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  • Latin name: Pharmatex
  • ATH code: G02BB
  • Active ingredient: Benzalkoniya chloride (Benzalkonium chloride)
  • Producer: Innothera Chouzy, France


60 mg chloride a benzalkoniya are the share of one tampon. Excipients: glycol stearate, citric acid, oil lavender, poliglekol, the water purified. For each polyvinylformaldehyde tampon impregnation (5 g of cream) is provided.

 18.9 mg chloride a benzalkoniya are the share of one candle vaginal. Excipients: solid semi-synthetic glyceride, hydroxypropyl cellulose.

20 mg chloride a benzalkoniya are the share of one vaginal tablet. Excipients: hydrate of silicon dioxide, anhydrous citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, lactose, magnesium stearate, lactose.

18.9 mg chloride a benzalkoniya are the share of one capsule vaginal. Excipients: polyoxyethylene glycol 7-glyceryl-kokoat, colloid silicon dioxide, hydroxypropyl cellulose, dimetikon, makrogol, gelatin, glitserol.

864 mg are the share of one vaginalyy spermicidal cream of Farmateks. (28.8 mg one application) chloride benzalkoniya. Excipients: makrogol, the dehydrated citric acid, sodium phosphate disubstituted dodecahydrate, essence of lavender oil, the purified water.

Release form

  • Tampons of a cylindrical form. Are impregnated with oily cream of white color with lavender fragrance. In packaging of 2 pieces.
  • Candles in a plastic cover. In packaging 10, 5 pieces.
  • Tablets are round, white color with a through opening in the center. In a polypropylene tuba of 12 pieces.
  • Capsules of an oval form of light yellow color. In piece blister 2, 6. In a pack 1, 2 blisters.
  • Cream-gel in a tube. Volume 72 gr. It is counted on 30 applications.

Pharmacological action

Benzalkoniya chloride makes the destroying impact on apermatozoal membranes – spermicidal effect. Fertilization becomes impossible. Final fracture of spermatozoa is carried out after 20 seconds after interaction with a contraceptive.

Additional antiseptic effect of Farmateks's use – antimicrobic activity in relation to genital herpes, golden staphylococcus, trichomoniasis, gonorrhea, clamidiosis. Against candidiasis (milkwoman), a bacterial vaginosis, syphilis, a mycoplasmal infection drug is almost powerless.

Does not influence a hormonal cycle and microflora of a vagina.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The mucous membrane of a vagina does not absorb chloride benzalkoniya. Process of absorption happens on vaginal walls.

For removal of a contraceptive enough natural physiological allocations and simple podmyvaniye water.

Indications to use

Is local contraception for any healthy woman at reproductive age.

  • before approach of a menopause;
  • in need of incidental protection from fertilization;
  • at misuse of oral contraceptives;
  • in the presence of contraindications to the use of contraceptives of a peroral version;
  • after abortion.


  • high sensitivity to chemical components of a contraceptive of local action;
  • diseases in external genitals;
  • angry condition of a mucous membrane of a vagina.

Side effects

Components of drug are not capable to be soaked up in blood and to have a systemic effect on an organism in general, except for persons who have an expressed sensitivity to a benzalkoniya to chloride. In case of Farmateks's use according to information specified in the instruction, development of side effects is minimized, and, as a rule, at healthy women of a spermitsida do not show any undesirable symptoms and side effects.

In case of allergic reaction (an itch, burning, contact dermatitis) it is necessary to exclude immediately a contraceptive from the list of the allowed drugs to personal use.

The instruction to Farmateks

All kinds of contraceptives of Pharmatex are accepted intravaginalno in horizontal position. At repeated sexual intercourse, new drug is used (surely!).

The instruction to contraceptive candles: The candle is accepted in 5 minutes prior to sexual intercourse. Activity remains within 4 hours, or before the first hit of sperm in a vagina.

The instruction on vaginal tablets: The tablet is moistened previously with water. After 10 minutes introduction is carried out. Activity remains within 3 hours, or before the first hit of sperm in a vagina.

Application instruction of cream of Farmateks: Gel is entered by means of the applicator. Works instantly. Contraceptive cream is active no more than 10 hours, or before the first hit of sperm in a vagina. Those who do not know on how many time are enough cream, the reminder – one tube is provided (72 gr.) it is counted on 30 receptions.

The instruction for vaginal capsules: The candle is intended for deep input. Contraceptive spermicidal candles begin to work within 10 minutes. It is active for 4 hours, or before the first hit of sperm in a vagina.

The instruction on vaginal tampons: The tampon (sponge) is entered by efforts of fingers. Has to reach (to adjoin) to a neck of uterus. Works till 24 o'clock. After the act the reuse of already inserted tampon is allowed (to three times). For the easiest extraction of a tampon it is necessary to accept a pose "on cards".


Low system absorption minimizes probability of overdose. By a present situation there are no described overdose signs.

Medicinal interaction

At intravaginalny administration of any medicine, and also at local influence of hygienic means, Farmateks is inactivated, that is spermitsida lose the property. Use of drug together with other contraceptives of peroral type is allowed.

Terms of sale

Farmateks it is released on a nonprescription basis.

Storage conditions

In the cool place at a temperature not higher than 25 Pages.

Period of validity

Tablets, capsules: 2 years.

Cream, tampons, candles: 3 years.


Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

For a contraceptive the following analogs are provided: benateks, eroteks, kontrateks, farmagineks, spermateks.

That it is better: Benateks or Farmateks?

By rough consideration, both drugs are very similar as active ingredient at them same. Distinctions in this case, first of all at the level of the collateral symptoms caused including excipients which at contraceptives are a little various.

About Farmateks

Concerning a contraceptive there are responses of doctors to Farmateks – drug is an optimum contraceptive with a set of advantages: lack of side effects on a healthy organism, antiseptic and antimicrobic action, reliable protection against undesirable pregnancy. The same concerns gel, the gynecologist's reviews of cream have positive character.

Proceeding from notes of specialists and users of drug concerning Farmateks, does not matter, what is better, tablets or candles, tampons or gel. As the practice supported with scientific researches, tablets of Farmateks, gel, tampons shows, candles vaginal work equally well. In this regard, it is irrelevant to compare efficiency of candles of Farmateks, ointment, tablets, capsules as quality of action at drugs identical.


  • Farmateks 18,9mg candle No. 10 vaginalnyeinnothera Chouzy
  • Farmateks 1,2% 72 g kreminnothera Chouzy
  • Farmateks tablet No. 12 vaginalnyeinnothera Chouzy
  • Farmateks capsule No. 6 vaginalnyeinnothera Chouzy

Drugstore of IFC

  • Farmateks tbl levers. 20 mg No. 12, Innotechfrantion
  • Farmateks cream of a tube of 72 g (+ applik.), Innotechfrantion
  • Farmateks supp.vag. 18.9mg No. 10, Innotechfrantion
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  • Suppositories vaginal farmateks 18.9mg No. 5innotek Interneyshnal (France)
  • Farmateksinnothera Chouzi (France)
  • Farmateksinnothera Chouzi (France)


  • Farmateks cream 864mg/upak. 72ginotek
  • Farmateks cream 864mg/upak. 72ginotek


  • Farmateks 18,9 mg No. 10 supp.vag.laboratoires Innotech International (France)
  • Farmateks 72 g cream vag.laboratoires Innothera (France)
  • Farmateks 20 mg No. 12 tabl.vag.laboratoires Innothera (France)
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