Perfektil Trikholodzhik

Перфектил Трихолоджик Drug photo

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  • Latin name: Perfectil Tricologic
  • ATH code: A11AB
  • Active ingredient: Vitamins and microelements in a complex
  • Producer: Great Britain, Ltd. Vitabiotiks


  • L-cystine – 33,3 mg;
  • pantothenic acid – 15 mg;
  • vitamin D — 6,66 mkg;
  • vitamin C – 20 mg;
  • sea collagen – 66,7 mg;
  • Niacinum – 12 mg;
  • biotin – 50 mkg;
  • grains grape (extract) – 1,67 mg;
  • vitamin E – 20 mg;
  • thiamin – 3,3 mg;
  • L-methionine – 16,7 mg;
  • folic acid – 133,3 mkg;
  • Riboflavinum – 2,67 mg;
  • B6 vitamin — 3,3 mg;
  • carotinoids natural – 1 mg;
  • B12 vitamin – 6,67 mkg;
  • inositol – 30 mg;
  • iron, copper, zinc, magnesium, manganese, chrome, silicon, selenium, iodine – 4, 66 mg, 330 mkg, 5 mg, 16 mg, 660 mkg, 16 mkg, 20 mg, 50 mkg, 50 mkg respectively.

Release form

Tablets, packagings on 60 tablets in everyone.

Pharmacological action

The complex of vitamins compensates for the deficiency of vitamins and microelements of an organism.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Complex of vitamins for hair Perfektil Trikholodzhik is capable to provide sufficient nutrition of indumentum, skin and nails.

Copper provides normal pigmentation of hair, amino acids, selenium, zinc and biotin are directly involved in exchange processes in a bulb and the hair. Vitamin C and Niacinum are responsible for production of collagen and maintenance of youth and health of skin.

Indications to use

  • the raised xeroderma and hair;
  • alopecia;
  • for delay of physiological processes of aging of skin.


Medicinal allergy to the elements which are a part of a complex.

Side effects

  • after use allergic reactions, an enanthesis are possible;
  • nausea, discomfort in a stomach.

The instruction on Perfektil Trikholodzhik

Usually trample down a tablet once a day, inside. It is the best of all to use means after food.

At special need and after consultation with the doctor, the daily dosage can be doubled.


Does not arise at observance of recommendations about reception.

Nausea, vomiting, dizziness – overdose symptoms. Therapy — according to the shown symptoms, a gastric lavage.


  • it is not necessary to combine with other vitamin means;
  • with care to combine with iodine drugs.

Terms of sale

It is released without recipe.

Storage conditions

In the place, unavailable to children, temperature is not higher than 30 degrees.

Period of validity

3 years.

About Perfektil Trikholodzhik

Responses of doctors positive. Means is used within complex therapy of burns, by alopecias, for acceleration of process of healing of wounds.

Responses on vitamins for hair good. In most cases help to cope with avitaminosis, to strengthen hair and skin. At burns and other disturbances of integrity of an integument, promote fast healing and recovery. Many girls use Perfektil for growth of hair. The only shortcoming nausea after reception shows.

The price Perfektil Trikholodzhik (where to buy)

The price of vitamins for hair makes about 1175 rubles for 60 capsules.


  • Perfektil trikholodzhik No. 60 tabletkivitabiotiks LTD.
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