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  • Latin name: Pimafucort
  • ATH code: D07CA01
  • Active ingredient: Hydrocortisone, Natamitsin, Neomycinum (Hydrocortisone, Natamycin, Neomycin)
  • Producer: Astellas Pharma Europe B.V. (Netherlands)


The amount of biologically active components does not change depending on a form of production of pharmaceutical drug at all. Both in cream, and in ointment the main ratio remains:

What really distinguishes variations of forms of release in considerably measure, these are excipients, it is much more of them in cream that speaks about more selective effect of drug. So the harmonious background to active components is created:

  • F-emulsifier – 115 mg;
  • tsetiol V 150;
  • cetylradio wax – 60 mg;
  • sorbitan stearate – 30 mg;
  • stearate of a macrogoal of 100 - 20 mg;
  • sodium citrate – 14 mg;
  • methylparahydroxybenzoate – 2 mg;
  • propilparagidroksibenzoat – 0.5 mg;
  • the purified water – to 1000 mg.

The excipient of ointment is only an ointment basis in number of 976.5 mg (contains 95 percent of paraffin in mass fractions and 5 percent of PE).

Release form

On pharmaceutical shelves drug Pimafukort can be found in two variations:

  • cream, white with yellow shade, in aluminum or plastic tubas on 15 grams everyone. In a cardboard box – 1 tuba.
  • ointment from white till yellow color, on 15 grams in plastic or aluminum tubas (1 tube in packaging).

Pharmacological action

Pimafukort – complex pharmaceutical drug, at the same time medicine has antibacterial, antiinflammatory and anti-fungal effects. Thanks to existence in composition of such active component as sulfate of Neomycinum which possesses antibiotic properties medicine is capable to help even in cases of infection with gram-negative microorganisms, for example, Proteus, Klebsiyella or the Escherichia. Gram-positive bacteria, such as stafilo-ilienterokokk, also well answer treatment by Pimafukort.

Natamitsin, other active ingredient of drug, treats pharmaceutical group of macroleads, subgroup synthetic half-yen, that is, as well as Neomycinum, is an antibiotic by the nature. However Natamitsin is more active concerning barmy and drozhzhepodobny fungi and dermatophytes. By means of this component it is possible to win against such families of microorganisms as Candida, Aspergilus, Trichophyton and others. Natamitsin and concerning protozoa, for example, of trichomonads and fuzariya is active.

The hydrocortisone completes the three of the operating drug components. It is hormone therefore a range of therapeutic effects his widest:

  • reduces feeling of an itch;
  • reduces manifestations of an inflammation at integument pathologies (especially a hyperthermia and a hyperemia);
  • slows down hypersensitivity reactions;
  • suppresses active processes of alteration, exudation and proliferation;
  • prevents activation of a phospholipase of A2, thus stopping synthesis of prostaglandins and allocation of a macrophagic chemotactic factor;
  • activity of hyaluronidase oppresses;
  • blocks synthesis and release sensibilizirovanny bazo0 and eosinophils;
  • suppresses various stages of local immune process, without having at the same time mitostatichesky effect.

Therefore, the question "Pimafukort — Hormonal or not?" should not stand, drug really contains the active micronized Hydrocortisone which is active endogenous hormone of adrenal glands. However, in a section to stereotypic and unreasonable rumors and fears, hormonal basis also creates variety of therapeutic effect of pharmaceutical drug which is observed during a conservative course of treatment of various diseases.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Pharmaceutical drug has a low adsorbtivny threshold on the unimpaired integuments, that is the operating components are practically not soaked up in an organism if that does not demand a condition of it (bioavailability of a hydrocortisone makes about 1-3 percent). However when drawing on wound defects (scratches, grazes, ulcers and so on) or mucous abilities of Pimafukort to be soaked up increase several times. So eczematic damages incorporate twice better unimpaired sites, and defeat of infectious character – by 4 times.

Indications to use

From what ointment Pimafukort helps it is listed in the following list:

  • skin mycoses — diseases with a fungal etiology (the invasion of fungal microorganisms is the reason), which affect integuments of a human body;
  • superficial dermatosis if the contagium is sensitive to the operating drug components;
  • pyodermas – purulent damage of skin owing to an invasion of pathological microorganisms;
  • complication of a consecutive fungal and/or bacterial infection (for example, candidiases);
  • otomycoses – an inflammation of outside acoustical pass and an auricle because of defeat by the parasitizing mushrooms which vegetirut in the thickness of an integument.


