Peruvian balm

Перуанский бальзам Drug photo

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  • Latin name: Peru Balsam
  • ATH code: R05CA10
  • Active ingredient: Qingnaming (stinamin)
  • Producer: LLC Krymskaya Roza of (Ryazan Russia); Paul Hartmann (Germany)


Essential oil — Benzylium benzoate, farnesol, peruviol, nerolidol, Sodium cinnamatum, coumarin, vanillin.

Bandage with the Peruvian Branolind balm — the Peruvian balm, white vaseline, glyceryl monostearate, tsetomakrogol, triglycerides otverzhdyonny fat.

Massage oil — the Peruvian balm, oil of grape seeds, essential oils of a lavender, geranium, a valerian.

Release form

Essential oil — viscous liquid of brown color in a glass bottle in cardboard packaging of 10 ml.

Bandage with the Peruvian Branolind balm — sterile salve dressing of 7,5х10 cm in a cardboard pack No. 30.

Massage oil — viscous liquid in a bottle in cardboard packaging of 100 ml.

Pharmacological action

Antiinflammatory, fungicidal, antibacterial, regenerating, expectorating.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics


Biologically active components of the vegetable drug "Peruvian Balm" have antibacterial, antiseptic, local irritative, wound healing and antiinflammatory effect. Removes an emotional pressure, improves a dream, activates systems of life activity. Massage oil removes nervous and muscular tension, well weakens. Gives to skin elasticity and smoothness. At inhalations has expectorant and mucolytic effect, improves drainage function of bronchial tubes.


As drug comes to a system blood stream in extremely insignificant volumes its pharmacokinetics is not provided.

Indications to use

Long healing and trophic wounds, burns, decubituses, dermatitis, demodicosis, ulcers, rheumatic pains, gout, respiratory diseases which are followed by persistent dry cough; itch, stress.


High sensitivity to drug, pregnancy, children's age till 6 flyings.

Side effects

Eczema, local allergic reactions. At long putting drug on the big area of a body are possible emergence of symptoms of a renal failure.

Peruvian balm, application instruction (Way and dosage)

Inhalations: to add 3-10 drops of the Peruvian balm to an aromalampa or a heat bath. Drug can be combined with other essential oils (patchoulis, a sandalwood, an eucalyptus, orange, a ylang-ylang, a rose).

Outside use: previously to dilute with vegetable oil in the ratio 1:5. To apply on the damaged skin sites in the open way or in the form of a bandage which it is necessary change 2 times a day.

Bandage with the Peruvian Branolind balm: to open protective packaging and to record a sterile bandage on a wound surface, to update bandages at each bandaging. Use duration — seven days.

Massage cream: as the greasing means at massage of a body.


Data are absent.


Clinically expressed interaction symptoms with other HP are not revealed.

Terms of sale

Non-prescription dispensing.

Storage conditions

At a temperature not above 25 °C.

Period of validity

2 years.


There are no structural analogs of drug.

About the Peruvian balm

The Peruvian balm (Miroxylon Periferum tree pitch) was for the first time used for treatment of wounds by the surgeon Ambroise Paré in the 16th century. Scientific justification of its therapeutic effectiveness is given in A.V. Vishnevsky's works. The classical copy-book of ointment of Vishnevsky contained 3% in the beginning the Peruvian balm which was replaced with birch tar later. The healing wounds, burns and ulcers, itch were its main use.

Antiseptic and antiinflammatory property of the Peruvian balm allowed to use it outwardly as a part of ointments to Terafl Bro and Pulmeks of the Baby released by pharmaceutical industry and applied at diseases with persistent dry cough. Additional components of these ointments are rosemary and eucalyptus oils and camphor.

Which Derma-loges N ointment is a part this balm, is successfully applied at grazes, wounds, burns, trophic ulcers, hemorrhoids and eczema. Follows from responses that essential oil is most often bought and use it in the cosmetic purposes: for preparation of face packs, fat skin creams, in shampoos and conditioners for hair.

  • "… I add it to shampoo on 1 drop for strengthening of growth of hair";
  • "… I added it to cream. It is better to part previously alcohol";
  • "… At last made the order, I am excited! Smells of cinnamon with vanilla, there is a propolis note, already spirits with it were made";
  • "… For inhalation I use only 1-2 drops in an inhaler with warm water. Tones up, strengthens immunity".

If it is possible to buy balm in the form of dense oily weight, then it is applied to treatment of eczemas, to healing of wounds and burns, but in that case it is parted surely with vegetable oil (1:5). For these purposes it is better to buy Peru-stik Balm from cosmetics Vivasan the ready to the use and containing in addition beeswax, castor, liquid and lanolin oil, liquid paraffin. In that case, the irritant action of natural balm which often causes dermatitis is leveled by auxiliary ointment components.

Essential oil can also be used outwardly at burns and decubituses: add 5 drops to an ointment basis, stir and impose in the form of a bandage on a wound. However, Branolind the N impregnated with this balm who sometimes incorrectly call a plaster with the Peruvian balm is more convenient to use special bandages. Actually it is a mesh cotton bandage which does not stick to a body as the plaster and it needs to be fixed gauze bandage or a plaster.


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