Pigmentation: we fight against spots on skin without drugs

Beautiful skin – one of the most valuable advantages of appearance. And as beauty is health, skin just and acts as a health level indicator. The slightest deviations, indispositions, errors in a food allowance or the mode will right there be reflected in a face and a body by opposite heat-spots, rashes, loss of healthy color and elasticity.

But besides there is also such misfortune as color spots – pink, pale, brown. They strongly spoil our outward, annoying and irritating. Some of these unpleasant signs – external result of display of any internal illness, and then without the aid of the qualified doctor not to manage. But there are also skin rashes with which it is quite real to cope homebrew means.

Our great-grandmothers, without knowing anything about household chemicals and cosmetics, looked fantastically, dementing grooms and husbands the magnificent outward. Certainly, not the last value natural healthy food, hours-long stays in the fresh air here had, occupations by physical work. However, seductresses had also secrets. Up to now ancient recipes of courting behind skin – washing by milk, dew, silver water, masks from fruit, vegetables, bran and many other things reached. Thus, our wise ancestors providently cared for a condition of skin, having intuitively defined: it is better to warn problems, than then with them to suffer. However, and from the appeared unpleasant skin spots they had means.

Before speaking about national recipes, we will remember some data from medical reference books. At once it is worth making a reservation: the condensed spots, and also birthmarks which are allocated over skin cannot be touched. If there is a desire to get rid of them, then it is necessary to address the dermatologist. As for annoying spots on a face and a body – that is not just outer defect, but any kind of a disease of skin. To an example, a hloazm treats group of limited melanodermas and externally looks as accurately outlined brown "blots", is more often – on a face. Pursues mostly women in the family way, remaining and after the delivery. But can arise also for other reasons, for example, owing to inflammatory diseases of generative organs, a liver and others.

It is also not necessary to forget that the shade of skin of each person depends on degree of concentration of melanin – than its more, that skin is more swarty. And not on all sites it is developed exactly because of what pigmentation — birthmarks appears. They can arise also from action of sunshine, the ultraviolet puts the cells responsible for production of melanin out of action. In such cases hyperpegmentation can appear only later long time – as reaction to reexcess stay on too aggressive sun.

Here it is worth reminding that fuel to the fire is added by use of various hygienic and perfumery means in a hot season — deodorants, antibacterial soap, the perfumed creams etc. That is, incorrectly picked up cosmetics also becomes the reason of skin pigmentation. Besides, the human body is so arranged that many internal and external factors are instantly displayed on our cover: stresses, manifestations of external environment, individual background of a metabolism. Even elementary shortage of vitamin C is capable to provoke skin changes. It is worth reminding that freckles so lovely to hearts of some people – too a kind of pigmentation. As well as the inevitable age "patterns" which are imposed most often on the wrists of hands, a face, a neck foully giving advanced age at other quite fresh outward. But all this is not a sentence.

How to get rid of pigmentation?

So, previously having visited the doctor and having made sure in safe health, it is possible to resort to the help of folk remedies. At once to understand the main thing: procedures have to be regular, but not spontaneous, and accurate – in strict accordance with prescription data. First of all, as it is banal sounds, it is necessary to take care of food – there are more products containing vitamin C, and, in the flying, and much earlier – in the winter, in the spring. It is possible to poprinimat niacin if the problem of pigmentation became long.

Now, actually, about national recipes. Washing by acid milk, whey – not nostalgic memories of the past, and quite efficient means and today. Especially for white people. And in general any fermented milk products will approach. And before applying nutritious cream, wipe a face with mix of two juice – parsley and a lemon. However, if skin dry, then it is possible to use such "cocktail" only for processing of freckles and spots.

Also masks with gruel from a fresh cucumber are very good for light skin. Clarifies a nevus pigmentosus and simple weight in preparation: to plane white soap in a teaspoon, to add there a tablespoon of 3 percent solution of peroxide of hydrogen, in the mixed foamy mix to drip about three drops of salammoniac and to plentifully cover with the turned-out weight the pigmented sites. Through a quarter of hour it is good to wash out and grease these places with nutritious cream.

Wipings of spots various freshly squeezed juice — a lemon, grapefruit, garnet, blackcurrant, a mountain ash, greens of parsley, dandelion leaves are effective. And, it is better to carry out procedure to 5-6 times a day. In the same way use pulp of a water-melon or melon (on the person – minutes 10).

It is reasonable to apply also hot compresses, for example, from a camomile, elder flowers. As option – washings to three times a day strawberry water (to draw 1 tablespoons of the rumpled berry within an hour, mixed with a glass of the cooled water).


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