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  • Latin name: Pertussinum
  • ATH code: R05CA10
  • Active ingredient: Thyme creeping herbs extract + Kalii bromidum (Thymi serpylli herbae extract + Potassium bromide)
  • Producer: The Moscow pharmaceutical factory, the Ivanovo pharmaceutical factory, the Tula pharmaceutical factory, Dalkhimfarm, Samaramedprom, Flora of the Caucasus, Phyto - Bot of Ltd company (Russia)

Structure of Pertussinum

The composition of syrup Pertussinum (Pertussinum of the H), as well as peroral solution, includes 12 grams of liquid extract of a thyme (thyme) and 1 grams of potassium bromide, and also sugar syrup and alcohol.

Release form

This cough medicine is made in the form of peroral solution or syrup in glass bottles of different volume (most often 50, 100 or 125 grams).

Pharmacological action


Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Peroral solution and syrup Pertussinum, (or solution and syrup Pertussinum of the H) is the combined remedy with active ingredients of a plant origin thanks to which its main expectorant action is shown.

According to Wikipedia the grass of a thyme (thyme) at dry cough, not followed phlegm otkhozhdeniye, increases the volume of the secret allocated by mucous membranes of upper ways of breath, promotes its fluidifying and the fastest evacuation. In addition to it Kalii bromidum, influencing TsNS, reduces her excitability.

Indications to use

Solution and cough syrup are appointed as an expectorant remedy at complex treatment of painful conditions of ways of breath, including:


Treat states at which purpose of this drug is contraindicated:

  • personal hypersensitivity;
  • liver pathologies;
  • pregnancy;
  • alcoholism;
  • feeding by a breast;
  • craniocereberal injuries / disturbances;
  • age till 3 years;
  • brain pathologies;
  • dekompensirovanny HSN;
  • epilepsy;
  • intolerance of sugars.

Need careful use of drug:

  • children are more senior than 3 years (because of existence in solution and syrup of ethanol);
  • patients with a diabetes mellitus.

Side effects

In case of long use the phenomena of a bromism and various allergic manifestations can be observed, including:

Application instruction of Pertussinum (Way and dosage)

Solution and syrup Pertussinum which application instruction is identical to the instruction on Pertussinum of the H are intended for oral administration after food (such route of administration more preferable because of possible influence of ingredients of drug on loss of appetite).

To patients of any age category (since 3 years) appoint solution and cough syrup three times at 24 o'clock. Thrice daily reception of 15 ml of drug is shown to adult patients (tablespoon); to children, according to their age, weight and growth, appoint from 2,5 ml to 10 ml of a remedy (from ½ to 2 teaspoons).

Depending on that at what cough the course of treatment (considering extent of fluidifying and an otkhozhdeniye of a phlegm) is appointed administration of drug can continue for 10-14 days. The possibility of further therapy, or connection to it of other mucolytic medicines (tablets, syrups, powders), individually is defined by the treating therapist.


The negative symptomatology of overdose by active ingredients of any of dosage forms of this remedy was limited to feeling of nausea which will respond to a symptomatic treatment.


It is not necessary to apply in parallel antibechic remedies as against decrease in cough is at a loss otkhozhdeny phlegms.

Terms of sale

Acquisition of this drug does not demand providing the recipe.

Storage conditions

Temperature range of long-term storage of a remedy is limited to 12-15 °C.

Period of validity

As a rule, drug keeps all the properties for 4 years from the moment of its release from manufacturer (depending on the producer).

Special instructions

At purpose of therapy the doctor has to consider inclusion in composition of drug of sugar syrup that is important for patients with any intolerance of sugars and patients with a diabetes mellitus.

Because of contents in an alcohol remedy, its reception (in particular in large numbers) can influence adequacy of behavior of the patient during performance of exact/dangerous works or driving of transport by it.



  • Pertussinum of 100 ml siropdalkhimfarm joint stock company
  • Pertussin-Ch 100 ml siropekolab closed joint stock company

Drugstore of IFC

  • Pertussinum ml solution 100, Ekolab Zaorossiya
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  • Pertussingezmp (Ukraine, Kiev)
  • Pertussinviola FF (Ukraine, Zaporizhia)
  • Pertussingalichfarm (Ukraine, Lviv)
  • Pertussinfitofarm (Ukraine, Artemovsk)
  • Pertussinum 100mlluganskaya FF (Ukraine, Luhansk)


  • Pertussinum 100ggalichfarm
  • Pertussinum 100ggalichfarm
  • Pertussinum 100ggalichfarm
  • Pertussinum 100ggalichfarm
  • Pertussinum 100ggalichfarm


  • Pertussinum of 100 ml syrup
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