It is not necessary to include cream or ointment Pimafukort in a course of conservative treatment if is available:

  • individual hypersensitivity or intolerance of components of pharmaceutical drug;
  • skin form of syphilis;
  • rozatsea (in the people it is simple "pink eels") – a chronic disease with damage of face skin owing to angioneurotic disturbances and a recurrent current;
  • ichthyosis (or a diffusion keratoma) – inborn pathology of the strengthened keratinization of a derma and its appendages;
  • anogenitalny itch – unpleasant sensations of discomfort in the field of generative organs and an anus;
  • tuberculosis with preferential defeat of integuments (an extra pulmonary form of a disease);
  • acne illness (ordinary an acne), regardless of an etiological factor;
  • skin reactions after carrying out injections;
  • diseases of skin of an oncological origin;
  • virus defeats of covers;
  • side effects from reception of pharmaceutical drugs of group of corticosteroids – perioral dermatitis or striya (a polosovidny atrophodermia – skin stretchings in the form of white or crimson strips) on a body surface;
  • the increased fragility of blood vessels of skin, especially in the place of processing by drug.

Side effects

First of all, undesirable reactions are shown extremely seldom, approximately in 0.1% of cases of conservative treatment by cream or ointment by Pimafukort the following side effects can be observed:

  • withdrawal at the sharp termination of a therapeutic course;
  • emergence of striya if drug it is applied in places of constant folds of skin;
  • perioral dermatitis;
  • atrophy or thinning of an integument;
  • telangiectasias ("vascular asterisks") and even purpura;
  • hypertrichosis – the excess growth of hair on unusual sites of skin, inappropriate to gender and age;
  • reactions of hypersensitivity in relation to drug components – a skin itch, burning, hyperemic reddening, local dryness;
  • Increases of intraocular pressure and increase in risk of development of a cataract, when using linimentums on a face.

Ointment Pimafukort, application instruction (Way and dosage)

Drug is appointed in different forms of release for treatment of various pathologies. So an acute dermatosis mainly processes by means of Pimafukort's cream, and chronic, slow pathologies are treated by means of ointment. Ointment is especially effective if the occlusive bandage or integuments of steel dry is applied, on them appeared lichenification (a secondary morphological element of skin rash in the form of a local thickening, pigmentation and strengthenings of drawing).

Pharmaceutical drug not an affected area of skin 2-4 times a day, depending on degree of prevalence and weight of pathological process is applied. The application instruction of Pimafukort says that duration of a course of treatment is established by the dermatologist, usually it lasts of 2 weeks, till 1 month. More than 14 days at children of younger age as their integuments even in process forming and use of pharmaceutical drug can cause side effects much quicker, than in adults are not recommended to continue treatment.


There is no confirmed information about overdoses by drug or undesirable effects of the increased concentration of ointment, however there is a theoretical possibility of ototoksichesky action, that is damage of the hearing aid as a result of conservative treatment. Such probability appears if at therapy of an otomycosis and Pimafukort's drawing in outside acoustical pass are available a crack or perforation in a tympanic membrane. Thus the possibility of impact of Neomycinum on a middle ear will be open that it can develop into its damage and partial or total loss of hearing.


As a rule, cross resistance at the previous treatment is noted by such antibiotics as Kanamycinum, Paromomitsin, Neomycinum, Gentamycin and other drugs of group of macroleads.

Terms of sale

Pharmaceutical drug in pharmaceutical booths is released only according to the recipe.

Storage conditions

Pimafukort it is necessary to save in the dry place unavailable to children of younger and middle age, at a temperature not above 25 degrees Celsius.

Period of validity

3 years for cream and 5 years for ointment

Special instructions

In a usage time of drug it is necessary to remember a possibility of development of adrenocortical suppression – states when development of corticosteroids is suppressed with adrenal glands as already in a system blood-groove the hydroxycortisone circulates. In that case it is necessary to refuse immediately further use of Pimafukort and to ask the qualified specialist for the help.

Active ingredients of Pimafukort (Neomycinum, Natamitsin) are antibiotics therefore when carrying out conservative treatment it is necessary to follow the general rules of an antibioticotherapia:

  • It is accurate to maintain recommendations about duration of reception of medicines that microorganisms did not develop resistance on certain groups of pharmacological drugs.
  • It is perfect to follow drug dosages.
  • Independently not to stop a course of conservative treatment if only the reason not in side effects or undesirable reactions.

Pimafukort's analogs

Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

At the moment in the pharmaceutical market there are no identical analogs of ointment Pimafukort, however there are combined drugs which part glucocorticosteroids, antifungal means and antibiotics in different variations are. It is also pharmacological analogs of Pimafukort, such drugs render similar therapeutic effects and are used for treatment of similar pathologies:

As a rule, the price of analogs differs from Pimafukort's cost as similar medicines usually have no the expressed antifungal effect. For example, the price of Oxycortum makes about 50 hryvnias in the territory of Ukraine, however in Internet drugstores drugs usually stand even less.


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