cases:

  • high sensitivity to medicine components;
  • age till 12 flyings.

Side effects

In the course of use of HP the following side effects can be observed:

  • skin itch, rash;
  • pains in heart, increase of excitability of TsNS, tachycardia;
  • sleeplessness;
  • spasms are in rare instances shown.

Application instruction of Pentovitum (Way and dosage)

Strictly according to the instruction in the presence of indications it is necessary to apply vitamins Pentovitum. The instruction to children of 12 flyings and the adult following: daily it is necessary to apply 2-4 tablets three times a day. Drug needs to be used along with reception of food.

How to accept Pentovitum at a specific disease, the attending physician will tell. But it is necessary to accept vitamins not less than 3-4 weeks. How to accept to adult patients Pentovitum in the presence of the specific diagnosis, depends on complex treatment.


Overdose of means can lead to manifestation of a hypervitaminosis, excessive concentration of vitamins of group B. At the same time at the person dizzinesses, dyspepsia, rushes of blood to a face and a neck, migraine, sleeplessness can periodically be shown. Perhaps also numbness of extremities and failure of a heart rhythm. However such manifestations meet very seldom.


Simultaneous use for treatment of Pentovitum and colchicine or guanyl guanidines leads to cyanocobalamine absorption reduction. It is not necessary to combine the drugs increasing coagulability of blood, and cyanocobalamine. The long period of treatment by anticonvulsant drugs and the simultaneous use of Pentovitum leads to deficit of thiamin.

Terms of sale

It is implemented in drugstores without recipe of the doctor.

Storage conditions

It is necessary to store in the dark, dry, cool place, in the corked container from glass of orange color.

Period of validity

Drug is stored 3 years.

Special instructions

During treatment by Pentovitum it is not necessary to accept other vitamin complexes as overdose is possible.

It is impossible to accept higher dose of polyvitamin in the course of treatment, than it is specified in the instruction.

As a part of a cover of tablets there is a sugar therefore patients with a diabetes mellitus have to consider surely it at treatment.

Administration of drug does not influence concentration during the driving of transport and work with exact mechanisms.


Analogs of the tablets Pentovitum are other vitamin complexes which exists much today. As analogs of means it is possible to consider Benfolipen, Neyromultivit, Pikovit, etc. All these means have similar indications to use, are useful to hair, improve a condition of skin, etc.

That it is better: Pentovitum or Neyromultivit?

Both drugs are useful to prevention of stresses, improvement of a condition of a nervous system, to improvement of a condition of hair and skin. Neyromultivit, unlike Pentovitum, has no as a part of B3 vitamin and B9 vitamin.

The price of tablets of Neyromultivit higher — 110-140 rubles for 20 tablets.


  • Pentovitum No. 50 of a tabletkialtayvitamina of closed joint stock company

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  • Pentovitum tbl p / about No. 50, Altayvitamina Zaorossiya
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  • Pentovitum No. 50 tabl.p.o. Altayvitamina (Russia)
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