Periodic sexual abstinence (abstinence sexual)

Sexual abstinence is a state at which the person adheres to forced sexual abstinence. The similar situation can turn out to be consequence of voluntary refusal of sexual life or is provoked by the certain vital circumstances demanding stay of the person without a possibility of the relations with the partner. This state is also defined as an abstinence syndrome. Sexual abstinence is subdivided into several types. At total abstinence all kinds of sexual activity are excluded. At partial sexual abstinence the person periodically has emissions or happens to masturbation.

Young men can have absolutely natural abstention and takes place, as a rule, without harm for an organism. But at mature age the man can already feel some difficulties, trying to renew sex life after abstention. In certain cases there is an irreversible suppression of sexuality at which treatment is required.

Features of sexual abstinence

In a historical context sexual abstinence was considered as the most considerable and actually only method of protection against undesirable conception. Spouses or constant partners who lead sex life gradually establish the, special rhythm of such relations. Sexual abstinence does not do special harm to men of young and middle age who rather easily transfer forced lack of sexual life. At the same time sexual function, as a rule, is not broken. But in certain cases abstention at men leads to disturbances in beat to sex life, manifestation of a premature ejaculation. The long absence of sex life sometimes leads to the fact that its normal rhythm is recovered rather slowly. But at the same time it is necessary to consider and the fact that burdensome feelings at abstention are shown depending on that, sexual desire at the person what features of his temperament, the sexual constitution, and also from other factors is how expressed. So, if the inclination is expressed poorly, then periodic lack of sex life till some months and even flying does not affect negatively the general condition of the person. At the same time if the person especially strong, then harm from abstention can have very notable sexual desire for an organism. The person feels continuous negative influence on mood, working capacity, it notes the high level of excitability and feeling of a constant dissatisfaction. Thus, on a question of whether abstention from sex is harmful to people with strong sexual desire, the answer will be affirmative.

If it is about forced lack of sex, then abstention at women and men can weaken sexual desire for a while. However in this case the period of lack of sex life is considered. For example, if the man practices short-term abstention before conception, then on its general state it is not displayed.

Периодическое половое воздержание (абстиненция сексуальная) Intensity of a sexual inclination for the period of forced abstention can change by means of certain mechanisms of self-control. So, if sexual contact is impossible, then both the man, and the woman can practice masturbation. With age at representatives of both floors forced abstention from sex life is felt less sharply. At the same time doctors note what for most of people is not a problem to control own sexual behavior and to suppress need for sex, at the same time, without feeling disturbance of physical and mental health.

Periods of sexual abstinence

If to consider abstention from sex life regardless of age of the person, then it can be divided into two different periods. The initial stage matches a refractory stage of a copulative cycle. The next period is time of forced sexual abstinence.

Most of men who have normal, saturated sex perceive the first period positively that is as a possibility of a certain respite after energy-intensive actions. In this case the feeling of a negative is shown only at astenizirovanny men with the high level of vegetative lability. At such people at once after sexual intercourse signs of slackness and strong depression, the general adynamia are shown. Strong heartbeat, high level of perspiration, and also other signs of vegetative frustration is sometimes observed. As similar symptoms do not disappear for one days, earlier it was accepted to call such phenomenon "a one-day neurasthenia".

But at most of men negative emotions are shown in the second period of sexual abstinence: at this time after the refractory period the expressed need for sex life is shown, at the same time for certain reasons its satisfaction is impossible. At such state the person has two types of manifestations: neurotic and congestive. At neurotic manifestations steadiness of nervous processes is broken owing to what the man becomes angry and unbalanced.

Developments of stagnation are expressed by a phlebectasia of a scrotum, a seed cord, a rectum, noticeable swelling of hemorrhoidal nodes and other unpleasant phenomena. At the same time the person can periodically note emergence of feeling of burden in a crotch, too frequent desires to an urination, periodic feeling of discomfort in urinogenital bodies.

The most acute signs of forced sexual abstinence happen in days of hyper sexuality of the young man. This period at most of men covers the most part of the teenage and transitional periods. Thus, dependence on age of the person is noted: young men and teenagers badly transfer abstention in the psychological plan, and at involutional age of the person disturb neurotic and developments of stagnation. At the same time psychologically the person at involutional age transfers abstention much easier.

Периодическое половое воздержание (абстиненция сексуальная) Recovery of a potentiality after forced abstention also directly depends on age of the person. So, than the man is more senior, and the longer period proceeds abstention, the it will be more difficult to recover later to it a potentiality and a libido.

Therefore at involutional age it is desirable for men to support the regular, sparing-stimulating sexual activity. Here it is important not to allow both excessive rate of sexual life, and the long periods of abstinence.

Symptoms of sexual abstinence

At first at sexual abstinence of people can suffer from the expressed emotional slackness, depression, a sensation of discomfort, perspiration. At the second stage steadiness of nervous processes is broken that is expressed in irritability and even neurotization. Further developments of stagnation can be shown. All these symptoms provoke special attention at the man, and already intensive increase of kongestivny processes is a consequence of it. At further sexual abstinence the secret of a prostate is gradually soaked up in blood, there is a suppression of hormonal function of testicles and a producing male sex hormones. As a result at the man sexual desire decreases.

Forced abstention is harmful to men aged after forty years. At mature men owing to abstinence not only considerably sexual function weakens, but also prostatitis can develop.


Периодическое половое воздержание (абстиненция сексуальная) Thus, long abstention from sex can have serious effects for the man. If forced abstention at the mature person continues more than five years, it is fraught with display of heavy erectile dysfunction, problems with an ejaculation and even impotences.

As regular sex favorably affects work of endocrine system of the man, and also strengthens a cardiac muscle, his absence at mature men deprives of them an opportunity to keep an organism in a tone. Long lack of sexual life not only negatively influences mood of the person, but sometimes even leads to a depression. After long abstention the man can periodically show unreasonable aggression, signs of excitability and a dissatisfaction with life. There are also researches which demonstrate that the long period of abstention can become the reason of prostatitis, adenoma and even to increase risk of development of oncological diseases.

The period of recovery of sexual function at the man after the period of abstention can be a miscellaneous: at one everything it can be normalized in several days, others need several weeks. Sometimes full return of sexual function to the man even requires visit to the specialist sexopathologist.

There are also data that if conception does not happen, then the man needs some time it is necessary to abstain from the sexual intercourses. It will increase chance of conception. This theory is explained with accumulation of sex cells in the man's organism during abstention. However such theory has many opponents claiming that quality of sperm and mobility of spermatozoa is much better at those who regularly have intimacy.

But, despite everything, told above, chaotic sexual bonds with accidental partners in degree of harm outweigh a negative impact of sexual abstinence. Therefore men of dl of maintenance of a normal physical and psychological state are whenever possible recommended to conduct the arranged, regular sexual life.

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